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Rico Love (Billionaire)  My actions will be a reflection of my faith #TTLO.

So proud of my niece @scottyeye ! She has a lead role in the new @superflymovie. I remember when she first moved to LA. I saw the fire in her eyes and she’s accomplished so much in such a short time! Imagine what the future holds for her! So happy that my daughter will have such an amazing role model as a cousin. Honorable ! Virtuous women! #TTLO

Remember this night @sleepisharlem1 ?? Faded!!!! This how we gone be Saturday night at @orbit_nyc !!! Happy 40th bday bro!!! Love u for life bro!!! #TTLO

Have you registered for the @welovemusicconference ? If not, click the link in my bio NOW! July 14-15th Baltimore, MD !! The Gift is In You!!! #TTLO

#TBT I’ve never done drugs but if they make you feel anything remotely as good as this does, I can definitely understand the affinity for it #TTLO

Stay tuned for what I’m about to do with @inayah_lamis ! My new musical obsession! #RicoLovePresents #TTLO

I love her soooooo much #BelieveBeyondButler #TTLO

Mood #TTLO

There is nothing imperfect about a mom. A giver of life. She encourages her young. She embraces them when they fall and she comforts them as they rise again. The greatest example and physical embodiment of GOD’s grace is found in a mother . Her ability to look past faults and see the need is a direct reflection of who GOD is to us all. To be all of those things simultaneously is impossible to explain. So father’s, teach your sons to honor their mothers. Never curse her in their presence . Never abuse her physically or verbally. Speak highly of her always. Teach your daughters that being a great woman is it’s own reward. Give the only gift you could ever give the most perfect being... Love. We love you Mommie. @mrsrobinv #TTLO

He didn’t just ask me to collaborate musically. He was interested in my creative perspective on all levels . That blessed me because I’m much more than a songwriter. I have vision. I’m a creator/developer . And more importantly I’m a good person, and most times only other good people can recognize that. Thanks @quincy . You have no idea how much that blessed me #TTLO


I’m understand more and more why they got Cosby but not Trump & Weinstein. #TTLO

Last year at the @welovemusicconference my sister @trinarockstarr didn’t leave when she got off stage. She STAYED THE ENTIRE TIME and mentored young aspiring artist/writers. This year is gonna be just as impactful! I love you Bean! Link is in my bio #TTLO

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