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Nikky Paramo  💃🏻DANCER+TEACHER @blocla 🌏TRAVEL AGENT @smartandsavvytravel 📩 info@nikkyparamo.com

I could stare at this man forever 💙

Happy Anniversary My Love -

I’d do anything for coffee talks & cuddles right now. Two more sleeps 🌬☁️💙

We had to drag Catalina out of the sand 🤪...... Miguel was ready to check in to the Kimpton 👑

4th of July cuddle puddle 🍯

Emo because I’m going to miss playing with @ddlovato 😩😢

🎸 Some of my favorite moments from #rockinrio performing with 👑 @ddlovato

This night was so magical ✨

Thank you @danivitale for allowing me to step into this incredible world you’ve created on stage with this group of insanely talented dancers! 🙏🏼💃🏻 #sorrynotsorry #demilovato #lovatics #Ddlovato #dance

📍Barceloneta Beach

Just touched down in London town 💋

New Meghan Trainor video is out now 📽⭐️ SWIPE ➡️
Thank you @charmladonna for putting me in the mix! Love you 💖
Ps. please get into my size 8s...... I’m a 6 💀
#letyouberight #meghantrainor @meghan_trainor

We made it to Germany 💙 @guntherchad