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🔥Kenjon Barner🔥  Oregon Duck Alum, Born in LA, raised in the I.E. Pro RB, I'm many things but above all I'm a son of God!! & Oh yeah im a SUPER BOWL 52 CHAMPION!!

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to go on a ride along with the @coronapd and what an experience it was. I was put through a series of different simulations, that put me in positions where I had to make "life and death" decisions with little to no time to think. I was also able to be apart of a number of traffic stops and witness the interaction between civilians and law enforcement. I know not everyone is able to have this experience but if you are I would advise you to do so. place yourself on the other side to gain a better understanding of what a cop potentially goes through. Not every cop is good nor is every cop bad, but in order to bridge the gap both law enforcement and community have to step outside of ourselves and try to see things from the others point of view and have open dialogue! Thank you to my guy @rozzyrikrael and @coronapd for allowing me to come have great conversation and a great experience! #Bridgethegap

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I know papi, where do you think you got it from 🤷🏾‍♂️

We need opinions!!!! what do y'all think about us dropping this @hated_apparel Tank?? Comment below and let the team and myself know what's up!!

July 7th is approaching fast and I am beyond excited to get out and run around with everyone who will be attending! Let's get it!!

I like to surround myself with individuals who are passionate about opportunities that life has presented them. This guy right here @rocketastronaut exemplifies that and you can taste it in the food that he provides over at @rocketkitchen_ If you haven't had a chance to go check them out I don't know what you're waiting for, quality food with quality taste from quality people!!

Major S/O to the old head, my ace in the hole, one of he realist in the game, a true West Coaster to the core, the legend himself @dsproles43 yall go wish my dog a happy 40th BDay haha love you bro extremely thankful for you!

Where do I begin.... first I have to thank coach Rivera & Mr. Gettleman for making a decision that they felt would be in the best interest of my career back in 2014. The 2 of you had a conversation with me & gave me a choice, that I truly believe most players don't get the luxury of having so I thank you for caring more about the man than you did the number on my back! Coach Kelly thank you for taking a chance on a kid who at the time was low on confidence & questioning his ability. You traded for me gave me a fresh start with Eagles organization & between you & Duce, helped rebuild a broken kid! Duce for being the man that you are, always finding ways to get under my skin to push me where I needed to be pushed to, for always being that watchman that we all need in this business, ain't to many like you! Howie & Mr. Lurie thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow as a player w/in the Eagles organization for the past 4 years of my career. For thinking enough about my ability to bring me back to this great organization to help contribute to winning our first Super Bowl. I can't thank the two of you enough for the words you have shared with me the constant encouragement & love thank you Mr. Lurie & Howie! Fipp my man you have had trust and belief in me from the jump you've had my back stood on the table for me and allowed me to be Kenjon, you never questioned me you never asked why you would simply say go be great! Love you man and thank you! To my right hand man my ace @dsproles43 there isn't enough I can say about you, I can't thank you enough for being a real one! Always had my back right or wrong and when I was wrong you let me know. Without you I don't end up back in Philly. Not even a hour after your injury when you could have been focused solely on you, you told Fipp and Howie "Go get KB" I remember getting that text from you at 4am asking me if I was ready & to expect a call, sure enough that call came! You've helped me grow as a man, a father & a player I'm forever thankful for you! to one of the greatest fan bases in all of sports thank y'all for riding with me through all the ups and downs y'all make Eagle football what it is! Fly 🦅 Fly Thank you!!

That championship feeling!!!

Almost that time #SuperBowlGoals #BigRings

Mood for a long time just wait for it! #ChampVibes #LeaveMeAlone #NottoManyKnowTheFeeling @1jordanbell

Day one of Mini Camp in the books! #keeppounding #vetinthegame

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