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"I never learned hate at home, or shame. I had to go to school for that." •

thank you for everything

the artist and the muse

who dat?
🎨: @muse_theartist
@_btsstudios grand opening

I think we've done a pretty good job telling you about the show but have we done enough to introduce you to our sponsors? go check them out •








major thanks to @yogapaws for sponsoring A Beat You Can Breathe To: Another #PoetryInMotionLive Event.
When you get the glance go checkout their page at @yogapaws and their website yogapaws.com 💜 also click the link in my bio or go to @poetryinmotionlive for more info about the show and other events.

video shot by another sponsor of ours @lifeisart_films I'll post more info about them later 💜
hand and foot grips: @yogapaws

when poetry and yoga collide •

s/o to our lovely sponsors of
A Beat You Can Breathe To: Another Poetry in Motion Live Event
@yogapaws we would be nothing without you... thank you💜

come out and support #piml September 9 at @abrasivemedia starting at 9pm(8pm for VIP and early entry ticket holders) go to https://squareup.com/store/rwyoga/item/a-beat-you-can-breathe-to-another-poetry-in-motion-live-event-2 or click the link in my bio for tickets 🙏🏽
September 9th the #piml crew is back at it again with A Beat You Can Breathe To
For ticket info click the link in my bio or contact show participants (all tagged) •

General Admission Tickets are available online or in person

Early Admission Tickets
*entry 1 hr early
*skip the line
*small gift bag

VIP Tickets
*entry 1 hr early
*skip line
*large gift bag includes album
*seats *meet and greet the night before

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📸: @eyefocus
there are many things my parents and teachers failed to teach me so instead of walking away from me due to my ignorance stay and embrace my innocence while I learn your brilliance.

but wait that only happens in a perfect world because where we are everybody apparently has clean hands

*screaming* THIS WAS SOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! lol as you can see I was much less coordinated than my new fur buddy Penelope from @shenanigoatsyoga but this experience was def one for the books!
all smiles 😁😁😁

when your kid kills you in most postures but you've been practicing the one she just can't keep 😜
@aniyachavon I love you shorty lol

you have to give peace a chance, let your troubles wash away with the midnight rain and dry into your happiness with the morning sun... you're breathing so it's ok GOOD MORNING

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this is how this shoot went 😂😂😂 and for some reason I knew a collab with @eyefocus super calm demeanor and my random awkward goofiness would be EXACTLY how it went lol.
📸: @eyefocus
me: with my luck imma be out here ass naked and somebody is gonna turn the corner asking how to get back to the waterfall and I'll panic and try to act like being out here butt naked with my ass in the air is normal.
Jahaan: (laughing) nah, I doubt it.
Me: *gets naked* welp, ok!
Proceeds with shoot *sees people turning the corner*
Me: (screams, half laugh) PEOPLE!!!
Jahaan: (looking for my pants) I can't find them
Me: don't worry about them it was a struggle getting them off so getting them on will be the same (squats into a tight ball) I'll just pretend to do a crow
Jahaan: pretends to shoot
Random man: (covering his eyes walking by) I didn't see anything
random woman: alright now you go girl I love your tattoos
Me: oh my GOD lol
starts shooting again...
same couple starts walking back by
Random man: (eyes covered again) y'all know where the waterfall is?
Me&Jahaan: (both point in opposite directions) THAT WAY!
Me: (awkwardly) we're doing a photoshoot I'm not just out here naked for the hell of it
Random woman: (laughing) and that is absolutely YOUR business
Jahaan: (laughing) omg you did

I also inhaled a brain full of Georgia clay, fell into the water, couldn't stop laughing on my cry/suicide scenes... if you watch the video it's SUPER intense but if only you were there
go watch https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=J4qyl3-gh_E

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