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Lorelin Cueno  🌟showbizfanatics ✈explorer 🎶musiclover 👯MissScorpio ✴CEBUANA

Little Amsterdam!

City lights

Fambam..thank you sa pagsundo!


Thank you sa pag spoiled sa akin Te Naidz.see you when i see you.😊 #pabebekamitatlo

Good morning..pamahaw sa pobri,tara breakfast tayo.

You never know how strong you are...until being strong is the only choice you have.🙂 #stressednosebesh #ajalang💪

Nice meeting you ulit Madam Lucy S. what a coincidence! nice talking to you,you remembered how we met last Feb 2017,bilib na aq sa memory mo.Thank you sa power mo,na prioritize aq dito.sana hulog ka ng langit.God bless you po!


True strength is keeping everything together when someone expects you to fall apart.
Thank you beshies,! till next time..❤ you all 🤟

#Lensfriends #beshies #happiness

Goodnight boyfriend.😍😍😍 #actorleeminho #LeeMinHo #boyfie