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IMPORTANT!!! READ THIS!!!! if you are American, (or someone who's never left their country before), make it a life goal to visit another country entirely different from home at least once so you can expand your understanding of this world. It's easy to be comfortable and believe what you know of your world as the only thing that matters if you've never seen anything else. When you're traveling, it's equally important to take pictures of landmarks as well as hitting up super local spots that might make you feel uncomfortable initially. I CANNOT STRESS how important it is to remove yourself from what you know to give yourself the chance to understand and empathize with other people and cultures. It's so easy to become unappreciative and selfish when you've never seen the struggles other people have to face outside your bubble. I truly believe the more you travel, the more perspectives you get to experience and hopefully understand and embrace. The less we assume of other cultures and the more open minded we are, there can be less hate in this world. Remember, this earth is billions of years old and we are only here momentarily. There has been so much lost culture we don't even know. If you can step back and zoom out, there really are no new ideas, only new perspectives we have yet to explore and understand. 🌎✌🏼❤️

Get your schwifty on by @valdizbro & @cavempt

Dark denim by da best hair colorist evaaaa @dearmiju at @mijuvansalon

🍯🐝 hi honeyyyy
Top: @umostyle
Lip: @nudestix "baby K"
Eyeshadow: @nyxcosmetics ultimate palette "brights"

MARK UR CALENDARS for @umostyle 2nd drop 9/5. Das my pup btw. Luna is now 8 months old. Whattababy.
Lips: "baby k" @nudestix
Eyes: @nyxcosmetics
Top: @umostyle
Hat: @lackofcoloraus

New nostalgia color way @umostyle . Available 9/5
Wearing my own lippie in "BABY K" in collab with @nudestix! Hurry get it before it sells out! It's a limited run ❤️👄

No shade 🤔
Makeup 💄 @hourglasscosmetics

Wussup. I lost the left shoe. How do I do that.. 🤦‍♂️

Just float 🌈

I hug u too

🦋First time in New Hampshire✨ 🦋

Hello 👋🏼 hi 你好, hola

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