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i Aspire To Be An Inspiration  mom, yoga instructor, black AF... founder of RW Yoga, Poetry in Motion Live Yoga™, TrapYogaWithRenee™ follow me for inspirations & shenanigans NO DMS

Because boo butt @ericjamahl just gave me my whole damn life with this right here!!! I’m over here like “fuck it up bih, fuck it up bih” dude I so love you!!!

I do what I want because I’m a Gemini who does yoga. That only has to make sense to me but you feel it though 🙃

badu pussy shirt: @breewylde

maaaajor shoutout to @asad.dumey for inviting me to be apart of @vanguardnashville I’m sooooo excited 😆. Tickets are still available just click the link in @vanguardnashville bio

#TrapYogaWithRenee is a Vinyasa/Power Yoga style class, kissed by the sounds of your favorite trap music, and mixed down in house by music master @DJ_Sam!
The silent vibes addition is trap yoga with a twist. Each student will be wearing a wireless headset where they will hear instruction from @iAmReneeWatkins and music from @DJ_Sam... wanna turn the sound up/down? Just adjust the volume on your headphones!
The bluetooth headphones help block out unwanted noises and minimize distractions, so you can have a deeper connection to both your instructor and your practice.
IT’S FINNA BE EPIIIIICCCC!!!!! VIP ticket holders will get a swag bag (valued at $200+) as well as a 20 min guided meditation before class!!! 10% OF EACH TICKET WILL BE USED TO PURCHASE SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR FOR THE HOMELESS AND DONATED TO @AniyaChavon for #ANIYASKARMA

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not so naked #nakedtruthtuesday a few days ago I was asked to give a story about my stretch marks and I was reluctant to do so because I was/am shallow about them. Ex. When I first saw stretch marks on my thighs at around 14 my thought was “Does this mean I’m ugly? Are people going to think I’m ugly?” and truth be told the thought is/was shameful but it was a real thought then, and there’s been moments where it’s still so very real. In the age of social media and SUPER overly opinionated individuals protected by anonymity and celebs with perfect everything IT. IS. SO. EASY. to feel like there’s something wrong with your normal! My auntie and my sis @pintsizenurse really helped me change my idea of my baby marks. although I understand people have their own idea of what beauty is, I do look forward to the day where women don’t have to feel like stretch marks are a bad thing.
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don’t offer your remedies because this post isn’t asking for them, thanks though 😘💜💜

your voice is the healing I need so sing my pain away
photog: @spencer_charles
clothes/accessories: @breewylde
models: @king_jamesxxvii @iamreneewatkins

#TrapYogaWithRenee with @iAmReneeWatkins and @dj_sam is back on May 26th with a twist at @artofficialmakeupandphoto Studio. TICKETS ARE RUNNING LOW so make sure you get yours asapish at trapyogawithrenee.eventbrite.com

today has to be better than yesterday ALTHOUGH I’m still not for the shit I still am Malcolm X to the cause. 12 hours is all that can be done.

of all the things I’ve ever been able to do, this is one I TRULY cherish. Shit has changed in a major way but the dream is still mine. I created #PIML to share a platform I didn’t/don’t feel I do enough with so I wanted to put people in a place where they could be great with me... I kinda bully all these people into working with/for me and it comes out great and they smile in the process 🙃. In all seriousness thanks to all of you who have supported PIML and the creatives that participate with me.
early bird tickets are still on sale until midnight so grab yours ASAPish

special thanks for the sound
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thank you to the visuals
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thank you to the movement
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this is Poetry in Motion Live #PIML3

1st research the diff types of yoga so you know which one you want to get into, then find a Studio/private instructor in your area to practice with at least twice a week, and find a YouTube channel that you keep up with on the days you can’t make it to class

or ask google

when I say I’m watching tv... this is really what I’m doing 😏

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#nakedtruthtuesday as stated before basically you can never trust a man that’s a poet and or one who has an Android 🤷🏽‍♀️ #nakedsoulyoga #rwyoga

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