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Happy Father's Day to a very kind and generous Dad (mine) and thank you for the patience to put up with a 33-year old moody teenager (me). Hope you are having the best time in Italy. ❤

Honored to have been inspired by Fran Drescher tonight at the @tinaswish Leadership Counsel annual event. The Nanny gave my mom and me so much joy, and now Fran is a global women's health advocate and outspoken liberal badass. I hope she gets the opportunity to publicly advocate for us all! #TheNanny #frandrescher #missfine #RunForOffice #lifedetox #ovariancancerawareness #gynocologicalcancerawareness #tinaswish.

Fred and I celebrating the name day of @tobyfrommalta. #Maltese #incognito.

Meet new terrace residents Rajah (#IndianJasmine) and Tony the Tiger (#Bromeliad). Today they join the indoor bamboo stalks Snap, Crackle II and Pop in hoping that they fare better than Crackle I. #UrbanJungle #summerinNYC #terraceweather #proudplantmom.

London ➡️NYC jet lag and no cardio for a week means lots of extra energy for @bexmusic's class before work. After some #TheOtherYou time, ready to lawyer. Feeling great and hoping that today is a beginning of the end of this administration. #305Junkie #305Fitness #AbsDay.

Despite being painfully excited, it was amazing spending a little bit of time with @gilliana to support @rednoseday. A reminder that seemingly unreal ideals of kindness, charity, talent, creativity and passion come from very real people and we all have potential. She's still kind of a goddess though . . . . #gratitude #luckygirl.


A little blue sky for last moments in London (for this trip). It's easy to feel like Trump doesn't represent us as New Yorkers, but it's devastating to realize that the world doesn't make that distinction, and he is the (orange) face of our country. In any case, grateful I have a job that will bring me back here soon. #London #LoveLondon #FleetStreet #DumpTrump #WeWantALeaderNotACreepyTweeter.

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