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Nate Garner  SNAPCHAT- imnategarner BUSINESS- Talent@GoodTimes.live . MAX HAD A WEDDING! 😱👇🏽

so I heard youtubers are boxing now 🥊😏

I got my pizza & my sports now all I need is you next to me! Let’s go to a game together 🏀🙌🏽

Açaí bowls > junk food. One of the most important ways to stay healthy is your diet, stop eating those chips. Everyone gets that urge for junk food but you gotta find a way to fight it or just eat the healthy version of a gummy snack, açaí bowls 😍. A healthy diet is not only key in your physical health but is a major key component in your mental health. Eating right can completely change your mood to have a more positive outlook & will help you succeed more in life! You can still go eat that full pizza but before important days; tests, sporting events, or dances be sure you eat some fruits & vegetables! I want y’all to have an amazing life so stay healthy. Açaí bowls literally taste like sugar, go try one! 😊✨

It’s no joke when they say a dog is a man’s best friend. Most of you know I dealt with an extreme amount of bullying in high school, even by some people that I called friends, which really violated my trust & caused me to developed some social anxiety. Since then it has always been hard for me to make new friends or even reach out to new people. I don’t have many friends now & I’m blessed to of been able to find Max & create a last bonding that I can trust. He’s always making my days better & idk where or what I’d be doing without him. Max changed my life so here’s a little honest appreciation post for my buddy Max! 🐶❤️

I got a husky on my back 🐶🔥

hidden infinity pool 🌴💦

no swimming in jurassic park

Double tap your favorite one! While we took this an old lady told us we should be her dates... our reaction says it all 😂

Press play ▶️ “When you throw your dog a wedding & everything goes wrong” 😩💔 (turn ON post notifs! link in bio) @iammaxgarner 🎥: @thejarrbear

got that new motorsport... pick you up at 10? 🌹

Press play ▶️ I finally found a valentine this year... 😂🌹 @iammaxgarner @thejarrbear

like when you see it 😂