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Hey guys happy Sunday! This week's post really spoke to me, and I hope you will take a second to read it. By now you probably know that every Sunday I donate my social media to my @YearsofLiving team to talk about carbon pricing! This one is from Zina Precht-Rodriguez, a junior at Columbia University in New York City. "Fighting climate change means navigating relationships between individuals and the earth. Over the past few years, my mom and I have tended to this vegetable garden. We’ve seen first-hand how the soil can accept a seed and bear a zucchini as large as my arm; but we’ve also seen how the same soil can reject even our most calculated efforts to harvest the carrots that flourished last year. Part of the emotional disconnect with climate change in consumer societies is that in everyday life we are shielded from the story behind the products we possess, whether that be food on our plate or the oil in our gas tank. We are discouraged from being thoughtful or asking questions; we are taught that if we pay for the final product, then the final product is ours to possess. I am a climate activist because I want to highlight the implications of how the product was brought to us in this very moment— whether it be haunting or beautiful. I want to encourage mindfulness and dismantle complacency. At my university, we are going to campaign to build transparency around the real price of our carbon crusades. Put A Price is about acknowledging that we have taxed the planet far enough, and it is time to equilibrate the individual-to-earth relationship before the chance is lost. "

Second go-round with this gem. Written in a beautifully poetic manner, the way he questions love almost feels unbearably truthful. It is an ordinary love story that feels far from ordinary when reading it. Forgive the cover, it made out with my candle.

A little late to the boomerang party...shocking! Note to self, when learning boomerang, you don't have to actually boomerang. You move like a normal person. Also, not coming up with another caption because @rarebirdsprods said it best. Fingers crossed! 🤞
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Squeezing back into these babies and I'm SO EXCITED!!!!! Ps don't look at my toes. New moms don't have time to paint their toenails 😂 @bayouwithlove #sustainablefashion

Gorgeous handmade postcards by @tasyavanree // link in stories// can't believe I'm just now learning how to use stories// actually...yes I can.

Hey guys happy Sunday! By now you probably know that every Sunday I donate my social media to my @YearsofLiving team to talk about carbon pricing! This week's post is from Ashley Bonn, a graduate student at Portland State University. "During the summer of 2015, I interned for a nonprofit organization in Santiago, Chile called  Fondo Esperanza (“Hope Fund”). Fondo  Esperanza helps people living in vulnerable conditions by providing microfinance service to support their economic initiatives. While living in Chile, I had the chance to snowboard in the Andes Mountains. Standing more than 17,000 feet above Santiago, I saw a large immobile black cloud of smog hovering over the buildings and trees. This horrible sight disgusted me and sparked my inspiration to #PutAPriceOnIt and promote sustainability.

Now, as a graduate student at Portland State University, I am pursuing a ME in Sustainability and Garden-based Education as well as a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management. I am working with Our Climate and the @putapriceonit campaign to help pass carbon pricing policy in Oregon, otherwise known as the Clean Energy Jobs bill. Both of these groups empower me to learn the skills and knowledge needed to hold polluters accountable and protect our collective future." 📷 @glassjarphotos

IS HE OUT OF HIS MIND?!?! The amount of hate that has come as a result of his irresponsible and irrational decision making is NOT who we are as a country, encouraging a tidal wave of bigotry absolutely beyond my comprehension. A very close friend of mine was just told by her lawyer that she no longer qualifies for her DACA renewal. This is a hardworking woman who has poured her heart and soul into this country, working harder than ANY OF US, paying her taxes and doing everything the right way! These are the people that we are now robbing of the opportunity to have the same dreams that those of us who happen to be born in this country are handed based on luck? You do realize, it's just "luck" that you and I were born here. These are children who were brought here by their parents, now working their asses off to secure a better future, one they've EARNED, being sent back to a country they don't even know! If you think this doesn't affect you, look to your right, look to your left, and I promise you will find someone who has a life, a family, a job, and a DREAM that might be stolen because of this metaphorical "gun show". This is embarrassing for us as individuals and as a country. Please let's stand together. Let's stand for love. Let's stand with the dreamers. #defendDACA

Deporting kids with a dream of becoming successful, kids who have never known another home except America...? Hard working, kind, innocent people...? 800,000 young people fighting for a better future, supporting their country, your country, our country...? Think about this. And if you think for two seconds that this doesn't affect you, no matter who you are, you're wrong. This affects all of us. This is disgusting. This is not America. Defend DACA. Text RESIST to 50409. I STAND WITH THE DREAMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

❤️ @nathanaugustreed self proclaimed adventurer and lover of all things outdoors. Ladies and gents, my kind of amazing kind of crazy kind of gorgeous brother. Full transparency- use of the words "kind of", kind of not necessary.

Hey guys happy Sunday! With what we see happening in Texas, I know you all agree that immediate action is imperative! Share this message! Get involved! We cannot ignore this any longer! By now you probably know that every Sunday I donate my social media to my @YearsofLiving team to talk about carbon pricing! This week's post is from Emma Jones, an Environmental Studies major and #PutAPriceOnIt campaigner. "Climate change is often paralyzing frightening to comprehend and even more difficult to digest in a way that we see personal benefit from, largely due to the doom-and-gloom rhetoric that dominates social media’s response to climate change. However, I am increasingly amazed at how such an alarming global phenomenon has led to empowerment in myself, and so many other leaders near and far. Few other global issues can bring humanity together in a fight for a common outcome of simply having the assurance of a habitable planet Earth for future generations. We want to maintain the quality of life many of us have had the privilege to experience, while demanding justice for vulnerable and exploited groups that have not had the same privileges as many of us in the West. It’s more important than ever to engage with your community about climate change and the myriad of related social justice issues surrounding it. Communicate with your friends, neighbors, and especially your local legislators about why climate policy is imperative. It’s important we give voice to the elements that helped provide us the life we know and love, and can’t do so themselves."

The bible of all things motherhood during your first 40 days. The best gift for any new mama, or anyone who appreciates gorgeous imagery coupled with delicious recipes for milk production and staying connected to your body during this massive transition.

📷 by @tasyavanree This was a shoot we did together a few years ago to raise awareness for the @wwaystation - an amazing facility that gives a second chance at life to animals that have been neglected, abused, tested on in labs or abandoned by the turds who thought it was cool to buy them in the first place. Yep, when you buy a baby lion for your backyard, it'll grow up to become a big lion, and you'll probably realize you can't keep it, because it's a f-ing lion. Of course they're unable to survive in the wild, so Martine with her huge heart, takes them in and loves these babies like they're her children. Her wish is for places like her own backyard animal rehab/sanctuary to have no reason to exist, as folks begin to realize that these animals are not pets and no longer purchase them to live in their bathtubs, yards or cages. In the meantime let's continue to spread the word and help celebrate Martine and all of her amazing work. ❤️

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