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Ricky Hoover  Father, Ashley🖤

Summer time is hot.... lol

Woke up in the best mood today and super motivated to be positive and kill my legs... today I feel refreshed and super stoked on life! I'm thankful for all the amazing and horrible things I've gone through recently cause they're helping to shape the person I'm becoming, I like that person! I hope you all can feel that same today! Remember small progress in whatever you're trying to accomplish is still progress. 🏋🏻 this is from my snap Iamrickyh00ver

Great news for my socal lady followers! My good friend @thebeautybrownurse will now be working in my suite the days I'm not in. Message her for details and bookings!

Monday motivation for you guys... my jeans don't fit right anymore, the thighs are way tight but that's it haha! Waist is getting smaller but everything else is growing during this cut... NOW GO WORKOUT! Hope you all have a great day! And hit up @hernee714 for info in how to actually see results from putting in hard as hell work!

Sundays when you leave me are the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with. It doesn't get easier, I'm holding back tears at the gym cause it's my only place to forget things for a while. I miss you so much and it's only been a couple hours.

From the other day, it's so rad to see progress while cutting and keeping size! Thanks to my trainer parter and close friend @hernee714 (not pictured) for the killer workout and great tasting, healthy meal preps. Follow him, train with him, he knows his stuff👌🏻

Worked on my bike a little today with pop since we haven't done our usual Harley Sunday in a long long time. Now on to find a seat that fits right!

Went for a lil putt-putt... gotta love the sound of an open chain primary. Next up is to put on the new tall ass sissy bar and get a king and queen so I can take @ashhumx for her first ride on a bike ever!

When you lose concentration at the gym cause your girl send you this... How in the hell did I get this lucky????!!!" Those curves, that face, that amazing heart and soul.. #smitten #fineasfuckfriday #hearteyesfordaysss #sheslikeacokebottle

My mother is amazing! She got me this card from August for Father's Day! I won't lie it for sure brought tears to my eyes...#itsthelittlethings

Didn't get to do as many leg exercises today due to only a couple hours of sleep and waking up late. My son keeps waking up in the middle of the night and not wanting to go back to sleep. That being said I still managed to drag my ass in and kill my legs as much a possible. Still got in my squats in at the beginning, actually heavier than I've been going lately( don't worry about how much cause it shouldn't matter, it's not about the weight it's about the form and mind to muscle connection and if you're seeing results which I am 😉)! And yes I wear short shorts! 🤔🤣🤣

"Dont let this moment go to waste, you don't know when the feeing could happen again "🎶 Been watching all my snaps from last week and missing this one like crazy....@ashhumx #wcw #wce

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