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LaRon Hall  Studying life + capturing motion đź“ŤJersey

Things don’t always go according to plan—At this moment I realized the AF (autofocus) on my camera suddenly stopped working...Instead of panicking, I manually focused the next few shots and made the best out of it. To my surprise, this ended up being one of the most dynamic captures of yesterday’s shoot. Keep pushing. Keep creating // Life Study

Here’s an inside look of my process and how we achieved this final shot. Swipe⬅️ Bts Photo by— @darrenburton_ // Life Study

I’m learning each day that one thing consistent in life is change. You can choose to resist it or go w/ the flow but, it’s going to happen regardless of the decision you make. Changing your perspective can your situation // Life Study

For me, “getting your sh*t together” is an ongoing process. There will always be room for improvement. We just have to be present in moment and take things one day at a time. There will be victories as well as defeats. Embrace it all. Each day is another chance to be better than you were the day before—Photo by @darrenburton_ // Life Study

This photo marks the next chapter of this journey. For me, this was so much bigger than just my 1st shoot of the year. It was the end my metamorphosis. And the start of a new beginning // Life Study

As a photographer I pride myself in making my subjects feel comfortable and putting their minds at ease while shooting w/ me. I strive to give my clients a lasting experience that will forever be attached to the images we create—Here’s a BTS moment from earlier today; showing @ociag some of the fire we captured in the bone chilling wind—Photo by: @darrenburton_ // Life Study

New Year’s Day I decided to travel down to Cape May beach to start this new chapter of my story doing what I love. Locals gathered around by the carload awaiting the 1st sunset at Sunset Beach of 2019. I encountered this fisherman who greeted me from a far and welcomed me to document him while trying keep my footing along the coastline // Life Study

There’s an interesting dynamic when the roles are reversed and the photographer is in front of the camera. The last time I can remember having my portrait taken had to been 2016—While in DC for the @foregroundxyz Summit earlier this month, I had the opportunity to be posed and photographed by the talented @moyo3k on the #pixel3 powered by @google Studio // Life Study

More and more each day I’m learning how valuable it is to appreciate the journey versus racing to the destination—Life is a marathon not a sprint // Life Study

Black culture is Love. Black culture is Strength. Black culture is Community. Black culture is Rhythm. Black culture is Tradition. Black culture is Powerful. Black culture is Excellence // Life Study

Yesterday I made a decision. I jumped in my car and drove 2.5 hrs from NJ-DC to witness, as well as be apart of the @foregroundxyz summit taking place that morning. The knowledge, insight, energy and love I received from each of the speakers and those in attendance motivated me more than I can express. Seeing so many black creatives come together for one common goal gave a glimpse of what we can accomplish when we all support each other as a community. I’m inspired to wanna do more // Life Study

Intention matters—if you intend to create something special, the path to doing that is deciding what you want to do, being intentional, and putting in the work - CJ // Life Study

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