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lolololol i woke up at 5am today lolololol i feel wonDERFUL hehehe 🙃🥂


buenos días~ ✨🌟🤩 aquí tomando un cafecito y escuchando a NCT mientras trato desesperadamente de salvar mi estética lmao 🙃

my sis & i are constantly taking pics of each other yet we barely take any together??? so here’s this lol🌩✌🏻#miraquechula 💕

at work on a cloudy day aesthetic? ☔️🌧☔️🌧☔️🌧☔️🌧☔️🌧☔️🌧☔️🌧☔️🌧☔️🌧

hello friends!~~
considering that i would usually post something every single day, i’ve been pretty inactive lately. sorry about this! these past two weeks as well as the ones before them have all been filled with work, work, work, which i’m so thankful for, but i also didn’t really give myself any breaks, or any hours for sleeping really lol... i’ve also caught the most annoying cold which has drained me of pretty much any drop of energy i had left that i had intended on using for filming this past week.. I think i’ve finally realized that sometimes i’m just too hard on myself & too strict to the point where i break. i guess i, like maybe many of us do, forgot that i’m human & i cannot execute everything perfectly. i can’t give my all into a scene or a social event if i’m sick & running on 2 cups of coffee and 3-4 hours of sleep. i also can’t be mad at myself for feeling a little tired or not being as bright as i would like. no matter how much we love our work, our friends, or being at almost every event, we can’t forget about ourselves. we have to reward ourselves for working hard by resting lots! i’m so happy i got to do that this weekend & spend some time with my fam-bam whom i haven’t really gotten to spend time with these past few months. thank you for being patient with me & loving towards me. if you’re feeling overwhelmed, overworked, or being too strict on yourself... take it easy friend💜 you’re doing amazing and trying your best. please do not forget to rest, drink water, eat as much necessary, and give your mind some rest. i love you looootttsss✨🌟✨🌟🌙🌙

channeling my inner park jimin in this glam fan selfie 🤩☁️✨🥂sorry i’ve been so inactive~ i’m fighting this annoying cold right now 😒🤧 buuuut here are some pics from the @29rooms event! ah! thank u soooo much @refinery29 for having me, y’all are some lil babes 😍✨💕💕 #thedragqueensslayedmyexistence #mymomwantstolearnhowtodeathdrop
p.s. how fabulous are these shadows by @beautybaycom & my bbgirl @saffronbarker ?!?💖💸

pa qué highlighter, si tú brillas sola? ✨🌟✨

oooooo i haven’t posted my lil calendar in a whiLE, gotta show it some holiday lovin~ merry december y’all🤪✨🎄 #december1st

met some of the sweeetest peeps last night at the galore x true religion private dinner🤩☁️🍦 so happy i got to meet more of the @galore fam & i can’t wait for today’s #girlcult panel! ahh! 🌟 (also~ shout out to my girl dani for taking all my pics hehe ilyyy @daniellaperkins)♡♡♡

okay last one from last night, I swear! (maybe) 🌟✨🌙
this was such a fun lil place for pics 🤩 couldn’t resist playing around w/ the deco lol 💕💕💕

☁️ the full look for u ☁️
some soft princess~y vibes💕
thank you to the @lancomeofficial babes for being so sweet last night! 🍦
HAIR: @richardnormangrant
MAKEUP: @makeupbyhendra
STYLING: @mrmontyjackson
DRESS: @alexandermcqueen ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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