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Sam Webs  30ish graphic designer/illustrator/writer. Fat & Sassy. Grammar nerd. Obsessed with pens, the '90s, & makeup. Co-host of Femmes Faisant Podcast!


Got my @sugarpill Strange Love lipstick this weekend and y'all...This stuff is so amazing. This has been on since 1:30 and survived drinking and eating a stromboli...

I drew a thing. ❀️😎

How YOU doin'?

Bless my little punk ❀️😎

This is seriously my favorite dress that I've ever purchased. @swakdesigns is always my go to! Photos by @velvet_damour_official #swakdesigns #myswakstyle #fatshion #feelingmyselffriday #velvetdamourphotography #velvetdamour

Reppin' @fatgirlflow today in my Fat Brat shirt. ❀️

Lookie what I got in the mail πŸ“ͺ from @ladyhuns on Thursday! I'm so in love! 😍

A friend shared this on Facebook today...So I emailed them and "applied"... Age: 31
Clothing Size: 30/32...yeah, I know that is far surpassing your proposed "10-16" but that is my reason for emailing you.

How on God's green earth is a size range of 10-16 considered PLUS SIZE? You do realize that the majority of average sized women fall in that exact size range, correct? While, yes, these sizes would constitute plus size in the modeling industry, it does not denote plus size in the actual everyday world. What you described as trying to do with your docu-series is showcase PLUS SIZE women that struggle with being PLUS SIZE in an average sized, non-inclusive world. What you are actually asking for is normal, average sized women that struggle with thinking they are too fat just because they aren't waif thin. You are actually looking for every woman. No, no, correction. Not every woman. You are actually excluding the majority of the women that you would actually benefit from if you do intend to put the struggles of PLUS SIZE women in the spotlight. Most women sized between 10-16 would not have major daily struggles due to their bodies. If they do, it is all mainly internalized. If you want to really talk about struggles, you really should be looking at actual plus sized women like myself. Though I have the confidence of the babeliest of babes (I know I'm gorgeous), I still have internal struggles that are real, and I most definitely have external struggles that are VERY real.

I truly am for what you are doing, if it is what I imagine it to be, but you are quite mistaken if you believe this is a body positive PLUS SIZE focused project. Do yourself a favor and educate yourselves a little more and become a bit more inclusive. I can already tell you that if you stick to such a limited size range, the plus community will not be fans.
#REALbodypositivity #beinclusive #trueplus

πŸ’‹πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’»πŸ€‘ #repost #HereComesTrouble #UDsample

My Ashley Nell Tipton @ashleynelltipton dress I got the other day. I was wary if it was going to fit but it does! Oh and shoutout to arm, the original selfie stick. #fatshion #bingowings #ashleynelltipton #jcpenney #jcp #boutiqueplus

Deep contemplation in the bathroom...Where the deepest thoughts happen...Obviously. #workselfie #colourpopme #lipstickgame #bowie #summertime #bingowings #fatlife #showthemwings #nobodyshame #nobs

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