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For those of you that have been following along, I started @flattummyco’s meal replacement program a few weeks ago and just finished up! 14 days of one of these a day. Safe to say, I might’ve just found my new go-to shake… I wonder if they have it in chocolate? 🍫(Ps: they’ve got 30% off right now)

Congrats to all the amazing Champions of the @mrolympiallc contest 2018!!!! Lots of surprises this weekend I actually enjoyed watching the contest this year ! Not sure if I’ll ever step on stage again but these folks sure will motivate you and make you proud to be apart of the @ifbb_official family !
Mr Olympia @flexatronrhoden
212 @flex_lewis
Classic physique @breonma_
Men’s physique @brvndonflexx 🙌🏾
WPD @therealfitnessbeauty
Figure @vytamin_c
Fitness @whitneyjones_ifbbpro
Bikini @angelicaht
Also shoutout to my other homies placing in the top 5
Figure @icandyfitbeauty @ifbb_figure_pro_dia
Physique @ifbbpronataliacoelho
Bikini 👙 @ashleykfit (That’s bae 😜)
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“We ain't finished talking
I told you you don’t need to worry about them bitches
All them fives need to listen when the ten is talking
'Cause they don’t wanna see you happier than them and girl you swear
They are your friends and there's been a problem
You the one they hate, just come with that....” - @champagnepapi

Let’s talk about GLUTES. Here are some common mistakes made when attempting achieve George while training-
Mistake #1: Hit ‘em Heavy, Hit ‘em Hard
The glutes aren’t like the biceps or quads, in the sense of it taking absolutely no effort or mindfulness to hit them hard with an exercise. In truth, your glutes will hardly activate unless you make a concerted effort to engage them during the lift in question. With this in mind, it wouldn’t be a smart move to start off by trying to crack out reps with heavy weight, regardless of the exercise you choose to hit them. There’s a high chance that your body will simply rely on what’s already strong to perform the lift instead.
The Fix: Use lighter loads, slow your tempo down, and focus on actively contracting the glutes on every rep of exercise. For movements like hip thrusts, reverse hypers and glute kicks, try holding the weigh for a full second second count at the top of each rep (contraction )

Mistake #2: You’re only Using One Plane of Force
The glutes are actually made up of a group of 3 muscles on each limb. The gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus. Truthfully, movements like squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, good mornings and the like all train one capacity – hip extension. This neglects the glutes other roles as lateral stabilizers, external rotators of the thigh, hip abductors and posterior pelvic tilters.

The Fix: Doing exercises like rear leg elevated split squats, Cossack squats, lateral lunges, and even isometric hip abduction holds are supreme ways to light up the glute medius and minimus and make sure that the glutes are being trained entirely.
Need Help with Glute Growth ?? join the booty /abs master program !! We snatching waist and building legs and glutes around these parts , are you ready ? Click the link in my bio and then click online training. Select the booty/abs program. We begin Monday ! Program includes meal plan , gym and home workouts , video , organized calendar with assigned workouts, weekly body stat and progress photo check in, and online support group chat. $50(total ) for 4 week training program!
Song - Low Fruit by my baby girl @malaikaterry proud of you baby girl!!

“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.” -Oprah

“If you want to be the best, you can't take the path of least resistance. Every morning, you wake up, and your mind tells you it's too early, and your body tells you you're a little too sore, but you've got to look deep within yourself and know what you want and what you're striving for. “
-Antonio Brown
📸 @iam_365_photography
Body by Nay Fit University
Hair @abagailhairs
Body Art @neonarmour

For those of you that have been following along, I started @flattummyco’s meal replacement program a few weeks ago and just finished up! 14 days of one of these a day. Safe to say, I might’ve just found my new go-to shake… I wonder if they have it in chocolate? 🍫 #Plantbasedprotein #flattummytea

Aquafina 💦 This is #Ri28 magic. When thick and lean meet 🔥📷 @iam_365_photography 💄@flawlessbeatsbykelly #wshhfitness #thickthighs

Hardly home but always reppin’ -Drake
Has a blast doing this body paint shoot with @neonarmour. She’s worked on the sets of several movies including Black Panther so I was super excited that she wanted to paint me after my previous shoot with @iam_365_photography. These pics turned out so fire , can’t wait to show y’all more !!! 📸 @iam_365_photography 🎨 @neonarmour 💄me
@worldstar #wshhfitness #legday
Hair @abagailhairs

“The finest clothes made is a persons own skin...”
- Mark Twain 📸 @iam_365_photography
No photoshop required. Melanin glow thru! #Fromcamtogram #Natural

When Jade uses your butt as a chair 😂😂! Yassss honey we are two days into #Ri28 and I’m feeling good. Been snatching this waist all summer with #RI28. I haven’t been lifting at all , just maintaining these with diet and #Ri28 workouts and I’m loving the results. Have joined yet?? Tomorrow it’s the last day so don’t get left behind !! CLICK LINK IN MY BIO TO JOIN the Lituation 🔥!!!! $1000 prize to best Transformation!!!!! 📍No Gym Required! #wshhfitness @worldstar 📍No Equipment Required!
📍Meal Plans (includes vegan options)!
📍Video Guides Included!
CLICK LINK IN BIO and join our team! 📸 #BTS shoot with the published/celebrity photographer @iam_365_photography
Makeup (both models ) @flawlessbeatsbykelly

Who else tryin to look like a two piece snack like our clients ⁉️
Drop a ✋🏾if you are ready to get SNATCHED on Tuesday!
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