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James Martinez  I walked with Father God & we changed history. Now I follow Jesus, @Aswan_Creations @BeyondYonderFilms, @JamesMartinezMinistries @Your_First_Step


It's starting to take shape! Reworking Abu Simbel, Aswan Egypt. (20" x 30" acrylics on canvas) Godly not religious —

Definitely one of my favorite spots on the planet. Father God blessed me here. Long story short, Father God and Jesus Christ took back to the start. On the way back we stopped off and broke the temple 3280 yrs ago. (we caused the earthquake) —

This is a miracle, a sign & wonder of God. One of His great works. I now follow after Jesus Christ. (The Lord of this world) I made it back to Father God thanks to him. —

Father God named the region Aswan after our unifying experience. (As in we just rewrote history) —

If you know God you know His Way, "Love" Our faithful message is about love, unity and faith. —

Jesus first taught this, now I follow him reminding the world. We're getting ready to lift it so get ready. —

For more info on our journey's visit our sites or read our books. (more on The Way soon) —

For any skeptics God's left proof from prophecy fulfillment to clear and substantial evidence. (do the math) —

#OnceUponaTranscendentRealm #EternusSpirare
#GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist and #TheHolySpirit #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #JamesMartinez #IAMTheScientist #HeNamedItAswan #NowWeLiveAsOne #AbuSimbel #Egypt #AswanCreations #WeBrokeTheTemple #AsOne #Unity #Togetherness #LetsGetTogether #Love #Grace #Harmony #truth #GodBlessYou

Just so you know there's a spiritual war going on right now over your souls. It's not always visible. —

Whenever we reveal our message I'm met with and often called to cast out demons and battle with fallen angels. —

It comes with the territory, truth is I fight the fights others don't even realize they're suffering through. —

When I'm awakened from the sort of night I encountered last night I'm reminded we're reaching more people, that means more spiritual conflict. —

All the more reason for understanding in this world. You don't think people suddenly go off the deep end and do terrible things just for no reason? —

We do not war with one another but with spiritual beings from higher realms. (make no mistake my friend you're caught up in this thing whether you chose to believe in God or not) —

Faith and belief (or lack there of) determines which side you're fight for. —

A little reality for everyone this early morning. FYI, I resist temptation and I don't do fear. If you keep focused you can live the same way. + Father God told me to not be timid. I'll never be afraid to face anyone or anything anywhere. —

I share this not to alarm you but to remind us of how with God we're stronger than we could ever be thinking of ourselves alone. (So don't be scared, God always wins!) —

If you've recently become aware of this battle remember all things work for us not against us, those who try and push fear or temptation fight against God's children. Be bold and steadfast in your faith. Be of good courage and stay confident in love —

Happy Wednesday, I hope it's the best day of your life too. Confidence in Him is confidence in you too. —

#GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist and #TheHolySpirit #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #Minister #JamesMartinez #IAMTheScientist #TranscendentArtist #DivineGuidance #DivineMeditation #LoveIsTheWay #HaveFaith #BeBold #BeConfident

It turns out God gave us so many clues. From the swirling winds to spiraling rings in a tree. There's similance of a vortex pretty much everywhere in creation. —

When I uncovered just how often I was met by visiting angels and other worldly persons my curiosity peeked. —

I found Jacob's ladder, the special place spoken of in The Holy Bible. I learned how to traverse it myself. —

I wrote all about it in my early books. Once Upon a Transcendent Realm & Etrnus Spirare. —

One day you'll see that white light at the end of life too, God willing it'll be on the way to heaven. —

I meet people all the time fooling themselves into thinking they're heading in the right direction though. —

Stay vigilant! —

Here's how you can tell for yourself, if God's first in everything you do, you're moving in the right direction. If He's not you might want to figure that out quickly. — (Life and death is no joke) —

#StayFaithful #TrustInGod #GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist and #TheHolySpirit #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #Minister #JamesMartinez #IAMTheScientist #TranscendentArtist

Getting set for our 1st YouTube Vlog. Hoping to inspire you to an even greater life. —

I've walked with Father God and Jesus Christ, now I'm filled with The Holy Spirit. —

The gift is amazing, God is truly amazing, heaven's beautiful! I hope you're on your way home too. —

Our story is just about ready to be released. The lessons/insights we're gonna share will help shine light on how it all happened. — (stop doubting and have faith) —

To get you up to speed - God gave me an incredible view of life. He let me become part of it since back in the beginning. It's sort of difficult to explain out of context, try and remember God's above creation. (Above space & time) He rewrote life for this revelation. —

It's all amazing. (YouTube @ I am James martinez) God bless you —

#GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist & #TheHolySpirit #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #JamesMartinez #IAMTheScientist #AustinTexas #TranscendentArtist #GodBlessedMe #IAM #HistoryInTheMaking #IWentUpToMeetHim #WeWentBackToTheStart

Your energy woke me, it's true I've been investigated by so many around the world. (and it's just starting) —

Walking with Father God + changing recorded human history is a big deal. —

I was put between a rock and a hard place, given a choice to do amazing things or keep running in circles going nowhere fast. —

I chose God, I was persecuted the moment I said yes to doing the right thing in this world. —

In the midst of it all the spiritual opposition vowed to destroy me. (there's a battle of good VS evil going on in this world, FYI) —

There's a whole lot more to our story, things I haven't yet shared like the sacrifices I've made. The years of imprisonment, the mockery and ridicule. Basically the suffering for the sake of righteousness stuff. — “Blessed are the poor in spirit,  For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. —

Blessed are those who mourn,  For they shall be comforted. —

Blessed are the meek,  For they shall inherit the earth. —

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,  For they shall be filled. —

Blessed are the merciful,  For they shall obtain mercy. —

Blessed are the pure in heart,  For they shall see God. —

Blessed are the peacemakers,  For they shall be called sons of God. —

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. “Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. —

Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. —

I was literally on the other side of life watching it unfold for eons, when you understand this you'll see how great this blessing truly is. —

#SavedByGrace #IAM #BlessedBeyondMeasure #NothingCanTakeAwayHisGift #IAMWhoIAM #GodBlessedMe #WithOrWithoutYourPermission #GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist and #TheHolySpirit #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #JamesMartinez #ItsAllEnergy #IAMTheScientist #ICanFeelYou

I know the white light at the end of life. I spent many years navigating it. —

I visited so many realms & and so many differing dimensions. I went so far I found God up in heaven. —

That's where He befriended me, the rest is literally #History

It took over 10 yrs to discern my findings, when it started making sense I was offered the job. —

Father God sitting at my side He said, "There's the door but you're the one who has to walk through it. If you do you'll get to go up to heaven and people will speak of things we'll do for generations and generations and generations." —

The world's never been the same! —

All this thanks to Jesus, he saved my life. I thank Our Father for His love and blessings. —

You may or may not understand what I'm writing of but if you'd like to get the complete story just read my works. It all adds up and points up to God. (dates, times, insights) —

10 years of research, non-fiction, written from a scientific and pious vantage point of view. (buckle up) —

#GodOurFather #JesusChrist & #TheHolySpirit #JamesMartinez #OnceUponaTranscendentRealm #EternusSpirare #IWalkedWithGod #WeChangedTheWorld #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #IAMTheScientist #GodBlessYou

Ever notice how the world stops rooting for us when we start doing things beyond itself? —

If you find yourself alone atop the mountain don't worry, remember what it took to get there. Thank God for the view. —

New Vlog coming soon, —

#GodBlessYou #ThanksForEverything #LoveTheWayYouDo #ItsPrettyUpHere #YouCreateBeautifully #GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist and #TheHolySpirit #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #JamesMartinez #IAMTheScientist ##DivineGuidance #SpiritualEnlightenment #TranscendentArtist #IAM

Started working on it again, ❤️ Abu Simbel, Aswan Egypt. (20" x 30" acrylics on canvas) —

Def. one of my favorite spots. Father God blessed me here. Long story short is this, Father God and Jesus Christ took back to the start, on the way back we stopped here and broke the temple 3280 yrs ago. (we caused the earth to quake) "The power of God" —

It's a miracle, this is a sign & wonder. One of God's great works. I follow after Jesus Christ. (The Lord of this world) I made it back to Father God up in heaven thanks to him. —

Father God named the region Aswan after our unifying event. (because we broke it together as one) as in we just rewrote human history) —

If you know God you know His Way, Love is "The Way" Our faithful message is about love unity and faith. —

Jesus first taught of this back in his time, now I follow after him reminding the world. We're getting ready to lift it so get ready. —

Visit my sites for more information on our journey's or read our books if you're interested in how it happened. (more on The Way soon) —

#GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist and #TheHolySpirit #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #JamesMartinez #IAMTheScientist #HeNamedItAswan #NowWeLiveAsOne #AbuSimbel #Egypt #AswanCreations #WeBrokeTheTemple #AsOne #Unity #Togetherness #LetsGetTogether #Love #Grace #Harmony #truth #GodBlessYou #TranscendentArtist #AustinArt #HeavenlyArtist

If today was your last how great would you have loved? —

If ever your curious how to measure life its by the amount of love we know & share. —

Everyone can show it, it's how we do that determins if we're creating a better world or making ours a little bit colder. —

Want to make your life better right now? Find the closest person and tell them you love them. —

I promise you'll make their day better. If you really mean it it'll make yours better too. —

God bless you, I love you. Hope everything wonderful for you. —

#GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist & #TheHolySpirit #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #JamesMartinez #IAMTheScientist #GodBlessYou #LoveIsTrulyTheWay #SpiritualEnlightenment #GetIntoLove #BeInLove #BeAtPeace #BeAsOne #TranscendentArtist

If you knew me from before you know how big a blessing God's given. I'm sure I partied harder than you & every one you know put together. —

This is not a boast, I'm sharing what I was delivered from. I'd gotten so caught up that I had lost The Way. —

When I awoke spiritually in 2003 I was at the end of a failed marriage. (my 2nd, kinda) I tumbled downward for a few more years before I hit bottom. —

Ask anyone and they'll tell you the same thing. I was really the worst one. When I got back to God He told me I'd broken every commandment. (not just 1 or 2 or 3 but all of them) —

We're it not for grace I wouldn't have made it. We're it not for Jesus Christ I couldn't have gotten back to Father God. He saved me from hell. I'll confess salvation to the world. (Jesus saves) —

Thing about life is that there's more to it than you can possibly imagine. If you truly want to save your life you must lose it. —

I hope you understand what I mean by this. To become whole you must find the missing piece. Here's a hint, look deep within then look up. God bless you. —

#GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist and #TheHolySpirit #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #JamesMartinez #IAMTheScientist #TranscendentArtist #IUseToPartyToo #Truth #Righteousness #Grace #SalvationIsAGift #HeavenIsForReal #LifesAmazing #ChoseWisely

I don't struggle with anything, I know that everything happens according to God's plan. (this is His world, His creation) —

There are some who are with Him & some who are against Him. There's really no in-between. —

The ones with God get what we're doing, they rejoice over all good things. They lift & bless others, they give thanks & praise The Lord. They truly see the grace of The Almighty. —

The ones against Him argue & fight pointing fingers casting stones as they try to destroy God's works. Lost in confusion they don't realize they are trying to live a dying life. —

I think of all the things Jesus suffered so I could live. I knew it wouldn't be easy following after him but I chose to go with God forever. The world doesn't understand. —

I know this much, Father God creates everything. Life flows from Him & I'm with Him so why would I ever fret over what's coming. It's His plan, I have faith, my trust is in Him. I thank God for all life & for every experience. —

If you look at my past it might not seem to add up, you might wonder about debt or past misconduct. You might worry whether things will work out in the end. —

God said all things work for us not against us, for those who love Him & are called according to His purpose. He told me He had it figured out & He shared how it'll be in the future. —

I think of all the lost children & how if the world were to end right now how many would be lost forever. How many do you think still suffer needlessly today? —

I remember the job I've been given. —

My prayer was to end all human suffering. Ironic, don't you think, that the world would want me to suffer so much for wanting it to not suffer itself any more. —

Im with God, I'm here to help. He sent me. My job is to remind people of The Way leading to life. If you're against me you're against God. —

I can't put it any plainer than that. I love you God bless you. I do hope you understand what we're doing. —

#GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist and #TheHolySpirit #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #JamesMartinez #IAMTheScientist #Faithful #Believer #True #Direction #SavedByGrace #Devoted & #Humble

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