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“A lot of people would say 'sexy' is about the body. But to me, 'sexy' is a woman with confidence. I admire women who have very little fear.” -Allegra Versace
I am fearless , I believe that quality is what makes me exude confidence. Name one quality about yourself that makes you feel confident or sexy 💕. Self love is an important part of our psyche. The more confident you are in what you do and who you are , the more successful you will be because you are less likely to second guess yourself. My confidence comes from the fact that I back up what I preach. I study , I try it out and give accurate information. When I do that , I never second guess myself and I have no fear! Be confident in what you do and BACK IT UP! #princessoffitness #wshhfitness #gymselfie #GOAT
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What up fit gang ! Today i did a little total body training , which I never do , but it was fun 😀 Thank you to my good friend Tony owner of @on1eclothing foe dropping by my gym today and hooking me up with this dope workout set! I LOVE scrunch booty shorts , they just give my cheeks so much life and this sports bra is lit 🔥!!! Can’t wait to drop into your new store location !!! I also want to thank y’all for asking questions and trying out my programs and workout examples. Remember that you can do all the working out in the world , but if you never change your diet to compliment your training then you will not see the results you are shooting for. Diet is key ! Also be sure to increase your water intake. It’s super important! How many bottles did you have today. I’m on my 8th. Love you y’all! #wshhfitness #princessoffitness
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Gym time‼️ my favorite part of the day !!! I think I might do a full body workout today ! What’s your favorite compound exercises !?? #wshhfitness #princessoffitness #gymselfie

Hey hey. Check out my live from the gym today to see some of the exercises that I couldn’t put on the video. I lost like 4 exercises somehow today so the video is a little short 🤦🏾‍♀️😂 what did y’all train today !??? Tag a friend who should try the single shoulder squat ! Song @yellabeezy214 @gucci @quavohuncho back at it again #wshhfitness #princessoffitness

Hey #FitGang‼️ Today I went live at the gym to show and explain two of my top go to booty gains exercises. One is super band deadlifts and the other the kneeling squat with the super band as well. The reason I like to add the resistance band is to maximize the contraction while executing the movement. Contraction is key. It also adds resistance you otherwise would not get by just holding weights ! The key to these two exercises is to have the bad positioned right on your pelvis below your hip bones so that when you follow thru and squeeze you are getting the most or the movement. My favorite bands are @thexbands (Nayfit10). They come in all levels of resistance and are color coded. This green band adds an additional 100lbs of resistance. If you are a beginner I would try red (30lb) , black (50lb) or purple (70lb). This is also a great way to workout at home with minimal equipment‼️‼️ if you have tried bands from @thexbands let me know how you like them in the comment section ‼️#wshhfitness
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Get up. Get motivated ! First day of spring is 2 days away ‼️‼️ I’m getting ready , are you ? #wshhfitness

Had a blast shooting with @jmarcuspro out here in the DMV. here are some clips from my live today 😃. Unit made by @celebritystylist_mrlegendary , my absolute go to for the slayage‼️ Dont forget that tomorrow is the last day to join the 28 day challenge. I’m working on my summer body , are you !??? It’s already hot in the DMV so spring is coming soon ! No Gym needed. Just bands and body weight. Diet included and of course communication with me throughout your challenge ! I’ve been posting my ladies on my ig story and they are kicking butt, I am so proud of y’all ! Keep it up and join the CHALLENGE ! CLICK LINK IN BIO‼️💕
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Good morning 💕 #wshhfitness

How many of you have heard the tale , if you are trying to lose weight , don’t eat after 8pm!?? well , that’s just a rumor 😂 Your metabolism never takes a break, even while you sleep. In fact going to bed hungry will leave you waking up with minimal energy, and wonder why they feel like crap despite being on your best diet behavior.
They key is not skipping a snack , but choosing the best snack. Your metabolism never fully shuts down, even overnight. Eating too many calories or bad foods before bed adds fat to your frame, but not all late night snack later on the fat. These six snacks provide quality nutrition that supports fat loss and muscle building, helping you achieve the body of your dreams. Here are some good choices:
1. Cottage cheese and natural peanut butter - Cottage cheese is ideal before bed because it includes lots of casein protein, which releases slowly into the body. This ensures a steady supply of amino acids through the night. Adding natural peanut butter to this snack increases digestion time, enhancing the snack's ability to control hunger
2. Salmon - Salmon is a perfect pre-bed food source because it's high in protein content and contains healthy omega fats.
3. Greek Yogurt With Flaxseeds Like cottage cheese, Greek yogurt is high in protein and packs a calcium punch. Boost the healthy fat content of this low-fat snack with some flaxseeds.
4. Low-Fat Cheese With Raw Veggies- If you crave cheese, this is your pre-bed meal. Regular cheese is high in saturated fat, so opt for a reduced-fat variety with a healthy dose of protein. Cheese is carb-free, making the fat/protein combination just what you're looking for! Include raw green veggies (cucumbers, celery or broccoli) for some negligible calories.
5. Canned Tuna With Olive Oil -Tuna is a great option for people wanting minimal prep work. Canned tuna packed in water is fat free, so it's important to add healthy fats to boost the staying power overnight. Drizzle one tablespoon of olive oil over the tuna and serve with a bed of spinach for an iron-packed snack that prepares you for the day to come.
6. A Casein Protein Shake With Coconut Oil- #wshhfitness @thenewclassic sally walker

Word of the day : Confidence‼️ if you don’t love you then nobody else truly can. To love yourself is to know yourself. The good , bad and the AWESOME! “Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”― Lao Tzu #wshhfitness #melaningains #gainsgoons #princessoffitness #Squat
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Sunday is the last day to join the 28 day challenge‼️‼️ and it’s lit already , super proud of my ladies going hard ! Be sure to send me your before pics and continue posting to your insta stories so that I can repost your journey thru the 28 day challenge ! Click link in bio for challenge ‼️ #wshhfitness

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