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stay weird, man. never change for somebody else's acceptance. love who and what you love. i will forever be the slightly left-of-center, lover of dinosaurs and artsy intellectuals, a New England girl through and through who graduated from the school of life in Los Angeles. I have an affinity for jazz, independent local coffee shops, interesting patterns, the color turquoise, champion of underdogs and up and comers, celebrator of individuality and creativity. there is no ONE WAY to find success. you get to define it for yourself. and to me, the most important qualifier is happiness. cheers to the independent spirit in all of us. 🍺

trash can in the background for any waste man.

Sagittarius mami.

how we millennials watch concerts 🀣

Spread love. Spread kindness. It starts with us. #πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

there's a future w you and me... (upstairs on my balcony)

it's always better when you're friends first.

see my skies are sunny. got a pocket full o money. and maybe that's not a lot.... but DAMN IM IN A GOOD SPOT.

when your vibe has been compromised... sometimes ya gotta take a sec and get that bish back.

YOU GUYS WERE AMAZING TONITE THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL SO AT HOME IN THE BIG EASY. I wish I lived here!!!!!!!!!! Seriously I fall deeper in love with New Orleans every time I come...

that moment when your highlight is ON POINT, your jacket is SHININ, and all is right in your own little world, but you still gotta stare down Charlie Chaplin cuz idk maybe you're a little paranoid and pretty much get the sense he's judging you through a print of a painting, from beyond the grave. ⚜️

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