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Fridays should never include pants, salads for dinner, no tops. Probably just no clothes at all. Let’s be real we Cbf with undies wedged up our butt on a friday. 😝 A Friday should however always include movies, pizza and wine. 😎🤤

Now you can have your cake and eat it too 🤤 I posted my fav go to healthy banana cake recipe on my website. 👌🏼 Uses only one bowl and has no refined sugar, no dairy and no white flour. Links in my bio if ya wanna check it out xx

Counting down the days till I’m celebrating my birthday at @springbreaksamoa eeeee. Ticket sales are cut off next week so if you’re thinking of joining us for a party in the infamous To Sua ocean trench and 5 days of sun sand and adventure... ya better get to it. 😝
They were kind enough to give us a code for $200 off - JAS905 🙌🏼 see you there!! (We’ll be there from the 15th of November and you only have to pay 50 bucks now to secure ya room loves)

Some of my favorite booty exercises.😍 what’re your favorite go-to exercises for booty burn?
@redline_energy @bangenergy.ceo
#preworkout #bangenergyceo #bangenergy #energydrink

Always summer ready 😝@cosmetic_avenue Melbourne are offering Breast Augmentations from $6950 👌🏼

Hi, I’m Sez and I love Ellie’s. 🐘 If someone could teleport josh and I to tarangire national park for the day that’d be amazing. Thank you in advance! 😅 @sachiiwatches use : sez15 for 15 bucks off. P.s this wasn’t taken there but I’m realllllllllly looking forward to going to their safari through the national park 😭😍

Specifically for the gram ‘cause my balls are too small to wear a lace body suit out with no jacket. 😅
Love the girls that can, one day I hope to join you 😂

Today’s workout. 😅 8 reps x 5 sets of each.
2️⃣ leg press
3️⃣ dumbbell bench squats
4️⃣ kneeling smith squat
Go up in weight each set, fourth and 5th sets drop the weight. (Like a pyramid) e.g for dead’s we did 30kg, 40, 50, 40, 30
@joshleflex explained it a lot better. 😂
P.s if you’re looking for a new way to strengthen your glutes then try adding a resistance band to the last exercise 😭😍 just hook it under a heavy dumbbell or bench behind you! The burn is real ladies 🔥
_ 🎵 Kream @thenewclassic x @kinggoldchains

Dreaming of warmer places 😭😍 (📸 @gloriousplanetearth)

Tip: Dont engage in conversation with me until I’m at least 3/4 through my morning coffee. It’s the safest way. 😅 wearing @fashionnova #fashionnova

Have you been to Hawaii?? I’m sooooo keen to go back the first chance we get. 😍 (📸 @antbuchet)

My upper body is so weak wow. But we did fat testing today and my back has gotten wider and I’ve dropped fat there. 🙌🏼 must be training with my better half and my fav @meltdown.beverage 🤤🤤 Made by: @BangEnergy.CEO
#bangenergy #energydrink #bangenergyceo

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