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Samantha Lim  💄 Co-Founder / Chief Creative Officer @HipDot ✈️ LA <—> NYC. 💁🏻‍♀️ Beauty Entrepreneur. Tech Investor. Storyteller.

Community & compassion spark innovation... this was a resonating theme tonight when @intersectnyc invited @babba.c and I to co-host a dinner in their New York community space (and to indulge in their rotating Michelin Star food program🥂). I wouldn’t be where I am without the support of my community — friends, mentors, cheerleaders, and now, customers — and it is a joy to help lift each other up and put good things into the 🌎 . Last night was a great reminder of how we can all operate as amazing humans and entrepreneurs: be open, be empathetic, be generous with your knowledge and network, focus on what’s important, and have fun while you do it. Go get em tigers. 🐯👊🏼💯✨

Lady in the Tramp but 2000 calorie sticky bun.
Sweets🧁 @sundayinbrooklyn.
30 degree wind 💨@thevesselnyc.
Photo 📸 @joshrubin.

Hey guys! We’ve ✨OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED @HIPDOT✨ cosmetics!
Eyeshadows, glitters, glosses and more that are Cruelty Free, Vegan, Talc Free, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, and Mineral Oil Free... all for $30 and under!

Thanks for helping spread the word, now get ready and SHOP at HIPDOT.com !!!❤️👩🏼‍🎤💕🦄

It’s like she KNOWS she’s being kidnapped...

Really want to steal the subdued jewel tone & pastel color palette at the new H Club for my new house — I’m also in need of any and all interior design tips, shops, & inspiring pages - please let me know your favorites! 🏠

One of us did not end up in the gutter tonight, ayeeeee. 🎳

Took this photo with my ride or die @nydoorman 3 years ago today when we we both got our hearts broken and picked up the pieces @gurneysmontauk crying into waffle towers and getting high as hell on a snowy beach. Good news: wounds heal and our exes are doing badly, stay hopeful my friends! 😉

What reads have really helped or inspired you? .

My roommate and I work in completely different industries and are at completely different points in our careers/lives, but this morning I saw these on her shelves and realized that I’ve read the same books. This made me wonder: regardless of our career medium, are we all striving for the same personal motivation, satisfaction, and goals? Or do we just have the same Amazon recommendation list...

I love living in a time when a swimming pool of pastel colored plastic sprinkles can be the crux of a million dollar business.🍦

5 days in Mexico and we only took this ONE picture and it’s pretty much the same as the last one I posted from 2 weeks ago 🙄 but I GUESS it’s cute and a testament to how much I love “being in the present moment” with this dude who can’t stop celebrating his birthday. 🥳 -
Massive thank you to the family members who came all the way to celebrate! @ddframe @daskoo1 @nickmzz @nhod @eljst @albertodanam @erikhuberman @kevinhekmat @mew128 @jonathanswerdlin @jessehmorris @davidyarus @ninafaulhaber & everyone else who sent their love virtually!!!

Found some life changing tacos off a dusty road under a plastic tent and I don’t have much to say other than go get some tacos it might warm you up in whatever polar vortex you’re in.

My favorite guy had a birthday today! (He tricked me into almost missing it by flying into a different time zone). We’ve given ourselves quite the challenge — starting 4 companies between us, and living between LA New York and Paris (birthday brag, hi) AND dreaming up new ideas every day. No matter how much work there is to do or how many planes I have to get on, I promise to always find a way to annoy you and shower you in affection. Happy birthday @zmwerner, you are a pure, sweet joy. ❤️🎁⚡️

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