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Melissa Wells  Author, Speaker, Actress, Human. Living in London 🇬🇧 info@melwells.com My next book #HungryForMore is out July 10 - Preorder it here💫

I am beginning to really get that the best teachers are not necessarily the loudest voices
But rather they are the ones teaching by being.
This is who I really learn from
Instead of pointing or shaming what’s wrong (and I’ve done this many times)
But what feels true is being the change we want to see
Showing and being rather than telling.
It’s easy to fight against something and attack...
But harder to remember what we are actually fighting FOR underneath it all.
Something that @petajean_ said recently at her event rang true for me -
“It’s easy to be an activist
But harder to understand someone else who thinks differently to you.”
Maybe we could seek to understand each other more - instead of just argue or attack or shame what we don’t agree with.
I would like to help make social media less intimidating and I think this is a step in the right direction. ❤️
Picture of us because this guy teaches me so much just by being himself and being the change he wants to see. XO

5 Things I’m currently obsessed with: .
❤️ Taking #Meisner classes at @actorsdoorstudio - I have been making time for these 3x a week, despite being super busy in my biz life. Your creative passions and dreams aren’t gonna make time in your calendar for you, unless you carve it out and make some sacrifices! 📆 🎭
❤️ Living in central London and #citylife. I am walking everywhere! It’s hard to believe just 4 months ago I was living barefoot in Bali and scooting around everywhere on my vespa. 🛵 I loved that world but now I am hooked on this city and have truly fallen back in love with London and the beauty of the U.K - and how lucky we are to have what we do here. 🇬🇧
❤️ Meghan and Harry - need I say more?! #UtterlyObsessed with this couple. 😍👰🏾🤵🏼 .
❤️ Reading, watching and learning more about women’s rights and men’s rights. Last night we watched The Red Pill docu on YouTube which was so eye opening. Men’s rights activism through the eyes of a Feminist. I am #HungryForMore of these conversations.
❤️ Boxing ... although admittedly I have not trained in 3 weeks due to work! (sorry Paul!) I’ll be back soon! 😁🥊 .
What are you currently obsessed with? 🙌🏼 Comment below!

This is exactly how I have felt
Every time I am about to make a huge change
Every time I am scared shitless
To abandon everything I thought I knew before
To let my old self die in order for a new version to be reborn
And push myself out into the unknown in order to fly.
I have been here many times
Stood at the edge of the cliff looking out
When I decided to quit my bulimia and go cold turkey one day
When I decided to leave my old comfortable life behind in pursuit of finding who ME was
When I decided to quit my job to pursue my business full time
When I decided to leave England and move to the other side of the world alone without knowing anyone
When I decided to go back into the acting industry despite all of my fears, doubts and insecurities from the past
So easy to never jump
Most people never do
So tempting to stay safe
So easy to run backwards and never take the leap
So familiar and comfortable and easy to retreat back to safety
Each time I have been terrified
But each time I have stared my fear in the face
Each time I have jumped
And sure enough
Each time the Universe has caught me
And each time I have developed bigger wings and flew higher than the time before.
For anyone currently standing on the edge of this cliff looking out into the unknown
Scared to take the leap.
This one’s for you.
You’ll never know unless you try. ❤️

I decided to take down my post from yesterday, but I want to say thank you for all the important discussions that followed it. I felt so well received and held yesterday, which has helped me to feel braver when it comes to speaking about these kind of issues (that was, masculinity, feminism and our image of man and woman) - and will definitely continue to: just not by bringing my loved ones into it to demonstrate my point. .
Whenever I speak of someone publicly I never want to do them a disservice and I feel I may have done that yesterday with my Dad, who was wonderful. ❤️ .
I am admittedly still learning boundaries with sharing my life online; where I draw the line, where vulnerability moves into oversharing, and finding that balance is something I do struggle with. As @nishamoodley says, if you have a following, you are basically learning and growing in public now. Which also means you’re undoubtedly going to trip up along the way. .
It’s such a bizarre experience to meet strangers in person and them to know and recite intimate details of your life to you because of following you online. It’s something you never really get used to, but I’m doing my best which is all I can do. Thank you for being part of this journey... good bad ugly, and for supporting me yesterday and always. 💫❤️

T H E D A R K S I D E 👽
We are human, raw, real, and capable of incredible things - but also just as capable of slipping into chaos and downward spirals, with a series of actions that go against what we know to be our highest path.
When I first started doing this ‘inner work’ stuff, I wanted to block any darkness out. It seemed easy enough. All the times I’ve acted out of integrity with myself. Justify it. Blame it on something else or try to appear more innocent than I really was, maybe under the guise of positive thinking, self love or always needing to coat over the stuff that didn’t align with my highest self and who I wanted to show up as. Ok. So, I wanted to do all the ‘manifesting your dreams’ stuff but not the ‘looking at your own shit and owning it’ stuff, basically. 🤣🙈 (think this is how we all start out, actually...)
Light cannot exist without darkness and vice versa - and the last few months I’ve been on an inward journey of trying to accept and integrate this darkness, the sides of me I have rejected for fear they will do damage. Rick’s been prodding me for some time saying “let her out...” (he’s such a little shit...)
I love who I am but I am not good or positive or sweet and caring all the time. I can be impatient, selfish, impulsive, extreeeeeeemely passive aggressive and I have used my feminine superpowers for both good and bad. 💋🍎🐍
This is the journey I’m on, I can’t say right now I love my darkness just as much as my light, however I am coming to know that this is another layer of what self love is really about. Taming our own dragons and making friends with them, so they don’t get out of control when we are pretending not to see them. 🐉 Let me know if this message resonates with you... 😘 .

It’s happening! 💫 .
All systems are go for me and my team to prepare to launch 🚀 this second book baby into the stratosphere! 🎉💥
On 10th July I’ll be announcing my winner who will be joining me on my next Bali Retreat! 😍🏝
Want to enter? There’s still time! Head to melwells.com/hungryformore to order your copies and enter the competition! You’ll also receive an online Masterclass with me, so we can dive deeper into the contents of the book.
If you loved The Goddess Revolution and you’re ready to go deeper into the wisdom of your relationship with food, cravings and your soul’s burning desires, I can’t wait for you to experience this. 💫
If you know you are Hungry For MORE out of life - this one’s for you! 😍🙌🏼 Have you ordered your copy yet? ❤️🎉🏝📚

(D I S C L A I M E R...... No cameras or boyfriends were harmed in the making of this clip) 😆🥊 .
So @iamrickwilliam and I played a lil game last weekend 🤭 and asked ourselves: what can we create, shoot and edit with just the two of us, in 48 hours? 🤔 So we made a thing, just for fun and practice! 🙌🏼 We will hopefully do more of these and get better and better at it in the process!💥🎬
This isn’t #wellness related obviously 🤣 and also not sponsored but wearing all @pumawomen 🙌🏼
Boxing is my favourite way to move right now (besides dancing) 🥊- what’s yours? Comment below 💫

Posting this because a) I liked my outfit last night and had my hair blow dried, and also because I have been requested by some of you to share more food pics off the back of yesterday’s mammoth post. (But mainly cos I like my outfit and think I look cute ok) 😛 Guys, nothing against food pics, just isn’t my thing anymore. I don’t want any of my followers to judge themselves based on what I eat, or to copy what I eat or think the way I eat is “right” in any way. Literally I just want you all to eat what you wanna eat, and eat to make your bodies and your souls feel good. End of. ❤️ I will not be documenting my food or regularly tell you exactly what I’m eating, as I honestly don’t think it’s helpful for the people I wanna serve. But for the sake of yesterday’s post and to please the people who DO want to see more of what I eat, I’ll attempt to do it here. Usually at dinner the lighting is too dark for pics anyway, plus it’s kinda rude to whack your camera out when you’re dining with someone. 😆📸 Luckily @persialawson didn’t mind last night and we were sat outside! Ok so we ate around 5 and had oysters and champagne 🥂 followed by white wine and fish 🐟 , mashed potato and salad 🥗 with some kind of garlicky sauce. It was delish. We then went to see the sensational @vanessa__kirby in Miss Julie at The National. 🎭 When I got home around 10 I was hungry again so had a Waitrose bean soup and some halloumi and went to bed. The. end. (Told you it was boring guys! 😂😴) ❤️ Please note, I am not available for comments judging me for no longer being vegan or vegetarian. My platform is not a platform for food judgements or shaming, or discussing what you think I should be eating or vice versa. Thank you kindly. XO

I’m choosing to address this today because if one person thinks it enough to DM me like this, then I imagine more are thinking it. So okay Insta, let’s get it in.
💫 The size of my body has nothing to do with my message. I am anti diet, pro intuitive eating, and very much pro self love. I love how it feels to take care of my body from the inside, and so I do that. The size or shape of my body doesn’t (or shouldn’t) take away from any of this.
💫 I don’t have to say any of this - but I have not dieted, restricted or weighed myself in years nor will I ever go back to that way of life. I love food, I eat out at least 3 times a week because I love to,and I drink alcohol. I am not vegan or even vegetarian anymore. I love getting maximum pleasure from food but I don’t revolve my life around it. I can’t remember the last time I ate something out of Tupperware. I don’t say “no” to anything I want to eat. However - I don’t eat to the point of feeling uncomfortable or stuffed anymore. I know when my body wants me to stop, I know when my body feels good and when it’s had enough. I am in tune. But I don’t think about food or my body all day long. I got a life.😛
💫 I do not post photos of what I eat on the gram because it’s honestly boring to me now. I don’t associate any of my worth with what I eat anymore, especially not enough to take photos of it. I want to use my platform to inspire you to live a truly FULL UP life 🌈 by hopefully sharing my life lessons along the way, rather than pics of what I eat. No offence to anyone who takes photos of food, it just personally doesn’t inspire me anymore like it used to when my life was all about food.
💫 I listen to my body which means I eat when I’m hungry. I do not binge or emotional eat anymore, because I am not scared of my emotions or being with my own pain. I deal with my feelings by FEELING them - not trying to bury them with food. Most people in my experience are scared to be with their own pain, which is totally normal. There is nothing wrong with comfort eating at all, but if you’re eating to numb yourself or avoid a deeper internal issue then I am a believer of figuring out what that is and healing it. (Cont in comments) 💫

Writing and publishing a book is like putting a huge part of your soul out into the world and hoping that people connect with it and find it useful, or at the very least don’t hate it.
At age 28 to say I did not expect to have two books published with Hay House would be an understatement.
Exciting, a huge privilege and total honour to have this platform - but truthfully...
I’m way more anxious about this book than I was about the first one...😬😟
A few reasons which I’m going to share with you now:
1) I’m worried you won’t like it as much as some of you did the first book. Apparently this is a thing and that “thing” is called “second book syndrome.” This comforts me somewhat.
2) I’m worried some people won’t “get” it or think it’s either too deep, or not deep enough 😂
3) Everyone is reeeeeally easily offended these days. I have *probably* put something in there that offends someone. Let’s just get that out the way now. 🙃
4) I share a LOT of personal stories. Not just about my recovery but also about my quarter life crisis, divorce, my spiritual journey, and various other adventures.
5) I have put Rick in the book a fair amount and we have only been together for 18 months which is RISKY BUSINESS but... no going back now ha ha..... ha.....yeeeaaahhhh... so...😑😬😳
6) The book is not perfect, there are parts I would rewrite and edit/tweak if I had the chance but now can’t. Such is the nature of the beast!
Basically, I made a thing. I hope you like my thing. Please order my thing and I will love you forever, k thanks bye. ❤️😘 #HoldMe 🙃

T H E B I G R E V E A L 💫😍🙌🏼 Eeeeeeep. The moment I came face to face with my new book - today at @hayhouseuk offices! ❤️ .
A mix of excitement, nerves, fear, anxiety all rolled into one right here as you can see! 🤣 .
LAUNCH DATE - July 10th! 🚀
You can preorder your copy at melwells.com/hungryformore and receive gifts, like an online masterclass with me, and competition entries to win a spot on my next Bali retreat! 🏝😍 #HungryForMore

S P A C E 💡 .
Between stimulus and response there is a s p a c e.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response, lies our growth and our freedom. 💫 - Victor E.Frankl
It is not what happens to us that shapes us, but rather, how we choose to respond to it. In that *space* between stimulus and response, we get to LITERALLY decide who we want to be and how we choose to show up. We have the power to turn our wounds into wisdom, or our trials into triumphs - but only if we choose to. ❤️
Another Cornwall shot taken at @kudhva by @iamrickwilliam 📸 @landroveruk #Kudvibes

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