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Nate Garner  SNAPCHAT- imnategarner BUSINESS- Talent@GoodTimes.live . NEW VIDEO IS UP 😱👇🏽

wtf who stole our clothes 😂

when it’s 102 degrees and too hot for max to walk outside so you buy a baby carrier and become real dads for the day 😂

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAXIE! Wow. Max is 2. And he rode a skateboard when he was a puppy so it’s time he learned how to ride a bike. I got him the best custom bike ever! People may doubt that dogs can ride bikes but he will prove you all wrong!! The day I realized I wanted a puppy I pictured in my head what a perfect dog would be like & somehow you are 100 times better than what I imagined. I never expected to find a bestfriend when I was just looking to find something cute to take pictures with. These have been the best 2 years of my life because of you buddy! Idc how much you grow up you’ll always be my little son. I love you 🐶❤️ ps thanks for posing with me & making my instagram feed better than everyone else’s 😂

we let our heads take a dip in the pool 😂💦

Got a problem? I can fix that 😏

thank god I remembered my seatbelt 😂😂 #zoomchallenge

Yall dared me to jump in the lake in my underwear so 🤷🏼‍♂️

Max wasn’t allowed at the lake hotel so I bought him that house and now he always has a lake to swim in 😝💦

Took my imaginary girlfriend to the fair, damn we’re couple goals 😂😂

This is how we Netflix and chill during the summer. We got room for one more, you coming?😏

My hair gets so crazy after the beach! Double tap your favorite pic & let me know if I should cut it off?? 😱✂️

Made a mini waterpark for Max & idk how he’s standing up but he loves his water 😂😂 stay hydrated! 💦