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Sean Maguire  Actor, unicorn rider

As the last episode of Once upon a time airs tonight. Just wanted again to thank all the cast crew writers and creators. And to the fans of the show the world over thank you for the love and support.

By this picture you might think who’s this dad / tit at a disco ...But it is actually one of the greatest men God ever placed on his green earth. Happy birthday to the man that has saved my life more than a few times. My cousin ,my captain, my hero. Mark Maclaren. I fucking love you man.

Days off are good days. For context night fever by the BeeGees was playing in the background. @uppababy

In my 20’s I launched a product called “neck glue” for guys going on first dates. You ask the girl to smell your aftershave and boom she’s stuck to your neck for the night and you can mindlessly gaze off into the distance for hours. It didn’t pass government standards and now is only available on the black market. Shame really it was very effective. See fig.1 #NeckGlue #Banned #Blackmarket.

Tanya Ultan & I were told there’s a famous landmark near by but we’ll be dammed if we can find it.

Paris is so pretty. (She didn’t know I took this)

Not doing old head shot day but I will share this from when I was in an experimental electro group in Sweden in 78 called AEKI. We were so big we couldn’t walk down the street in Belgium. Our hairdresser & lead singer left the group to become Angela Merkle.

This is the Blackpool bridge in the north of England. It costs a pound to cross it and there’s mole people on the other side...I think.

10 bucks if you can guess the city.


With the bust of legend Harry Caray in their great Restarant. Chicago has become one of my favorite US cities. The people are incredible , the city is one of a kind. Blessed to be back here. Also the home of one America’s greatest presidents BO.

If there’s anyone out there as obsessed with the master as me read with me and share your thoughts no time wasters please. Really. I wanna find Leo fans.

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