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Rico Love (Billionaire)  My actions will be a reflection of my faith #TTLO.


Let's stop arguing about Amber Rose and her point of view and let's start raising our daughters with the values and principles that WE BELIEVE THEY SHOULD HAVE! Let her do what she wants! It's not our place to judge her! If we disagree (which I personally do, Respectfully) than we should do our part as men to raise a new generation of the type of women we feel they should be. And we're part of the blame anyway for giving those types of women attention . #TTLO

And at the end of the video you see them reaching to grab the phone from their friend so they can edit and post it. 😩😩😩😩 #TTLO

That's why I put #Turnthelightson on every record..... So they KNOW! 🙏🏾 #TTLO

The second day of the #Welovemusicconference start at 11am and ended at 11pm! This picture was taken at 1130pm, most of the attendees didn't want to leave . They stayed and asked questions. It's becoming a tradition for myself and @bryanmichaelcox to stick around and tell stories at the end of each conference. I'm still on a high ! I want to thank you all again #TTLO

Your job is turn your audience into your fans and your fans into your family. Identify with them and bring them along for your journey. As you grow they grow to love you! That's why people will NOT ALLOW YOU TO DISRESPECT BEYONCÉ ! Because she has, through her performance, song selection, conviction and consistency, created a relationship with the audience and now they love her just like they love their own flesh and blood! If she did it, so can you! You just have to be willing to put in the TIME! You can have a hit overnight but you CAN 👏🏿NOT 👏🏿BECOME👏🏿 BEYONCÉ 👏🏿OVERNIGHT! See you at the conference next year...... #welovemusicconference #TTLO

Get ready for @_iamtxs ! She's so motivated ! She's so amazed with the possibilities . She knows that her gift is in her and will continue to make room for her!! I'm excited about what's about to happen! Listen and tag a friend. And tell @pjmorton that he needs to write her a song ASAP #TTLO

This was one of the highlights of my entire conference. Having my REAL FRIENDS, @theonlydanja and @bryanmichaelcox produce a track live from scratch and walk the entire room through their production process!! Danja captured the most amazing footage! #welovemusicconference #TTLO

My brother for life!!! @Pleasurep Came to the "We Love Music Conference" and gave some incredible insight!!! Thanks for believing in my vision and always supporting me! Love u bro #TTLO

Let's go back in and perfect some of the music sitting in our archives . Based on the information we learned during the "We Love Music Conference", what can we ALL do to make our music better ! I'm interested in hearing the end results. #welovemusicconference #TTLO

My sister @trinarockstarr took this conference VERY SERIOUS! She didn't just leave after she got off stage she stuck around and gave her insight and perspective to so many young men and women who were hungry for knowledge! This is why I love her! Thank you for caring! #welovemusicconference #TTLO

Thanks again to @ludacris for blessing the attendees at the "We Love Music Conference" with so much KNOWLEDGE! A man of his word! Thanks so much for being a true friend and brother #TTLO

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