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Before we had @blklivesmatter we had the voice of soul and empowerment to bring us higher. Her voice and presence embodied our deepest selves. Thank you Aretha 💛 #Repost @blklivesmatter ・・・
Rest In Peace to the Queen of Soul. Thank you for loving us deeply and sharing your brilliance, so that we may feel more because of your voice and music for lifetimes to come.


On #WorldElephantDay I am mostly thankful for the huge response since 2009 ( when i found an orphaned 🐘, and learned that poaching had become an imminent threat again) . The success of @dswt is such an inspiration and i ‘ve also been able to meet so many others , working in different countries to protect and save elephants. We still need to work hard, the existence of elephants depends on it. And with the support of all of you , i feel that we can save them. #DSWT #bekindtoelephants #worthmorealive #elephants

It’s #WorldLionDay , let’s enjoy the magnetic presence of the king of the Big Cats. I took this photo in the Maasai Mara. So few lions exist today that we owe a lot to all of the organizations working to protect them . Thank you! #MaraConservancy @dswt @robertcarrhartley

“Cynthia is one of the most passionate activists I know. She is stepping into the incredibly tough and toxic world that is American politics at this point in time, and unapologetically daring to care!” .
Enter our contest to grab a cosmo (or sparkling water if you are me) with us through the link in bio at @cynthiaenixon

Sound on for the full experience of what I like to call heaven on Earth- @dswt ・・・
Join us for sunrise in Tsavo! Not only is this scene lovely, it’s also a sign of the remarkable progress that has been made for Kenya’s elephants. When we built our Ithumba Reintegration Unit in 2004, an elephant was a rare sight in Tsavo East; although they had once been plentiful in the area, poaching in the 70s and 80s had decimated their numbers. However, we were confident that as we introduced orphans into this elephant paradise, their wild friends would also return — and return they did! It began with a few lone elephant scouts, but soon the message spread within the wild elephant community and here we are today, with almost too many to count in this video.

Elephants are still faced with many grave threats to their survival, but by working closely with wildlife authorities and implementing protection projects that complement each other, we can save their lives and safeguard their futures. We hope you are as inspired by this scene as we are, for it is only through our supporters’ help that we can make this a reality. To become a part of the story, visit:

Video © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
#DSWT #bekindtoelephants #conservation #savetheelephants #wildlife #kenya #tsavo

Even if you don’t live in New York , isn’t it refreshing to have a strong progressive female voice in politics right now? I could not be more proud of @cynthiaenixon for standing up for people who don’t have a voice , for stepping into an incredibly tough and toxic world that is American politics at this point in time, and for unapologetically daring to care! I love her as always but each day i am more impressed with her strength and courage . #fbf #CynthiaforNY 💙

On #worldrangerday i give homage to the incredibly brave rangers who risk their lives daily to protect the animals we love so much ! @dswt and rangers everywhere , we salute you. Thank you 💚

Kadi is one half of the amazing team of @highbrowhippie and a human who is so multi talented it is hard to describe briefly- suffice it to say that you bring so much into our lives, we all love you , Happy Birthday! And i know this year will be a wonderful one 💖

This is Jabulani, a gorgeous male elephant in his prime. But in 1997 this elephant was found stuck in the mud around a mine in SA. And tragically orphaned after his elephant family could not free him. Luckily he was found and cared for by the vet team at @hesc_endangeredspeciescentre and Lente Roode, who called Daphne Sheldrick at @dswt for advise on how to raise an orphaned elephant. Now he is a beautiful and sweet full grown bull with a flourishing elephant herd, comprised of other rescued elephants and their own off spring. He lives at @campjabulani , an incredible place to visit. And when i think of him, i can’t help but think of a part of Daphne’s legacy living on. And i am so grateful for all of the people who love and care for these magnificent creatures. I am so incredibly lucky to have found them. ❤️

I was so lucky to meet this incredible team of dedicated ppl in Zambia saving elephant lives , and raising them to be released back into the wild. This is 43, their newest orphaned 🐘. With her kind and devoted Keeper Oscar. @game_rangers_international is a small org. Devoted to a holistic approach to helping to save wild lives. They are operating in a part of Africa that is off the beaten path, yet very beautiful and holds so much potential . It was an honor for me to be there, and to stand together to help save more elephants!
#weareallrangers 🐘💚🐘

We have made it to Cape Town, our final location . And wow

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