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Thou shalt not txt, "Whats Up/Where U at/ What U On?" without any further context.

✔️Negative emotions are a call to action. When you feel them, it’s because you’re supposed to do something. Positive emotions, on the other hand, are rewards for taking the proper action.✔️ —- ps- I’m wearing my night robe in the studio because yeah it’s silky and luxurious and makes me feel niiiiiiiiiice bisssssssh

the longer I stay in one place... the more anxious I am to bust out and gooooooo. woke up in LA today but thinking of how much I already miss traveling (even though tour just ended a couple months ago 🤷‍♀️) .. where should I check out next? of course for shows... but also just to go... 🌞Where are you from? so many places I’ve been but so many more I’ve yet to exploreeeee 🙃

// my eyes are green cuz I eat a lot of vegetables. it don’t have nothing to do with your new friend //

knobby, hairy on da fingers (thank gawd 4 a razor), callouses from the gym on my palms, strangely (double/ triple?) jointed, almost arthritic looking at times. but guess what yo. They mine. I adorn my nails with real flowers and fun designs. tattoos scatter across this stretch of skin and tell stories of who (I think) I am. thankful for these weird little hands. #details

“I can't be catchin' no feelins'
Thank God I ain't got no children
Because I'm still tryna figure out if I'm livin' right...” - @buddy

our beautiful angel @leahlabelle... here’s the Official EP Trailer - Leah LaBelle x Love To The Moon is available now - link in bio 🌙 #leahlabelle #lovetothemoon With your incredible support, her EP reached #3 on iTunes R&B Chart over the weekend !!!!!! 😍 I’m so proud and I know she’s dancing in heaven and wrapping her arms around her loved ones and wiping away our tears when we miss her most. Love. To the moon.

•~<delayed gratification>~•

Look at what U did!!!!!!!! Im getting nonstop CHILLS from not only how gorgeous this EP is, but from the support from all of you!!!! Thank U for downloading our sisterfriendangelunicorn’s 🦄 EP #lovetothemoon .... What’s ur favorite song so far??? (Rn mine is Sun and Orange Skies... but I love all 5 so much tbh) all she wanted was for her music to be heard. to share her gift. to connect. a feeling we bonded over since we first met. Leah will live/love on forever through her music and through everyone who’s life she touched. I’m so proud of @kategallghz and Leah’s BFF @aysiabell for putting this together so beautifully in time for Leah’s bday tomorrow. Love to the moon.

#soundon🔊 LOVE TO THE MOON the EP comes out tomorrow (Friday!) September 7th. SUPREME GRATITUDE to EVERYONE who donated their records, services and creativity. #LEAHLABELLE #LOVETOTHEMOON

NEW MUSIC!!!!!!! Leah LaBelle - Love To The Moon EP. Available everywhere THIS Friday!! This is all new Leah music and I am SO in love with it and and for you to hear!!!!!! Proceeds will go to the Leah LaBelle Music Scholarship Program. Congrats to Amir Kelly (USC), the first $10,000 scholarship recipient #leahlabelle #lovetothemoon

Whassup yo?! Back from my mini social media sabbatical as Mercury enters Virgo this week... and I wanted to post a pic of my favorite VIRGO KWEEN. You guyssss- It would be my sisterfriendangel @leahlabelle‘s birthday on Saturday Sept 8th 🦄 So its only right that the rest of this week’s posts on ALL PLATFORMS will be dedicated to her! I really want you to get to know her like I did. Her music, her heart, her art. One of my favorite voices and energies I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. There will never be another LL. I’m extremely honored to announce something very special- tomorrow :) stay close. #LL4ever 🦄 💕🔁

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