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Mel Wells - melwells.com  Bestselling Author of #TheGoddessRevolution 📚 🌎📍BALI Join me to make peace with food and love your body - so you can stop waiting + start living! ⬇️❤️


If someone tells you you've changed, I hope your reaction is, "God - I'd hope so". If we aren't changing, we aren't growing, we aren't evolving. When things stop growing, they die. So I hope you do change. I hope you continue to grow and change as long as you live. I hope you live open minded, courageous and free....I hope you dare yourself to grow and change and push yourself way out of your little box even when it's terrifying to you. I hope you follow your desires, challenge everything you thought was true and forge your own path even when people say you're crazy. And most of all - I hope you stop giving a shit what others think of you, and realise that all that matters is what YOU think of you. "If you knew me a year ago, you don't know me at all...my growth game be STRONG..." ☺️✨❤️

This showed up on my Facebook from a year ago! Wow! 1 year since The Goddess Revolution was birthed into the world! Goosebumps watching this and remembering the London book launch! Since this day, we have sold over 20,000 copies and now released the audio book too! This year has just been so magical. I am grateful beyond belief, and so excited for what is to come with book 2 next year! 😍 I cannot wait to share the title with you guys! 😍✨If you want to go deeper into your relationship with food and start truly LOVING yourself so you can quit the diet train and take back your life, check the link in my bio to join these gorgeous ladies inside The Academy. It's truly a transformational program and perfect for anyone who has read the book and wants more! Link in my bio 😘❤️ @hannah_cates @amandabyram can you believe this was a year ago! ❤️✨ @hayhouseuk @hayhouseinc @hayhouseaustralia and fantastic hosts at @megansrestaurant

Love yourself like it's your job ~ because...it really bloody is! ❤️ I need to open a discussion about the Pill... ladies may I? I wanna see if you relate...the last 2 months I have felt less...comfortable in my Earth suit than normal. I went back on the pill (I know, I know! 🙈😫) a few months ago as a last resort when I was suffering bad hormonal skin - after MUCH deliberation - and what I got sent was kind of a beautiful test for me to prove to myself how far I'd come on my journey of body love. 🙄❤️ Yes - my skin totally cleared and I stopped breaking out but...my boobs went up by 2 cup sizes! And they HURT. Like HURT A LOT! My clothes didn't fit me right. (No idea how much weight I gained as I don't have scales) also suddenly I was *constantly* hungry 😂 (listening to my body meant eating a LOT...like way more than usual 😂) and I was bursting into tears over the smallest of things... moodswings galore! 😭 Soooo not me! I decided to come off it and feel back to myself after just 2 weeks. ❤️ A great reminder that my body doesn't thrive with artificial hormones. (And my intuition said no - but I didn't follow it...so a great reminder to not go against that in future - DUH 😂) But most of all a beautiful opportunity for me to prove to myself that I must, can and will love myself through every season and every change my body may go through. ❤️ For me I used to freak out when I gained a pound. So to still totally love myself just as much through those (what felt like big) changes to me was truly 🙌🏼 My body literally said to me "Thank God for that" after just 2 days of being off it and I've got my moods back to stable ! Plus got my regular boobs back. 😂 Girls - I strongly advise you see how much better you can feel in your body with a diff contraceptive method than the pill...(but also know I am not a Doc...so pls do still practice safe sex k! 🍆💦) Love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this one ladies as I'm sure we all have different experiences with that little pill. (HOW DESENSITIZED ARE WE TO THE FACT THAT MOST OF US ARE PUTTING DAILY HORMONES INTO OUR BODIES?!) ok sorry just had to yell that for a sec. Love to hear your thoughts 😘

Remember this... then choose it. Do things that set that soul o' yours on fi-yah. 🔥✨🔮❤️ #TheGoddessRevolution

There's no place like home. ❤️ To me home is not where I grew up. Coventry (where I was born) never really felt like my home. I struggled to feel settled anywhere in England. Always itching to book a flight. I have travelled the world and now I recognise - 'home' is really just everywhere YOU are. You are home within yourself. If you have a great relationship with your SELF, you will be home. Your body is your home. You ARE your home. Locations are details...but if you find somewhere you love coming back to time and time again, well that's a bonus. Bali is definitely where I belong the most. 🏝❤️🙌🏼 #HomeSweetBali

Literally nothing like that fresh colour and blow dry feeling is there! ❤️ Thank you to the honeys at @robpeetoombali 💁🏽✨🔥 #FeelinFresh #ShesBack

It's here! 😍✨ I am so freaking stoked about this. Imagine you in Phuket, Thailand - at the best hotel you've ever stayed at in your life. Then imagine a Self Love Retreat there. All for you and 14 other Goddesses. Then imagine the private residences - WITHIN that hotel. Infinity pools overlooking private beaches. Michelin star food (healthy menus codesigned by me and the fabulous Anantara head chef) for every meal. Unlimited luxury spa treatments. Activities like Stand Up Paddleboarding and Muay Thai, and Thai cooking classes. Additional private coaching with me - oh and a Goddess Beach Party to close the trip. Of course. 🔥😍🍸 Only 15 spots available - to apply for this retreat of a lifetime, head to melwells.com/Anantara and book a call 💕🌴✨😘 #MelWellsAtAnantara @anantaralayanphuket @anantara_hotels

✈️ I used to believe a life of great adventure was waiting for me "later". That I couldn't go and play in the world until I had:
1. lost weight
2. earned a certain amount of money
3. had kids first

Then I realised - LIFE IS NOW. 😍 This amazing planet is a huge adventure playground - just waiting for us to get out of our little boxes and play in it! 😍👯🌎 I'm a huge believer in travel being the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Rich in experience, rich in adventure, rich in culture, rich in memories, rich in newfound friends. ✈️💕 Bali I discovered is my favourite place in the world - My soul said YES. So I moved there! ❤️ On my calendar for the next 6 months - Bali, San Fran, Nevada, New York, Necker (pinch me), Thailand, London, Switzerland, and Sydney all before Christmas. 😂🙌🏼 Do you dream of a life where you travel more? Vision boards exist so you can not just dream - but then TAKE ACTION. GO to those places you dream of seeing. You can live inside your vision board. Experience it. Taste it. Smell it. Feel it. 🌴Don't spend your life waiting. Life is happening now. ❤️✈️ #WeAreLimitless ✨ wearing @o.m.g.oddess 👯

We feel great when we eat nature - because it's who we ARE. We feel connected when we get IN to nature - because we are made of it! 🌎🌱 Not feeling great in your body right now? Return to nature. Eat what was given to us. Foods from the Earth. Foods that grow in the ground and on trees. We have always had everything we ever needed provided by Mother Nature. Trust her. She is undefeated. She is where we came from. ❤️ #TheGoddessRevolution

"Life is just space between pizzas and orgasms. Everything else is just suffering." ~ Buddha. 🙃🍕#GuiltFree #PleasureFull #TheGoddessRevolution

New Weekly Vlog now up! I take you behind the scenes of our first shoot for @o.m.g.oddess, a very special Mother and Daughter Goddess Date, and to @niycpidge's 30th Birthday party in the Hills! Also - what really goes into a set up Instagram shot 😂 Featuring @iamrickwilliam @brypenney @neruaelle @niycpidge @natalie.diver @jessicareid333 @barbieholmes @elise.cormier 👯 - go check out the full video on my YouTube channel, and also on my Facebook page 😋💁🏽🇺🇸☀️ #VLOG #TheGoddessRevolution go to www.youtube.com/c/MelWellsTV 🎬

This week's #RecipeOfTheWeek on melwells.com is one of my all time faves - tasty home baked cinnamon maple granola, made from mainly nuts, seeds and oats. 😍 So delicious and filling, and goes great as a smoothie bowl topping too! Tag someone who would love this for brekkie 😋❤️ #EatLikeYouLoveYourBody #TheGoddessRevolution

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