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👑Ming Lee  Beauty Influencer Twitter: Iamminglee YouTube : Iamminglee86 Snapchat : Ming4short Facebook : iamminglee Email : bookingminglee@gmail.com


China trip will be epic ❤️Canton Fair phrase 3 for all my fashion girls 😍 Plus hair factory tours for hair girls plus beauty market visit with over 100 vendors with hair packaging and makeup !!!! Only 20 spots available!! Email : info@theorycommgmail.com

Everyday I'm Hu$tling 🌸


First Class to handle business 🌎



Brazilian Hair is my absolute favorite | I'm wearing 5 bundles of 24 inches ❤️ | shop Snoblife.com and save %15 off your entire order with discount code : Ming

@TheJudgeHatchet ‘s daughter was killed by  @CedarsSinai  after a routine c-section. They allowed her to bleed 4 10 hrs! #shameoncedars #4kira

😂😂😂 her attitude , first Mother's Day without you 😍❤️😍 I even bought the stuff from bath and body works that u make me get you every year , of course I forgot the card 😩 I always forget the card the. Then when I'm back home I Send a week worth a flowers with cards in them 😩

Dear Aunt Fran : thank you for everything !!! I learned how to balance a check book at 11 🙋🏾You showed me what going to working everyday gets you , I was well traveled by 18 but you made me work for everything I wanted . I remember wanted some Gucci loafers so bad , and made me cut the grass , line the hedges, polish all the wood floors , clean out the garage to earn the money . You always said I could have anything I wanted if I worked for it !!! You and Gigi raised a real one . I knew what 401k and retirement plans was before I hit high school . U always told me making million dollars is the easy part , keeping it was hard part , and having something to show for it was the important part !!! Happy Mother's Day @thequeen47

Warehouse Sorting 😍 Snoblife.com Mother day sale is still going on 👍🏾Use Discount code : MOM15

Wonders of Eapheat @eapheat | My favorite iron is definitely from Eapheat.com | use my discount code : MING10 and save 10percent !!!!

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