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You might call it Girls night I call it therapy...... Naache zing zing zing zing zing zingaat 💃💃@dhadak_2018 @artisingh5 #BellaVitaKashish

I think you guys are lacking vitamin me!
What’s up fam.. Long time no see! 👀
#BellaVitaKashish 💛💛

Sometimes all you need to do is stand and look pretty😚🤷🏻‍♀
#SaturdayFeels #Saturyay #BellaVitaKashish

The sun is shining on my curls today!
#BellaVitaKashish ✌🏽😘

Can’t see the haters!🤪
#BellaVitaKashish 🤣🤣

One of the simplest but most powerful habits I have established in my life in the past few years is to write things down. 📝 #sunday #sundayfunday #BellaVitaKashish

I look at you and I am very proud of you! After so many battles and challenges you faced, some lost and others defeated but you have triumphed. I believe you are a great warrior, a Home keeper, a PEACE maker, You are standing there and with great faith. You are ADORABLE and no one will bring you down because God is the one who sustains you, my warrior woman... HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY! Send the warrior woman to every woman you admire!
#HappyWomensDay #GirlPower #BellaVitaKashish 😘✌🏻💪

कीप ईंट सिम्पल ✨💁🏻‍♀
#BellaVitaKashish 💛💛

The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.
#BellaVitaKashish #LoveYourself 😘✌🏻

Hair flip just got candid!
#GoodHairDay #BellaVitaKashish ❣️✌️

You are a true example of love and care. Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary mom & dad! May your love grow mile after mile.
#HappyAnniversary #BellaVitaKashish 😘🍷🥂😘

Elegantly flaunting the Indian tradition🧡

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