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James Martinez  I walked with God, Author, Artist, Writer, Poet, Photographer Filmmaker, Child of God, @aswan_creations @beyondyonderfilms, @JamesMartinezMinistries


Day 1, "The Fiery Mountains" (60" x 40" acrylics on canvas) —

Father God by my side, He says, James I'd love to share something really special with you, are you up for it? —

I thought what could be cooler than spending time with Father God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. —

I replied yes though. —

Then an Arc Angel (Gabriel) picks me up and flys me over in front of Father God. —

Then He asks, Are you ready? I reply yes. A portal then opens up and we fly into it. —

At first we were ascending upwards then we came to the gates of heaven and fly up and over it. —

We flew around for hours then came to a mountain range that appeared to be on fire. (they're called the fiery mountains for good reason) —

We continued flying around for a while longer and then we ascended above the 1st Heaven. —

When we came back Father God asked my thoughts on the experience. —

I wrote of this first hand account in my 1st book, Once Upon a Transcendent Realm. —

#GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist and #TheHolySpirit #JamesMartinez #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #IAMTheScientist #Austin #ATX #Transcendence #Spiritual #Enlightenment #Artshow #ATXART #ArtImitatesLife #CementLoopStudios #synchronicity #AswanCreations #TranscendentArt #GodsBlessing #HeavenIsForReal #TheFieryMountains @RyanHuie @SrhJordan @Steprid3r @billy.barrow

Feel like I need to talk about something. Does anyone know the verse where God says "No weapon formed against you will prosper?" Well this is part of one of the situations I'm in. I have a lunatic ex-wife. When I say lunatic I mean lunatic! She's literally caught up with trying to pretend she's a victim, she doesn't realize the amount of pain and suffering she's caused.

Lets start with she's seen more money than most people you know combined. She divorced her ex husband, who use to be an exec v. president of world wide operations for Dell computers. When I met her she had millions and millions of dollars.

So over the years she and I had a falling out. I was misled back then, caught up with self destruction going in the wrong ways. We got divorced after a few years but before our son was born she told me I'd never see him. She'd do everything she could to not only make me suffer but then destroy me and everything I'm part of.
I was so hurt when all this went down that it took a few years to get out of the funk. 4 years later with debt mounting we went to court where I vowed to make things right.

Keeping her word she continued meticulously trying to destroy everything I started. (business/friendships/etc) She'd take the money I'd give her but kept her word on trying to hurt me. She put me in jail every chance she got for being behind. Along the way God called. He said not to worry about all this that He If I was interested all I had to do was be willing to go through something.
In the process I've been persecuted (for debt no mind you) a debt I couldn't pay at the time. I was literally turned into a criminal for not having money.
Think about this tragedy for a moment, if you know who I AM this'll make you really laugh. I've been with God since the beginning. (not kidding)

My youngest son, who I've never met has been used as a weapon against me, what does God say about weapons formed against us. (see the issue? )

Its not that I don't love my youngest son, its that he's been taken from me and the corrupt system that's in place only looks at this monetarily (that's what wrong with it)

The Lord said He would handle it, now watch. —

To everyone interested in buying some of my art. —

I'm giving signed copies of my first book, Once Upon a Transcendent Realm, with every art purchase. I'll also have plenty of books available if you're interested in picking up a copy at the show. ☝️— For the record I found spiritual enlightenment and explain in great detail how to get there. —

I've also discovered world's within world's within world's and found how our energy works as well as how the collective consciousness works. —

Ive met with or encountered every form of hierarchical angel. Including the cherubim angels, the arc angels, and the seraphim angels. —

The book describes how I learned to navigate the spiritual realms and made my way to our Father God in heaven. —

He befriended me and if you're keeping up with my posts then you know of the sort of insights that are coming through now because of Him. —

Ive spent a lot of time with The Almighty, The Holy Trinity. I've walked with God, been to heaven a number of times and have literally changed human history. (not kidding) —

My first book tells of how it all happened, my second tells of the sort of character needed for such a thing. And these next two books will shed even more light on the whole thing. —

Anyhow, I'll have plenty of books available at the show in August @Cement Loop Studios in Austin or if you're interested you can pick one up online through Amazon. —

Thank you for baring witness to God's great works. So thankful to be part of life. What a gift! —

#GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist and #TheHolySpirit #JamesMartinez #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #IAMTheScientist #Austin #ATX #Transcendence #Spiritual #Enlightenment #Artshow #ATXART #CementLoopStudios @RyanHuie @SrhJordan @Steprid3r @billy.barrow #synchronicity #AswanCreations #TranscendentArt #GodBlessYou #ThanksForEverything #OnceUponaTranscendentRealm #EternusSpirare #IWalkedWithGod

Day 1, painting Arc Angel (60" x 40" acrylics on canvas) —

Before I found God I was often visited by angels, in particularly, The Arc Angels. (all of them) —

They helped me make sense of where I was in life & how I was living. (or trying to at least) —

Gabriel and I became good friends over the years. They prepped me for the journey of what and who I'd become. —

This painting is going to be of one of the Arc Angels. They call them Arc Angels on account of they often burst into tiny energy particles, then arc across the room and reform. —

You should see how beautiful they are. Did you know they're both male and female? It's amazing, one moment they're masculine then the next they're feminine. (they go back in forth right before your eyes) —

#GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist and #TheHolySpirit #JamesMartinez #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #IAMTheScientist #Austin #ATX #Transcendence #Spiritual #Enlightenment #Artshow #ATXART #CementLoopStudios #ArcAngels #Angels #otherworldly #faithful @RyanHuie @SrhJordan @Steprid3r @billy.barrow #PaintingForALiving

Dear investigators,

God tells me you're investigating. I thought I'd share some of the gifts I'm part of so as to help you to move forward. -

Pretty much everything you're uncovering is absolutely true. I was once the worst one. I went in every wrong direction. I also uncovered scientifically verifiable spiritual insight about how creation works. -

I've walked with both Father God and Jesus Christ. They blessed me beyond measure just for vowing to go with them doing right forever. -

If you're searching for truth you'll find it here. I stand upright now within it! -

Yes, there's an opposition who's done many terrible things against me & my children to try and make me suffer, attempting to slander, discredit, defame & persecute me hoping these revelations and spiritual insights wouldn't get out. -

God saw that even during those times of suffering my children were taken care of and all who we've encountered along the way were blessed. -

It's true I spent years and years and years in jail in order to write & minister, if you try and look at God's gifts from only an ungodly place you'll only see ungodly things. (Look up — I'm blessed) -

I've written 4 books & working on #5. I've created hundreds & hundreds of pieces of art about our journey. (Did I mention I hadn't drawn or painted since I was in grade school & Im ordained/anointed) -

God's blessing changed me and gave me the ability to do anything. -

I encourage you to open The Bible, follow your hearts. Listen for the truth of life, seek it & practice God's loving way. (You'll see the truth too) -

Together with Him we've literally rewritten human #history, we did something that's never been done before. If I had to take a little dirt to deliver this message then so be it -

Here's what I want you to consider though. If God called you and said stop what you're doing and come this way, could you? Could you be obedient if it led to your death? (Life) -

This sort of message is for the world, wake up. God's calling His children. Its time to stand upright and do what's right in His sight! (happy investigating) -

I've shared recently the things that I've become part of with God. (The Holy Trinity) —

Food for thought; Imagine owning a painting from someone who's got some historical significance. —

Its a long story and it started back in the beginning. According to God, I do believe our works will be worth quite a bit one day soon. (just saying) —

Seriously though, hope you can make it to the show, I'll have a few of these up for grabs. —

Aug 4th and 5th @Cement Loop Studios —

#GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist and #TheHolySpirit #JamesMartinez #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #IAMTheScientist #Austin #ATX #Transcendence #Enlightenment #Artshow #ART #CementLoopStudios #synchronicity #AswanCreations #TranscendentArt #GodsBlessing #AbuSimbel
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I get thinking at times what some people think they're doing with their lives. —

Everything's a gift, it's all but an instant. Be thankful for what you have, even for what you don't have. —

All that is will one day pass and what's left is love. Be in love, be at peace and be as one. —

#HeavenOnEarth #GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist and #TheHolySpirit #JamesMartinez #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #IAMTheScientist #Austin #ATX #BeInLove #BeAtPeace #BeAsOne #Transcendence #Spiritual #Enlightenment #Artshow #ATXART #CementLoopStudios @RyanHuie @SrhJordan @Steprid3r @billy.barrow #PaintingForALiving

Day 1 painting a new Jesus walking (60" x 40", acrylics on canvas) —

I'll never forget when Jesus and I rekindled our friendship. He told me we were kindred spirits. —

I thought it was pretty cool to be kindred with a person who put His life on the line for all of humanity. —

This one time Jesus came over to my house (in person) On that particular day Jesus asked me to follow Him. —

He literally said, stand up and follow me. Then an amber portal/sphere opened and we walked onto a path that led to forever. —

Every few feet were people laughing, singing dancing, playing and working. —

He was showing me every person we'd affect in the future with our walk. —

It seemed like billions and billions and billions. You were there! —

Stay tuned for more painting updates. —

Also see you at the show in August @ Cement Loop Studios —
#GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist and #TheHolySpirit #JamesMartinez #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #IAMTheScientist #Austin #ART #Transcendence #Spiritual #Enlightenment #Artshow #ATXART #CementLoopStudios @RyanHuie @SrhJordan @Steprid3r @billy.barrow #JesusWalking #WorkInProgress

I've posted lately some of my art inviting you to my show in Aug.
I've also been posting on the books I've published inviting you to a read. (they'll totally blow your mind, especially if you're into physics, the universe, energy, consciousness, and otherworldly insight)

I'm also working on a few new books, screenplays and various other creative endeavors & I bet you think I'm just an artist.

Actually I'm a child of God.

I'll never forget the anger and fury from my ex wife and the judge, they both said why don't you stop with all this foolishness and go get a real job so you can take care of your responsibilities.

I laughed inside. (how many would turn their backs on God so they could please the world) hummmm - makes you think.

Dear world, we love you so much we're doing the right thing hoping you follow our example and get back into love. Stop taking life so serious. You'll never get out alive!

Take a deep breathe, thank God. Now take off those limits and get busy. Today will never happen this way again. —

You have the most amazing ability within you to create everything wonderful. (don't waste your time) Love is still The Way.  #BeInLove #BeAtPeace #BeAsOne

Here's the thing, you can't be worldly and Godly and expect to get all the good stuff. Something's gotta give, you'll either stay down low fretting over nothing or you'll set your sights on high and start flying.

Its all perspective. Is life really falling apart or is it coming together? Are the doors really closing or are the right ones opening? Shift the way you think, get into alignment with love and it'll be clearer. (the paths much clearer when you're at peace)

Faith is what makes life happen. Practice. Keep in mind too the more you use it the stronger it becomes.  #FaithCanMoveMountains

Finally, put and keep God first. Hearts and minds my friend, Hearts & minds. When you figure this part out you'll get it!

Don't be afraid! —

#GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist and #TheHolySpirit #JamesMartinez #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #IAMTheScientist #Austin #ATX #Transcendence #Spiritual #Enlightenment #Artshow #ATXART #CementLoopStudios

Perhaps you were there back in the day, I use to party real hard! Later I discovered ultimately there was something I was destined to one day do. Something I know couldn't have happened any other way. —

We all have a journey, a destiny to fulfill. Life's created on purpose & w/purpose. I often meet people wanting to know theirs. I ask if they've asked Father God yet? —

Some are eager to find His plan, some are scared to ask. I promise you can't run from it. He'll put your destiny on the road you take to avoid it. (He did that to me) —

I know people struggle to use the expression God, some think I talk of universe or great spirit or creation or various names Father God was called over the years. —

For the record,

Father God created the heavens and the earth. He put creation in motion. He is the Alpha and the Omega, The Beginning and The End. (take it from a person who's actually seen Him) —

I'm talking face to face!

I'm a person He created for something very specific. Our message is love, our walk is faithful, His light is bright and its Him you see. (and all this thanks to Jesus) Our big brother. —

Jesus is mankind's salvation. He's the part where because Father God came up with the solution for redemption, we get to get back to Him and do amazing things once again in life and for eternity. —

For those struggling, try not to over-complicate it, life's about God. Father God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. If you struggle with understanding it you may not understand life at all. —

I bet you think I'm talking about religion. (silly, I'm talking about God) Stay with me. —

Most people want to throw around religion and religious terms because its how they associate God, but truthfully He's above religion. —

Don't get me wrong I'm all for religion when it leads people to Him & reveals His truth and gives understanding while helping us all to commune and grow in our relationships. —

I've not seen a religion though that can explain everything I've seen of life after-life, (heaven and hell)
Rest of the message in comments below; thanks for reading. —

One of my latest pieces for the upcoming artshow, Abu Simbel, 60" x 40" acrylics on canvas. —

I've shared recently the things that I've become part of with God. (The Holy Trinity) —

Food for thought; Imagine owning a painting of this incredible place, painted by the guy who actually broke it. —

I do believe this will be worth quite a bit one day soon. (just saying) —

Seriously though, hope you make it to the show, I'll have a few of these up for grabs. —

Aug 4th and 5th @Cement Loop Studios —

#GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist and #TheHolySpirit #JamesMartinez #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #IAMTheScientist #Austin #ATX #Transcendence #Enlightenment #Artshow #ART #CementLoopStudios #AswanCreations #TranscendentArt #GodsBlessing I broke #AbuSimbel in #AncientEgypt #HistoryInTheMaking
@RyanHuie @SrhJordan @Steprid3r @billy.barrow #PaintingForALiving

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