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Melissa Wells 🇬🇧  💫 Live a Full Up Life ❤️ 📖 Author of #TheGoddessRevolution 🎤 TEDxSpeaker 🌏 info@melwells.com Heal your shit with food so you can LIVE 💫⤵️

TGIF is tomorrow! 💫😍 Drop me your questions here and I’ll pick some at random to answer on my live stream tomorrow at 5pm GMT ❤️💁🏽‍♀️ I’ll also be giving away signed copies of #TheGoddessRevolution and some tees and hoodies from @o.m.g.oddess 😍💫

Your relationship with food is a mirror of your relationship with life...✨ Thank you so much to everyone who came to @hayhouseuk #Ignite yesterday, absolutely loved getting to share some of the new lessons from #HungryForMore with you - (which is now available on Amazon for preorder!) Tag someone who needs this message 💫 To find out what your relationship with food says about your personality, go to melwells.com/quiz ❤️

So... who wants to come and join me in the Maldives this September for a completely once in a lifetime Goddess retreat? Raise your hand if you’re keen as a bean 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️✨🐠🏝😍 #GoddessRetreats2.0

You, YES YOU 👆🏼 are the powerful creator of your own reality...
Anything you can imagine, you can 💯% make real.
Everything you dream of and all of your deepest desires are safely making their way to you...
And when you believe in miracles, they will begin to show up in your life, guiding your path.
You really are the creator...💫😍 Tell me - what are you manifesting into your reality this year? 😉🏝 Video by my insanely talented other half @iamrickwilliam ❤️🎬 wearing all @flookthelabel

When my Dad passed away 6 years ago, I was 22 and living an unfulfilled life.
I was in a job I didn’t enjoy, a relationship (marriage, actually) I felt trapped in, and I was in denial that I was full blown bulimic kidding myself that I had it ‘all under control’.
Deep down I knew I had more to give to the world.
Deep down I knew I was capable of so much more in my life.
When he was given four months to live and died holding my hand at aged only 58, I realised something.
Life is just too fucking short to be miserable.
Life is just too fucking short to do things that don’t make you happy.
Life is just too fucking short to spend it dieting and hating your body.
Life is just too fucking short to stay in relationships, jobs, cities or anything else that make you miserable.
Why aren’t we all running like crazy towards what really makes us come alive inside?? 🔥
If we really do only have this one life, why waste a second of it feeling unfulfilled, why waste a second of it CARING what other people think of us and letting that stop us really GOING FOR IT.
Now I don’t fear death - what I fear is not TRULY living.
Since that moment I have let go of caring so much about being judged, I have taken risks, gone for every dream, broken free from everything that weighed me down and continued to let go of things, people, anything that does not support my best self.
You are as free as you choose to be.
You are only one decision away from changing your life.
GO and LIVE. 💫 I know someone needed to read this today. XO

Experiencing paradise whilst transforming your mindset and growing into the greatest version of yourself... my idea of the perfect retreat.✨ #Phuket

To my mother, and also to my mother’s mother. For all of the sacrifices you made for us over the years, and for always supporting our dreams. We didn’t have much, but somehow you made sure we never went without. You have always been superwoman to me. Your drive, ambition and go-getting nature is a quality I’m so proud to have inherited. Thank you for showing me every day how I could achieve absolutely anything I wanted in life if I believed in myself. You have taught me so much about life, about love, about being a woman...
I don’t know how I can ever repay you for everything you have done for me, but I hope one day I can be half the mum that you are to me. ❤️

Healing your relationship with food is about healing your relationship with YOU. It’s not about implementing new food rules, new diets or new regimes. If you’re in a challenging relationship with food, food is your chosen vehicle for expression - and a symptom, not the problem. It’s about FUL-FIL-MENT. Filling yourself up from the inside - rather than using food to always fill you up. This is key. Your food is a metaphor for your life. Tag someone who needs this 🔑❤️💫

Thank you @planetorganic for bringing these Goddesses together for #InternationalWomensDay 🌛🌝🌜Such beautiful powerful conversations between sisters, so much love in the room, and so many hugs. Coming to events like these and being part of the conversation is such a great way to connect with other likeminded souls, and inspire change in the world. ❤️ @melissa.hemsley @nicky_clinch @lily_silverton

Last night was amazing, still buzzing off #InternationalWomensDay💫☺️ So grateful for everyone who made an effort to get there - the energy in the room was just so full of love and magic. Thank you for lighting me up so much. I love yoooooou! ❤️ TGIF is here which means Q&A and prizes 🌝🙋🏽‍♀️ leave me any question you like here for me and I’ll pick some to answer on my story/livestream! 😍💫 Leave your shamazing questions here Goddesses ❤️ #TGIF

Heading to Bali? Fear not gal - I’ve gotcha covered with my epic Bali guide... 17 pages worth of my fav hot spots!!😍🏝 featuring my fav places to stay, eat, play, work, surf, and soooo much more! Plus all my insider tips that only locals know about haha 😜 My God I love that island. ❤️ Grab it free at melwells.com/baliguide (or swipe up in my story)🏝 tag someone heading to Bali soon 💫#BaliwithMel

We are the descendants of the wild women you forgot.
We are the stories you thought would never be taught.
They should have checked the ashes of the women they burned alive.
Because it takes a single wild ember to bring a whole wildfire to life. @nikita_gill 💫 Happy International Women’s Day you absolute Goddesses. I love each of you so much. Raise the women around you up and embody your sovereignty today more than ever. 🌛🌝🌜 I am speaking tonight on a fabulous panel at @planetorganic Westbourne Grove with @melissa.hemsley @nicky_clinch joining me - link in my bio for last minute tickets to come and join us. Can’t wait to celebrate you. ❤️ #InternationalWomensDay #IWD

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