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1. Make DEEPER & MEANINGFUL connections. .

In 2018, don't be lazy about your NETWORK because if you are, you'll have only yourself to blame for it. .

Who are you spending time, talent, & treasure around, with, & upon? .

You cannot leave your MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL, & FINANCIAL development to chance by hanging around folks who don't inspire you. Don't be ashamed to seek out NEWER & BETTER connections with the sole purpose of improving yourself. .

In 2018, be INTENTIONAL about NEWER & BETTER connections. You'll be better of for it eventually. Start from this very moment you have just read this post. Upgrade your associations. .

NB: You all already know some of my brothers (@iamsteveharris @iambankole @jimitewe) so here are some others.


Too many people want what they have not really decided on having & this shows in their daily behaviour. .

Laziness is really not a PHYSICAL state, but a MENTAL one. Once you're lazy mentally, it's only a matter of time before it reveals itself in every area of your life. .

There is a SUPERNATURAL dimension & perspective that over rides every other perspective. CHASE the supernatural like your life depends on it, because your life actually depends on it. .

FAILURES look for the fastest & cheapest way of SURVIVAL, while SUCCESSES always looks for the safest way to THRIVING. .

From today, activate your #BEASTMODE. .

In 2018, tell life that your #BEASTMODE has been activated. .

In your academics, activate your #BEASTMODE. .

In your mental pursuits, activate #BEASTMODE.

In your spiritual pursuits, activate #BEASTMODE. .

In your giving, activate your #BEASTMODE. .



Can I get a witness? .

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#Perspective #January2018 #FullThrottle #Thankful #PRESS #EPCRocks #ILoveMyChurch #ILoveEPC #Grateful

PERSPECTIVE. . "Foolishness is taking SIMPLE things and make it COMPLICATED, while Genius is taking COMPLEX things, & making them SIMPLE". .

It's important to note that whatever you cannot clearly explain to anyone, & especially a child, it is yet to reach the "GENIUS" stage. .

Do a personal reflection of yourself and ask yourself some real questions. Can you explain your life as it is today; Spiritually, Mentally, Financially, Emotionally, Physically, etc. .

Is it getting EASIER, or more COMPLEX? .

Have a great day guys. .

#PERSPECTIVE #HowWeSeeThings #NewBookAlert #Possibilities #AliTnings #AllWeDoIsWin #GlobalPhenomenon


January 15th 2014, I became a father for the second time when God gave you to us and what a journey it has been. .

From the very first time the doctors placed you in my arms, you brought only joy and laughter to our lives. Your very bright and confident eyes...your strong voice....your very healthy appetite...everything about you had been a joy. .

So as you turn 4 years old today, I pray for you my daughter... That your year will be laced with sweetness, gladness, and laughter in Jesus name. .

That all your hearts desires will be met by God who will empower us (your parents) to make happen in Jesus name. .

That you will know only peace, kindness, & love in this new year. That your mind expands even more as you come into this new year. That your life will be a testament of God's Great Power. .

Loving you had never been a task for me...it never will. Love you soo much my "MINI ME". HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

BE INTENTIONAL ABOUT YOUR LIFE. . "Success is NOT by CHANCE, but by DESIGN". . "The safest route to entering your future, is to create your future". . "When life doesn't give you a platform, MAKE one". . "Nobody owes you anything if all you have offered them is your requests". . :You cannot have anything you ENVY or CRITICIZE about or in others". . "Zeal will never produce revelation, but the natural outcome of revelation is zeal". . "Anyone who is talking to you about someone else, is most likely talking to someone else about you".

The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me. .

Many years ago, I was excited so about the opportunity of getting into the university and nothing was going to stop me. .

I had taken all the exams necessary to gain admission so I was super pumped for the experience. .

Fast forward 4 years later, I was still trying to get admission into university because I couldn't score high enough to qualify. Now here's the thing... .

The best thing that never happened to me, was not getting into university that year until 4 years later. In retrospect, I am who I am today simply because I didn't get that admission that year. My genius emerged during those waiting years. My leadership emerged during those eating years. My passion for life emerged during those waiting years. My resolve to be exceptional emerged during those waiting years. .

Now I know that I had to FAIL yesterday so that I could SUCCEED today. .

It's funny, but it's also darn serious. .

What did you FAIL at yesterday, that you're glad for today for making you a SUCCESS?


There was a man that usually had dreams of seeing two foot prints in the sand & each time he saw this, he would get a feeling that God was walking with him. .

Then suddenly, he started having dreams of seeing only one pair of door prints in the sand & started feeling alone & nothing seemed to be working for him anymore. . "Oh God, why have you forgotten me!". He shouted out loud one day. What have I done?". . "Did I tell you that I have left you or that I intend to leave tou?" Was the reply that he got. . "Then why do I see only one pair of foot prints in the sand in my normal dream a these days?". . "The one foot print you see in the sand is MINE because in these tough times, I am carrying you in my hands" was God's reply. .

Friends, #PERSPECTIVE is everything. Many are innocently praying wrong & miss guided prayers simply because they lack proper perspective on the nature of God. .

I pray God to give us all clear #PERSPECTIVE this new year. .




Fasting doesn't change God, rather fasting changes YOU. .

It makes you more sensitive to the dealings, move, & operations of God's spirit within & around your space. .

It makes more open to revelation, & supernatural wisdom. .

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but are mighty through God to the pulling down if strong holds. .

Join me if you will, for a whole week (monday 8th to sunday 14th) of prayers with fasting to help prepare you for the new year. Get your spiritual "A Game" on & don't play with the potent power of God that is at work in you anytime we seperate ourselves to pray & fast. .

I'm looking forward to the amazing transformation that takes place evernytime we fast & pray. Don't be left out. Get involved.

Start January #FULLTHROTTLE. .

How you begin any year will go along way in determining how you will go through that year & since 2018 is our year of #POSSIBILITIES we will start the year in VICTORY & POWER. .

Join me & all the amazing people at @epccentral for a #SuperCelebration & #HolyCommunion service to start the year. .

Our very own #Shabach will be leading us in praise & worship, meaning that God's power & presence will be lavishly available to save, heal, prosper, & deliver. .

God's word will be available to lift our hearts, build our faith, & change our lives. It's one of those services that you do not want to miss for anything. .

PS: There will also be a FREE training & coaching session to help as many people as possible on how to #PrepareAYearPlanner, from 11:45am to 12:45pm (after service). .

Now you see why you cannot miss this service? .

Do make plans to be at this special service, & as usual, don't come alobe; bring all your friends, & family. Looking forward to see you all there. .

#Super #Celebration #Service #Holy #Communion #Power #Presence #Glory #Praise #Worship #Laughter #Love #Lifting #FULL #Throttle #ILoveEPC #EPCRocks #ILoveMychurch

#WithGodAllThingsArePossible. .

For those dreams in your heart this year, you don't just need a GOOD idea, you need a GOD IDEA. .

If you're expecting a GOD IDEA this year, shout a loud Amen. .

Feel free to share with everyone who needs clarity on the type of idea they're trusting God for in 2018. .

#2018 #Possibilities #AliTnings #Exponential #Abundance #Influence #Expansion #Increase #Greatness #Exceedingly #GodIdea.


All that I am today, & all that i have today is a product of God's ABILITY & God's CAPACITY. .

So, for all my friends & family out there, I would like to HELP YOU start your year right. Let me help show you how to make & structure your PERSONAL YEAR PLANNER. .

I will be having an instagram Live session on Thursday 4th January 2018 by 8pm & all you need to attend is to attend, but show up with 6 A4 sheets of paper, writing materials, & your plans to make 2018 a phenomenal success. .

Please tell everyone you know about this FREE session & let's help as many people as possible begin to live life INTENTIONALLY & PURPOSEFULLY. .

Remember, in 2018 with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. .

#Year #Planner #Purpose #Potential #2018 #Meaning #Intentional #Results #Peak #Performance #Possibilities #Achievements

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