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I know my life is a breeze compared to yours. You didn’t ask to go through everything you’ve gone through before the age of 12 yet your curious mind is still smart as hell and you still keep a positive outlook on life. I’ve learned a lot since we’ve been kicking it for a year. It’s always fun when we get to hang out every other Saturday. I promise not to react like I’m annoyed anymore if I feel like you’re asking for a lot. I know your intentions are coming from a good place. I just hope I’ve affected you in a positive way so far #mentee #hourchildren

Crushed that shit yesterday clocking in at 1 hour and 58 mins with a 9 min/mile pace! Thank you to my mother and sister @miss.sweet.bre for coming all the way from Boston to surprise me and stand in the cold rain to watch me! Ya’ll are ride or die for me!! Thank you to @sara_78704 for coming out in the rain to support me! You a REAL one for that! Thank you again to @minosoar for motivating me along the way! #indiansummerhalfmarathon #halfmarathon #brooklyn

Cold and rainy? No problem! 2 months ago we decided to knock off one of our goals of 2018 of running a half marathon. We found an 8 week training program online and stuck to it. Most days we would ask each other if we got our run in and show each other support. It’s always better when you have someone supporting you along the way when trying to accomplish a big goal. I’m glad I found a great running partnah #teamwork #massholesunite

Today I completed my first half marathon! I learned a lot about myself in this journey to banging out a half marathon. I figured out how to discipline myself and develop good healthy habits. I pushed myself past my comfort zone and ran more than I ever thought I could run but it felt so fucking good when I pushed through!! Forcing myself to get my ass out out of bed at 7AM to run 3-5 miles during the week was well worth it. I’m growing a lot this year and ain’t nothing stopping me from becoming a better version of myself! #fullmarathonnext

Finally got to meet this smiley little guy right here!! #beentoolong #day1friend #missedyouguys

7 years ago we fell out over some bullshit. Then you went to LA to do your thing and I came to NY to do my thing. We talked here and there but I still held a grudge for so long. In the past year I learned to let that shit go and let it remain in the past. Today we kicked it all day like the old times. Laughed till our stomachs hurt. Talked shit. Talked about our goals and what we’re working on. We gave each other encouragement and showed each other support! I’m glad we put that shit behind us and got back to our old ways. Your pops got me into the game and taught me a lot. Forever grateful 🙏 Love you brother!!!

No matter how far I go in life I’ll always rep the 🅱️ like Mike Biv and NE!! #Boston #hometeam

At this point I was telling him if he acts up I’ll push him in 🌊 #menteeday

It’s #Nationalradioday so I have to show my appreciation to all the DJs that hold me down week in and week out and help me get the job done. I’m extremely grateful that I get to work in a business where I talk shit to DJs each day and deal with many genuine people. It’s truly a blessing to help an artist get their record played on the radio then watch their record break nationally. Thank you again to all the male/female DJs who help me out! #toomanytotag

Ive created another fan of @kithtreats #missionaccomplished #menteeday

“If it wasn’t for the Bronx then this Rap thing wouldn’t be going on” Happy 45th Birthday Hip Hop. Thank you @kooldjherc for pioneering a sound and a genre that is still breaking down barriers to this day. I’m grateful for the storytelling that has gotten me through tough times and also motivated me. I’m grateful for the culture accepting me. I’m extremely grateful for being able to work within the Hip Hop culture so thank you Hip Hop!
#hiphop #bronx #happybirthdayhiphop #defjam #koolherc #koolhercthegodfather

With my guy @djshortstop outta the “D” at the #Promoonlysummersessions #Respectthedj (📸 @paulmartindale)

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