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Collab with my good buddy @Loudvisuals41510. Both of our photos(two used) and both of our edits! Always a blast collabbing and chatting it up with this guy! He lasso just started a new account @jjoshuamillerr so be sure to visit and give him lots of love! πŸ‘Š

[ Abolition ]
Being that today is National Sex Trafficking Awareness day, my good friend @kap2ure teamed up to make this edit in honor of it. Millions of people(mostly young girls and women) are trafficked every year and the numbers are growing. The victims of this disgusting tragedy are desperate for our help and action to see this ended. Take action. Find out what you can do in your town, city, neighborhood to bring awareness and/or partner with an organization aimed at making change on this issue. #enditmovement #nationalsextraffickingawarenessday

| Red Moon Rising |
Collab with my IG buddy @Josiahwilliamtobey @jwt_design! This is his photo, my edit. Go give him some love πŸ‘Š

Parted Seas/////
An edit for @Shane_hawk's #shanehawk_freeforall πŸ‘Š

I am Sam//// This is an edit my good IG buddy @kap2ure made to go with her #portraitlyric series that she is doing! She asked me for a self portrait and a favorite lyric of mine, so naturally, I had to go with John Mayer as this has been my favorite song for months now. Sometimes we all feel in need of finding ourselves and being found by the world around us. This time in my life has definitely been that for me. There comes a point when you stop being afraid of feeling lost because you realize it's all about the journey and the process. You just have to keep keepin' on 😊. Head over to Katie's feed and give her some love! And who knows, maybe she'll make one for you too πŸ˜‰.

Another edit for @dorzad's epic #dorzad_fogforall πŸ‘Š

Wrapped up////
Collab with my man @ellerystep! This is my photo and his killer edit! Give his feed a look and also some props for the Christmas themed edit! πŸ˜œπŸ‘

Another edit for @natehill's #natehill_ffa. Fun pics to edit! Go check them out!

Marbled Road////
So, @imthejam released a few of his photos and is hosting an FFA contest style! Thought I'd jump in on the #imthejam_freeforall πŸ‘Š

An edit for @natehill's #natehill_ffa! Go check the man out πŸ‘Š

The Place Beyond the Pines///
Epic movie too πŸ‘Š
An edit for @dorzad's #dorzad_fogforall πŸ‘

Dream Weaver /////
My edit for @littlecoal's #littlecoalchallenge_6. I've always had a blast doing Eric's challenges and I've always met other awesome IGers in the process! I appreciate you putting another one together man! πŸ‘Š