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When my pc is down and I can't work, it means selfie time!

The face of a mother missing her daughter... hahaha!

Yung gusto lang ni baby Sophia na sa akin humiga para matulog.., yep, ayaw nyang magpalagay sa sleeper nya.., #mommyfeelsspecial

Tough sleepless nights, tired body with sore nipples and back ache, empty grumpy hungry stomach and dry thirsty throat with a one month old baby in your arms crying nonstop while figuring out what the little one wants and at the same time seeing your partner sleeps soundly at the other side of the bed, IT TOTALLY TESTS MY PATIENCE!!! But hey, a smile on her face, though involuntarily for now, makes my frustrations magically gone. Motherhood is indeed both tiring and amazing.

I still can't believe I'm a mom now! Everything seems like a dream. Nine months of pregnancy now seems so short BUT when I was pregnant, I can't wait for baby to be born. Silly, right? Right now, holding my baby, watching her sleep, nursing her and soothing her with songs I sing makes me feel an unexplainable feeling of completeness and joy. She literally completes everything for me and for my husband. All I can say is everything is different with her around. She is Sophia Angelique R. Bardaje.

@romeobardaje @mryrsebrdje29 ang saya lng..,

Whose umbrella is this? @adekkeai

Just chillin' at home


Begin your day with a SMILE!

Kasi idol ko si FPJ.., hahaha

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