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Thank you @eluxemagazine for this super flattering article on BaYou With Love and for everything else you do to help spread awareness on how important it is to consume consciously. Labels aside, the only thing I have ever felt confident claiming was my desire as I got older to understand more about how we consume, from food to fashion and everything in between. I will continue to search for solutions which is how Bayou was born in the first place :). I hope you know that magazines like yours are invaluable because they inspire people like me to keep trying to find alternatives, fueling our curiosity and helping us to restore a sense of balance. Thank you🌻🌱@bayouwithlove #sustainablefashion

The last two pieces I finished before I went on a mandatory pottery hiatus. This morning I woke up really missing the studio and my incredible teachers, so here's a shout out to my two ladies and all you amazing teachers out there! So much love went into these beauties. I cant wait to get back in there! 🌻

The Chambray Dress @bayouwithlove #bayougirls #sustainablefashion 🌱🌱

I just love acro yoga. I'm so drawn to it. I was introduced about a year ago and I'm obsessed. Reminds me of my gymnastics days as a kiddo. This is my gorgeous brother learning some of the basics. I'm going to say this now- I'm determined to become the most badass brother sister acro yoga duo on the planet :)! #Repost @nathanaugustreed
Afternoon beach flow- @iamnikkireed we're doing this as soon as you're able.

#Repost @anthro_chicago
Made in the USA this Anthropologie exclusive set from @bayouwithlove features sustainable eco-friendly products layered with the natural scents of sandalwood, bergamot, lavender, & sage. The perfect tools to soothe those Sunday scaries. #anthropologie #anthrobeauty

Hey guys happy Sunday! By now you probably know that every Sunday I donate my social media to my @YearsofLiving team to talk about carbon pricing! Please take a second to read this post to figure out how you can get involved!! Remember it's up to us! This week's post is from Aaron Metheny and he's a Put A Price On It Field Rep at Swarthmore.
"The day after the election, I had a meeting with Valerie Smith, the president of Swarthmore College, to discuss endorsing a national price on carbon. When I walked into her office, she greeted me with a supportive hug, an embrace that I feel symbolizes not only the solidarity we shared in that moment, but also acknowledgement of the fact that the fight against climate change just became a lot more challenging. However, I was successful in persuading her to become the second university president nationally to support a price on carbon. This experience, as well as the #PutAPriceOnIt campaign and the movement it has spurred nationwide, has truly given me hope and optimism. Want to get your president to endorse? Sign up at http://bit.ly/2p78HOC."

Thank you @instylemagazine for saying such kind words about @bayouwithlove ❤ We are so glad you like the products. Thank you for exposing your readers to sustainable options 🌱🌱We really are working hard to create a lifestyle brand that is good for people and good for the planet!
#bayouwithlove #sustainablefashion

Thank you @hollywoodreporter for writing such a complimentary piece about @bayouwithlove ... we're so excited about this and so grateful you took the time to sit with us and learn about these products and our process!🌱🌱🌱 Love
Nikki + Morgan

Here is a shot of our @bayouwithlove all natural sustainable cruelty-free skincare in a beauty bag made of post consumer materials. Available at @anthropologie 🌱🌱 #sustainablefashion #bayouwithlove #bayougirls

Hey guys happy Sunday! By now you probably know that every Sunday I donate my social media to my @YearsofLiving team to talk about carbon pricing! Huge news! The campaign has reached one of its first major goals! "College and university presidents from over thirty higher education institutions across the country are giving their support to a student-driven effort to endorse carbon pricing for its economy-wide approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. The Leadership Circle of the higher education carbon pricing initiative includes the presidents of Swarthmore College, Dickinson College, Pitzer College, Wesleyan University, Vassar College and University of California Berkeley. The letter released Monday calls on state and federal lawmakers to proactively work to enact a carbon price at the state and federal level.
'It’s up to our leaders on the campus, state, and federal level to advocate for solutions that will protect our generation from the true costs of climate change: extreme weather events, wildfires, drought, floods, and global conflict,' said Carrie Cullen, a junior at Emerson College and Put A Price On It Fellow. 'It's encouraging to see our school's president take a stance on this issue that is so important for our generation's well-being.'
The Higher Education Carbon Pricing Endorsement Initiative is led by Our Climate, a youth-led organization dedicated to empowering the next generation of climate leaders. Our Climate co-leads the #PutAPriceOnIt campaign with National Geographic documentary series Years of Living Dangerously, and partners with Citizens’ Climate Education to recruit, train, and support student leaders across the country to advocate for carbon pricing."

Happy Mother's Day Mama. Sitting here this morning going through old journals, photos, cleaning out, purging, revisiting memories. Perfect timing. I see our whole life together. I see our journey, our stories, our struggles, all in albums. I see your laughter in all of it. You're the strongest woman I know. You are the greatest example of unconditional love. Almost every childhood picture has an animal, a stray baby being bottle fed. Endless love. I see your sense of humor finding it's way into some of what I now know were extremely trying times. You made all of it fun. You made all of it an adventure. You are our rock. No matter how big we get, you're our Mom. This Mother's Day I am seeing things a little differently. One day our kids will look through albums and flip through memories of their childhood. I hope it's as colorful as what you gave me. Thank you Mom...for all of it. We love you so much...

What a wonderful night launching our BaYou with Love beauty products with Anthropologie. We are so excited to be working with Anthro and thrilled to see such a huge company making an effort to support sustainability!!! This beautiful woman standing next to me believed in our company and set this incredible partnership in motion. She stood behind our vision of creating all of our products locally, and is a huge supporter of sustainability not to mention a true animal lover. Thank you Catherine for inspiring companies like Anthro to be a part of the movement! @bayouwithlove @anthropologie @la_cath

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