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Mel Wells  📖 Bestselling Author of #TheGoddessRevolution 🎤 TEDx Speaker 🏝 Goddess Retreats 💫 You create your own reality. 🌎 Made in UK, Based in Bali📍


You have a body - but you are not your body.
Your body is incredible, strong, beautiful, intelligent, powerful.
But you are not your body.
Your body is your vessel, your temple, your vehicle, your friend, - but please know, you are not your body.
You are beyond the vessel you live in.
Neither is your worth defined by your physicality, nor a number, nor a size.
So, as you would a home - treat your body with love and kindness, enjoy her, be at peace with her, respect and nourish her, but know that you - YOU, sweet goddess - are so much more than the body you live in.

We don’t find balance by trying to be positive or good all the time
We find balance when we accept our imbalances
Be with ourselves in times of sadness or frustration
And be okay with these worlds existing within us
Knowing we are still enough.
When we can look at ourselves and instead of blaming others
Admit that sometimes, we fuck up too
When instead of fighting to be right
We can recognise our own lessons
And lovingly, get to work
There is no end goal or finish line
Self discovery is our most rewarding odyssey.
XO 🌛🌝🌜

Is this moon thing still going down you guys or am I just having a really extra emotional period? 😂🌓 I haven’t stopped crying all week! Mainly tears of joy, overwhelm, sensitivity, the build up of my TED talk, snowy mountains, being reunited with Donatello 🐢, and picking up my lil baby V from @flookthelabel’s villa today after she looked after her while I was gone! ❤️🛵 Every time I come home to this island I feel so bloody grateful and overwhelmed with happiness. Here for two months and going to make the most of every second. So excited for both our families to get here soon. 💞🌴 #888

A Gift For You... 🎁 As someone who struggled with my food and dieting for so long, I know how overwhelming and difficult the festive season can be. It would cause me so much anxiety and overwhelm, the amount of food suddenly around, parties going on, and the pressure I felt to diet or lose weight fast. At the dinner table I didn’t know how to act. Was I “on track” or “off track”? How long would my “off track” last for? How punishing would my New Year regime be this year? It would always be a time when my disordered eating would be at its worst. The first year I had a Christmas where I felt truly FREE and relaxed around food was completely priceless to me. I could have cried with joy. I was so present with my family and remembered what Christmas was really all about. Because of this I decided to record an audio workshop to help anyone struggling with their food around this season and needs a dose of self love. It’s my gift to you this Christmas, Goddesses. You can get it at melwells.com on the home page 😘💋❄️ Have a guilt free, truly ful-filled Christmas. XO

Roses are red, violets are blue, your eyes are ridiculous, snowflakes? 🤷🏽‍♀️❄️🌹

Switzerland you have my heart. ❤️❄️⛰💫 This was up there with one of the most magical experiences of my life. Truly took my breath away, I didn’t expect it! 🙏🏼 Now I need to learn how to snowboard or ski so I can come back more often! Who can teach me? (I’m a fast learner!) 😍❄️⛷💫

Felt so emotional up here today, I didn’t know if I wanted to burst into song or burst into tears 😂 Maybe both! I could definitely blame the moon right now 🌓 but the truth is this place has blown my mind more than I could have ever expected...⛰❄️ I’ve never ever had the opportunity to go skiing or snowboarding in the mountains, or even experienced snow or a Winter that looks remotely like this - the most snow I’ve seen is in England! 🙈 I was so overwhelmed with emotion I found it hard to speak up here. ❤️💫 Such a magical day...one that I will never forget. XO

Prescription: This. There’s nothing like getting to the top of a mountain to a) remind you how breathtakingly magical this planet truly is when you look around - and b) remind you how small and insignificant those first world problems of ours are after all. ❄️

Because it’s 11:11 somewhere...💫 😘 @o.m.g.oddess ❄️ The Georgina Sweatshirt - named after our original Academy Goddess + true inspiration @georginawright_hope ❤️💫🏝 Tag your spirit seekers 🙏🏼💫 #1111

We had a massive argument yesterday and were stroppy with each other all day, then dropped our egos and worked through it together and today we’re like teenagers again... 😍💫 this is life...ain’t no growth in relationships without some 💥💥💥😈 along the way. It isn’t perfect but it’s worth it. 😝❤️💯 Now off for more exploring Switzerland and drinking mulled wine with my favourite adventure buddy. 🎄💫🍷

Wow, I can’t believe I did this today! 💫 Truly honoured to be given the opportunity to manifest my big 2017 dream of becoming a @tedx_official speaker in Switzerland this morning. Less than a week ago I scrapped my entire script, and decided to start from scratch - and just share my story authentically and from the heart. Today I spoke about the journey it took me to heal my issues with food and my body, and what I believe it means for us to truly love ourselves, from the inside out. ❤️ I am so grateful for everyone who watched the talk livestreamed and sent me the most beautiful messages, especially my girls in the Academy group, you are such rockstars!! 🤩🙏🏼 It meant the world to have you all cheering me on. 💃🏻❤️ The video will be up on the official TEDX YouTube within a month for anyone who didn’t catch it 😘 Thank you to my babe @iamrickwilliam for supporting me so much and being my no1 fan and one man film crew 🎬🎥 I love you so much. ❤️ Still sinking in what has happened today!!! #TEDX

The new @o.m.g.oddess range has dropped! Shop the collection now at melwells.com/OMGoddess ❤️🙏🏼❄️ All tees are named after Academy Goddesses! 🤩💫@originalkash_f @happylittlesara @georginawright_hope @krisdeminick @lipinha.ventura @goddessgirlsteph @barbieholmes 😍❤️🎁💫🙏🏼

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