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Stay woke y'all... Gm world log on to iamrjpayne.com now & copp the #artofsoul !!!

#RjPaynemomentsinhiphop this one of them albums that not everyone knows about, but if you a #hiphophead then you know exactly how much @hbrown73_gruff_the_great means to the culture. If you not familiar #doyourgoogles classic shit it definitely influenced my pen !!!

That moment the homie @melectricity let's you know on his live that he had a few conversations with @westsidegunn about RJ Payne 😱, shit about to get real interesting big shout out to @griseldarecords stay tuned & in the meantime log on to iamrjpayne.Com & copp #ifcocainecouldtalk !!!

Let me provide the soundtrack for this Saturday morning, log on to iamrjpayne.com now & copp #ifcocainecouldtalk feat. @regimegeneral @apathydgz & #DACLOTH @rigz585 & @dabusinessend_mav .

#RjPaynemomentsintime we not gonna act like Bruce Leroy aka @iamtaimak wasn't the coolest dude on the planet in the 80s, not to mention Ms Laura Charles aka vanity had us younger cats 👀 glued to the screen. Shout out to everyone who remembers how dope the world was back then !!!

Gm y'all if you about to start your day I got the perfect sound track for you #ifcocainecouldtalk log on to iamrjpayne.com & get your fix now !!!

#RjPaynemomentsinhiphop Way before I picked up the microphone I wanted to be a #Bboy thanks to #Beatstreet but I never got much further than spinning on my knee 😂.... shout out to everyone who knows what hip hop felt like back then !!!

Thanks to yall for helping me go from a starving artist to now being able to make a living off my craft, no record deal needed I'm signed to my fans 🙏🙏🙏 !!!

Aug 31st come see me & @madsquablz catch bodies courtesy of @wrldundgnd @teambackpack if you a #hiphophead you need to be in the building !!!

Gm world allow me to provide that audio dope fix you need to get through your day, log on to iamrjpayne.com now & Copp up 💰 #ifcocainecouldtalk 10 new bangers !!!

On behalf of myself and my team we greatly appreciate y'all support on purchasing my new project #ifcocainecouldtalk, if you still don't have a copy visit iamrjpayne.com now !!!

If you a #hiphophead and you just getting off work I got the perfect fix for you #ifcocainecouldtalk log on to iamrjpayne.com now !!!

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