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"Bitch bettah have my money!" Pavarotti style ...#Niggarotti @jimmyfallon was off the chain the other night!! Just in case you miss out here it go! #backonmyfunnyshit #beatshazam #foxxonfox stand up tour late summer early fall and thank all of u who watched #beatshazam on thurs. we won the night in the ratings! Watch us again this Thursday!!!

Biggups! To my mayne mayne @terrencehowarddaily made the night on #beatshazam epic fun and memorable!! (Love u man!) he came threw with no hesitation and blessed us!! Come back and see what else we have this Thursday on fox 8pm eastern #backonmyfunnyshit #foxxonfox thanks to all of u making us number 1 in the ratings

Wow!!!! Huge huge thanks to all of u who tuned in and made #beatshazam number 1!!!! It was a great show great response and this is just the beginning!!! @terrencehowarddaily was phenomenal!! (Love u mayne!) in his voice! @octobergonz was on fire as my beautiful wing woman! And the contestants won big!!! Thanks to everyone on my ig... and just think we did great even though the NBA game was on! This Thursday gets even better!!! Can't wait for u to see!!! #backonmyfunnyshit #foxxonfox and info about being the next contestants coming soon!

My little daughter ... no words. Sooo proud of her. Sooo beautiful inside and out. Love u @corinnefoxx #daddydaughtertime

Shout out to everyone who helped bring @beatshazamfox to life! As the executive producer and host, I'm telling you not to miss tonight's episode. Playing the hottest music with surprise guests and $1M up for grabs... Can you #BeatShazam???

Doing an impression of tonight's surprise guest on Beat Shazam - can you guess who it is? @beatshazamfox premiers tonight... don't miss it! #foxxonfox #beatshazam #backonmyfunnyshit. It's on in a couple of hrs! Don't miss it! 8pm

3 years hard work has paid off... so blessed to have an opportunity to own my show along with the greatest creative team in the world Mark Burnett (the voice,Survivor.. etc.) he's beyond the Midas touch and a gracious genius... Jeff apploff... another creative titan!! Who made this experience marvelous....our show literally changes lives from just knowing your favorite songs! Check us out tonight on fox 8pm! #beatshazamonfox #beatshazam #backonmyfunnyshit #foxxonfox notice the amount of money she was playing for! She doubled that!

It's finally here! Can't wait for y'all to check out my summer job! The show turned out amazing!.. we changed people's lives. Great music fun and loads of money given... beautiful back stories with our contestants!! Check it tomorrow night on fox at 8pm... #beatshazam #beatshazamonfox #backonmyfunnyshit #foxxonfox... and yes someone does win 1 million dollars!!

Thanks a billion to @mariahcarey...true legend...made a surprise appearance on my show @beatshazamfox. Not only did we change peoples lives with the money that they won but gave them an unforgettable moment as well. Tune in tomorrow to watch people's dreams come true.... Tomorrow at 8 on Fox. #beatshazam #backonmyfunnyshit #foxxonfox

I cannot express how great it was to sit with one of my heroes Howard Stern and be able to chop it up in an incredible way!!! He is a legend and an icon!!@beatshazamfox May 25. #beatshazam #foxxonfox #backonmyfunnyshit #igotstoriesman #stanupcomic

At a loss for words on this one ... God bless everyone ... pleading for peace in this world. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

I was feeling solid gold today when I drove in for work... #bugatti can't wait for u guys to see the show #beatshazam people won life changing fortunes. And the back stories of the contestants will melt yo heart #foxxonfox may 25th on fox as part owner and executive producer it's exciting to see it come together. Thanks to mark Burnett (survivor the voice etc) and Jeff Apploff the great!

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