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Freediver Julia Wheeler  #11 World Overall Female 2017 | 50m Depth. 4.5min static | Photographer | US mag Cover story 👇@take3forthesea @diver_australia Fins

No-fins Freediving with this beautiful Whale Shark today here in Ningaloo Reef, West Australia. I literally jumped off the boat and stayed under the sea, cruising along next to this guy for about ten minutes (surfacing for air in between!!) I’m so much more comfortable underwater with no fins on.. even when I’m shooting (camera on the boat here because I was incredibly impatient and just wanted to get my feet flippers wet!) . Using my huge monkey arms seems to conserve a lot more energy than kicking with fins on... for me anyway - and I can stay underwater a lot longer!
Pic: @ningalooswimwear

Such an incredible surprise! Freediving around Ningaloo Reef today and all of a sudden three Humpback Whales cruise past! I was at the end of my breath hold when I saw them so managed to get a few shots. Just magic.

When you’re trying to eat your mates and hang out with them at the same time #whaleshark Whale sharks are filter feeders, one of only three filter-feeding shark species (Basking shark and the megamouth shark are also filter feeders!). It feeds on plankton including copepods, krill, fish eggs (and their mates) .
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BOSS TURTLE. My favourite picture from today, shot on my @canonaustralia 5D Mark IIII here with @kingsreef in Ningaloo Reef! 💙 I’ve been busting to get this camera in the water for AGES and it feels so good to be capturing images of marine life. Finally!!

COULD I BE ANY MORE EXCITED!! At the airport on my way to one of the largest biological structures visible from space - world heritage listed NINGALOO REEF and IT’S WHALE SHARK SEASON!! WILD West Australia is where I grew up and it’s still my favourite place to explore!! More than 50 per cent of Indian Ocean coral species are found at Ningaloo Reef - over 300 species!! The marine park also contains 738 species of reef fish, over 1,000 species of marine algae, 600 species of crustaceans, 655 mollusc species and 75 species of true cave invertebrates!! So I’ll be over here completely frothing and excited to share my journey with you via @ningalooswimwear @kingsreef .
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And then all of sudden, it’s right there in front of you. @wildshots

I wish I could really show you what’s it’s like under the sea... !! The photos you see are images that I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of with incredibly inspiring creatives and I’m so grateful for their talent and I couldn’t possibly be more grateful for my life and the experiences I have... But I really can’t help but hope you guys actually try Freediving, make an effort to recycle and go out exploring until your feet are frozen or you’ve climbed a tree for a coconut!! Every time I enter that water, it’s next level, it’s a life in itself and I hope you can really experience it for yourself. It’s beyond magic. Maybe one day I’ll really be able to show you why this planet is worth fighting for because no image of me or my butt will ever come close to the real magnificent beauty of the natural world. 👍 One of my favourite people 📷@doctoronwater

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. - Edward de Bono; When I met Edward de Bono, he looked at me like he could read my mind. Kind of brilliantly creepy.... Nothing beats Edward’s lateral thinking theory though. 📷: @amseaimaging

Believe it or not, it was photography that started my Freediving interests 12 years ago. As a kid I spent a lot of time in the surf getting dumped by massive waves off the West Australian coast which would keep me underwater by force sometimes (and yep, I was that kid that never listened to my swimming coach and always held my breath in the bath). It became an immediate instinct to relax once I began to tumble beneath the waves. I learned quickly that fighting against a force of nature won’t get you anywhere. After I finished 4 years of intense university studies in Sydney, I canned the next degree I was about to do (Criminal Psychology) 2 days before I was due to start, sold everything and went to Thailand. It was here, 12 years ago I studied underwater photography and videography through Scuba with my old-school Gates Underwater Housing and a Handy Cam. BUT. The scuba diving thing and the filming thing didn’t work for me. I wasn’t free enough to move around and everything felt so chunky. So I started holding my breath and combined years of getting smashed by waves with my curiosity to push natural boundaries. Eventually I did a Freediving course and that was that. So if you ever find yourself questioning ‘what am I doing this for’ and enjoying it, give it time as it will make sense, eventually. Without allowing myself to be curious and trusting myself to continue enjoying doing different things, I wouldn’t be where I am (underwater) today..! 📷: @amseaimaging
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📷: @amseaimaging

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