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Orveda  "If there is one brand that ticks off every of-the-moment skin-care box, Orveda, quite possibly, is it.” @voguemagazine #iamorveda

Anti-pollution skincare is not all hot smoke. Did you know that, along with UV, lack of sleep, smoking and bad diet, pollution is one of skin beauty’s top 5 enemies? Pollution creates a layer of chemicals that leads to inflammation, and inflammation causes redness, puffiness, dark spots and faster ageing. As Orveda's ethos concentrates on skin health, glow and skin barrier integrity, as well as empowering skin’s beneficial microflora, anti-pollution was a key factor in creating our line, particularly our cleansers. To help best protect your skin from pollution: cleanse, double-cleanse (try our Deep-Cleansing Bio-Fermented Rich Balm or Clay-Mud Cleansing Powder) or triple-cleanse, every night, to remove daily buildup. Then, layer your skincare (a serum, a fluid and a daily moisturiser) to create layers of protection that will keep small particles on top of the skin and will protect from make-up penetration too.

This week, celebrating the launch of dear friend and loyal Orveda supporter, Giambattista Valli’s first store opening in London! Stay tuned until July 😉

Our nifty, bespoke, Orveda To Go™️ offering - made under its iconic laminar-flow bubble - is designed specifically with an understanding of the toil travel takes on skin as well as differing skin needs in contrasting hemispheres and climates ✈️☀️❄️ Living in London yet holidaying in Barbados for a week? Flying to Cape Town for a quick conference? A trip to our Orveda counters at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, and Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, will ensure you travel light by hand-making a sunshine-/snow-ready kit – with your unique skin needs in mind - in minutes… Each kit includes the following glow-activating routine: a 20ml Cleansing Bamboo & Enzymatic Water, 20ml The Healing Sap, a choice of botanical moisturizer (10ml) and our completely dreamy Nutritive Plumping Massage mask (10ml). Exclusively in stores.

It’s a summertime must-have: super-lightweight skincare that still packs a punch 🥊 Banishing summer skin concerns, including an oily T-zone, sunburn and in-flight dehydration, our Sheer Brew Botanical Gel is an 8-hr, hyaluronic-enriched, dewy gel that, with its refreshing, light, almost watery consistency, delivers a big hit of hydration without blocking pores; making it great for acne sufferers. Add to that its contouring, lift and exquisite mattifying effects, as well as its forest-scent of Galbanum, and you have a star moisturiser that can hydrate without a hint of shine ✨ A favorite among men and a smart spoil for Father’s Day.

Orveda’s founder and CEO, as described and honoured in Vogue’s inaugural powerlist of 25 women shaping the world: “Algerian-born, London-based Sue Y Nabi’s reputation is uncontested. Having spent 20 years at L’Oréal, as global president of L’Oréal Paris and Lancôme respectively, she is one of the original champions of industry diversity, reinventing the You’re Worth It campaigns by securing spokespeople such as Jane Fonda, Nabi holds a degree in engineering and has put all her beauty know-how into Orveda — a vegan, genderless, Ayurvedic anti-anti-ageing skincare brand that is redefining the market.” In this month’s @britishvogue — on newsstands now. Thank you once again for this exquisite honour ✨

A prebiotic, anti-pollution, pro-makeup removing care. If your skin is feeling sticky in warmer weather, this luxurious cleanser is the one for you. With a high concentration of shea butter, this rich balm-to-oil (swipe to see its texture) offers a deep double-cleanse that will not strip skin of its natural and beneficial oils. Before applying the balm, use its kabuki brush first for a dry brushing/massage to activate blood circulation. Then, wet with warm water, and use it with balm for a rich and luxe double cleanse.

Working with, not against, the planet is as important to us as working with, not against, your skin. In our commitment to #BeatPlasticPollution, we use less than 5% plastic across our entire range. Our glass packaging is recyclable; our Orveda To Go travel kit is made from recycled material (and is itself recyclable); and by using re-usable, stainless steel tools for our test samples (that come directly from lab bottles), we created a no-throw-away culture at Orveda counters. Furthermore, not to disturb natural ecological habitats, we use biotechnology and specifically bio-fermentation to “farm" our actives in labs, with little to no impact on Earth. Just as the skin is an ecosystem, so too is our planet, and our relationship to it… While we are indeed part of the problem, we are also the solution. Happy #WorldEnvironmentDay. Here’s to protecting, and appreciating, the one and only home we have. 💚

Orveda is all about one thing: Glow. Pioneering a new way of achieving glow - by working with the skin, not against it - our formulations are designed to strengthen, first and above all else, our two skin barriers: our superficial skin barrier, and the healthy bacteria that forms our second or “alive” skin. Key to achieving this are three core actives that, combined, create our unique signature mix — which is central to the entire Orveda range. The first active is a marine enzyme (sourced from volcanic waters off the Northern Californian coast, its ability to survive in very high temperatures means it can offer excellent barrier support) helps to heal the skin’s natural moisture barrier by boosting the production of ceramides, an essential skin lipid or oil. Secondly, our natural prebiotic is designed to feed, on a daily basis, our skin’s healthy bacteria, to allow the skin to recover its natural level of hydration/defences. And last but not least, our bio-fermented Kombucha black tea formula - which we call “make-up from within” - is added to address skin tone, transparency + luminosity. To this signature mix, we add highest concentrations of state-of-the-art dermatological actives to create an 18-strong, glow-activating range that shares this unique, breakthrough mix at its green heart. 💚✨

Deeply honored and thrilled to share that I have been included in @britishvogue’s inaugural powerlist of “Vogue 25: The Women of 2018.” To be in such phenomenal company, and to be recognised for my impact in beauty, leaves me humbled and inspired: to do more, to create more, to express more, of me. It shows that there is much to be said about courage (to start a business after having spent 20 years in a top seat!) and, having only been in Britain for four years, that individuality, resilience and, overall, the obsession to create better alternatives, truly pays off. Thank you to all involved, @britishvogue @edward_enninful @gileshattersley and @jessicadiner for this recognition. Read the article via the link in our bio. [Portrait by @davidburtonstudio; styled by @juliabrenard]

Did you know our vegan botanical candle, scented with Galbanum, is gifted with every order from our e-boutique? When a Monday feels like a Sunday... light it up and look no further than our newest, The Prebiotic Emulsion (a 3-in-1 pro-recovery moisturizer/primer/mask) and our bestseller, The Healing Sap (a hybrid toner/serum ‘glow shot’) for a dream green, clean, glow-activating routine 💚✨ and enjoy the light — from within & without.

What if you could have a moment of forest bathing, every day, in your own bathroom? 🌿 We wanted to evoke this experience — one that is scientifically-proven to lower stress — via Orveda’s genderless ‘green’ scent, Galbanum; and to create the sense of peace, comfort and rejuvenation one feels from connection with Nature. Along with their ritualistic tools, each forest-scented drop of The Healing Sap, or brush-paint of one of our leave-on masks, is designed to take you to a forest glade; where you can pause, and indulge in moments of healing self-care. [Art entitled ‘Into the Woods’, by @witchoria] 💚✨

‘Tis the season to change your cleanser. Does yours actively remove pollution? At Orveda, our ethos concentrates on skin health, glow + skin barrier integrity. Pollution is one of the top 5 enemies of skin beauty; the others being UV, lack of sleep, smoking and bad diet. Pollution makes skin look dull, tired and visibly lacking in glow, as well as disturbing the skin’s barriers including its beneficial microflora (which Orveda is all about). Our tool-augmented, double cleansers mix detoxifying ingredients with powerful pro tools like our Kabuki brush for a double-cleansing process that fights pollution. Luxuriously fresh, and containing 20% Botanical Glycerin and 68% Botanical Oil derivatives, our Deep-Cleansing Botanical & Enzymatic Oil (which won “Highly Commended” in Tatler’s Beauty Awards) has been designed to deep-cleanse skin down to the pores. Its rich formula, used in conjunction with its exclusive Kabuki brush, helps to eliminate daily pollution accumulated on skin. See our Stories for more 🍃✨

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