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iamlovedrunk  18, loving life, and trying to stay strong✌ swiftie, lovatic, directioner, mixer, Harmonizer &sheerio 165 followers soon? Fanfics-#iamlovedrunkfanfic


Sorry for taking forever to finish this chapter but I hope y'all like it. Chapter 4 will be in the comments below😍⬇️


Chapter 3:
The rest of the day is kind of a blur. After we left the studio, we got lunch in Hollywood, did a photoshoot/interview for Seventeen Magazine, did another interview for Buzzfeed, and it ended really abruptly when Stuart told me I could call it a night and go back to the hotel. Of course I didn't argue with him, but I didn't go to the hotel right away either. I ended up going into Hollywood and took pictures of the people, the sights, and the iconic Hollywood sign. (Continued in the comments)⬇️

Chapter 2:
"You must be Zoey!" I look up to see Stuart walking towards me with a huge grin on his face. I stand up and shake his hand, "it's an absolute honor to meet you Mr. Camp." "It's a pleasure to meet you as well! Oh call me Stuart, every time I here 'Mr. Camp I start searching for my father," he laughs as he leads me down the hallway. "So basically what the job consists of, if you get hired, is you're going to be capturing Ed in his everyday life; as well as doing the photoshoots, red carpets, concerts, and meet and greets." We make a sharp right turn and he continues to fill me in on the job. (Continued in the comments)⬇️

Niall is still one of the cutest humans on this planet 😍😍😍 #NiallHoran

Just remember this. Please? You are who you are for a reason and you have a purpose on this earth. Loving yourself is probably the hardest thing to ever do, and I know that from experience. Staying strong is hard, and I'm here for anyone who needs a helping hand😘 #staystrong #postivevibes #loveyourselffirst #Beautiful #ILoveYouAll

Chapter 1: "I can't believe that you're leaving me!" My best friend Kyle exclaims as he pouts on my bed. "It's only a trial run. And soon enough they're going to realize that I'm not all that talented and send me home." I throw some more clothes into my suitcase and then move on to my camera bag, packing up my different lenses, extra memory cards, battery chargers, my tripod, etc. "Or they're going to fall in love with you and you're never going to come back." I look over my shoulder at Kyle and sigh. This is all happening so fast, I still can't believe that last week THE Ed Sheeran's manager messaged me on tumblr and offered me a job as the official photographer for Ed.
(Continued in the comments)⬇️

@taylorswift is actually perfect😍😍😍

My entire life was planned out for me. I was to go to a good university, get married, have a few kids, and live off the rest of my days as a boring nobody. But that's not what happened. I never thought that my photography blog would bring me any sort of recognition or job opportunities. I still so clearly remember the day that I got a message from Ed Sheeran's manager, asking me if I would be interested in a job to be Ed's personal photographer. My name is Zoey Micheals and this is the story on how my life became anything but ordinary. #pictureperfectfanfic #iamlovedrunkfanfic

Hey guys! I know I've been completely MIA these last few months, but I've just been really busy with applying to colleges, finishing up the school year, getting over Zayn leaving us, and oh yeah GRADUATING!!!! But last week I thought of an idea for a fanfic and here it is! I hope you guys will like it!!! #PicturePerfectFanfic #Iamlovedunkfanfic

Secret Admirer: Niall Horan Image:
'Great, another day in this shitty high school that's filled with even shittier people,' I think to myself as I pull the sleeve of my sweater down to hide my scars. I walk up to my locker and instantly get stares from many underclassmen; considering it's the second month of school, they've probably heard all of the false rumors about me. Like how I'm so much of a slut that I'll have sex with anything that has a pulse, I'm a drug dealer, and an alcoholic at 18. Which is all false, the only two vices I have are coffee and cigarettes. Oh and cutting, but that's a whole different story. I smile at the kids who are staring and they quickly look down and hustle away from me. I roll my eyes, 'typical.' I open my locker and a slip of paper falls out. When I pick it up and open it, it reads, 'I sure think you're beautiful.' I look around to see if anyone is giving any sign that the note is from them. 'This is ridiculous, it's probably someone's sick idea of a joke,' I think as I slam my locker shut and go to my class. I go through my day and every time I open my locker there's a new note. *continued in the comments*

Morning Coffee: Harry Styles image
The sunlight from the window hits my eyes as I open them and I smile. I feel his arms around my body, and I snuggle deeper into his warm torso. I wish I could lay here forever because I know the second he wakes up, he's going to leave. He's always leaving to go on tour, do a photoshoot, or do something relating to One Direction. Don't get me wrong, I'm so proud of him and I will always support him and his career; it's just hard having to share my boyfriend with the whole world. I sigh, knowing that I'll never be able to fall back to sleep and now laying here is pretty uncomfortable. I look over my shoulder to see Harry still in a deep sleep, so I know it's safe to break his grip on me and make some coffee. I wiggle myself out of his tight embrace and walk out of our bedroom and into the living room of our two bedroom apartment. I go into the kitchen to make us a pot of coffee and decide to make us some breakfast. I'm half way through with cooking the eggs and the bacon is almost done when I feel familiar arms wrap around my waist. "I thought you left when I didn't see you in bed," Harry tells me in his raspy morning voice. "Now you know how it feels," I reply as I move his arms off of me so I can put the eggs and bacon on the plates. I turn around to get to the coffee pot and I see Harry, with no shirt and his baggy gray sweatpants, leaning against the island, staring at me. "Babe, I know that this isn't easy; but you know that I don't like us being apart either." I nod and put the plates on the table and get out two mugs for coffee, "just come eat." He walks up to me, cups my face, and kisses me. "I love you, I hope you know that." I kiss him again, "I love you too, now eat your food and drink your coffee before it gets cold." THE END

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