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iammatt666  "ive smoked so much weed, that when i was younger i had a poster of bob marley on my wall, and in it, he was wearing a t shirt with my face on it."

halloween starts october 1st. slowly putting my front yard together. so far I'm winning my neighborhood. #halloween #spooky #spoopy

after almost a year of buying wood from home depot, I finally found a wood guy. 1/16th cord of pecan wood for $40. I don't even wanna think about how much this would have been from home depot. and the homie threw in some red oak and olive wood logs to try out. #bbq #smoking #lowandslow #pecan #pork #beef

my neighbors lime tree has spilled over to my side. so I now also have a lime tree. now to wait tell they are ripe. #winning

update: it's an orange tree.

first time smoking turkey legs. getting some practise in before thanksgiving. brined for 12 hours. smoked over pecan and hickory for like 3 hours. except for putting to much cayenne pepper in the rub, the legs were amazing. and of course the tri tip came out good, I've gotten pretty good at tri tips. #turkey smoke #smoking #bbq #lowandslow #hickory #tritip #beef #pitmaster

some salmon I dry brined in brown sugar and salt for almost 24 hours. smoking it over some cherry wood at 150. been 2 hours almost so far. almost done. I'm excited. #bbq #smoking #salmon #superlowsuperslow #fish #seafood

made a charcoal box out of some expanded metal. would have been a breeze if I had an angle grinder. I cut all the edges with tin snips. its 1/2" thick and not tin. haha. took me like 3 hours. I'm excited to try a longer smoke with this. #smoking #pork #ribs #porkbutt #porkshoulder #tritip #hickory #bbq

went fishing this morning for the first time in a while. I still need a scale but it was easily 2.5lbs. #bass #largemouthbass #texasrig #missilebaits #missilebaitsdbomb

didn't realize that I haven't put a picture of the new puppy. this is Luke. he's 3 months old Shepard mix and has a rough start to life. he was thrown from a moving car before he was rescued and fostered by a nice old lady. we've had him for about a month now and him and heyman are best friends haha

sun set i took a picture of a while ago. semi edited.

the rub smells amazing, and it has a nice color to it also. wrapped them up, 2 more hours tell I get to try it. #pork #smoking #bbq #hickory #lowandslow

#smoking some kosher salt and some paprika with some hickory for a rib rub I'm making for this weekend. and why not make some brats.

second knife ive tried to make with my small make shift charcoal forge. going for a clip point/steak knife. I needa do something to make the metal heat up evenly.

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