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Good morning world.

S M I L E - I T H E A L S & I T I S F R E E.

It's 8 days to #PPMCwithIheanyiEJIOGU. .

Sat. 18th Aug. 2018 @thebunker Lekki phase 1, Lagos from 12noon. .

Why regret hurts is not because you didn't get your goals met, but because you had the opportunity to do so but didn't take it seriously. Don't regret this. .

Feel free to share this video with friends or associates who might need it. Thanks. .

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Ever feel like you're not doing your best? .
Ever feel like you should be doing more? .
Ever wondered why you're not killing it? .
Ever get tired of just being ordinary? .
Ever wondered what you can do to be better? . .

Are you convinced that there's more, but just don't know how to get started? .

As a younger person, I was SHORT, FAT, STAMMERED (It couldn't get any worse right?) BROKE, & seemingly uninspired & motivated to do anything special. .

Then I MADE A DECISION (& some other things) .

Nobody was born a Peak Performer; meaning that like EXCELLENCE, Peak Performance is a SKILL, & can be LEARNED. .

Let me help you. .

In whatever field, or industry you're in, you can create your own space, & dominate that space, INTERNALLY first, then externally. .

Sign up for #PPMCwithIheanyiEJIOGU & learn how to be not just a better version of yourself, but a #PeakPerformer in everything you do. .

I care. .

Iheanyi EJIOGU.

<<<<<<<SWIPE LEFT<<<<<< We need to support our bodies daily with food, water and supplements because the water and food we eat today cannot fuel the body with the right nutrients we need for survival research shows that the following are reasons for additional supplements
We daily go through too much Physical, Relational, Psychological and Emotional STRESS that Compromises our Entire Biological, Chemical and Immune System.

The older we get, and the longer we hold our stressors our bodies produce fewer enzymes, ESPECIALLY the ones required to properly digest and assimilate the foods we eat

Our cosmopolitan lifestyle and fast food culture many of us don’t know how and when to eat again with irregular and imbalanced meals.

Overcooking and microwaving our foods results in massive loss of nutritional food value, reduction in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes.

Most foods are no longer organic, many are produced with chemicals and from depleted soils
To survive and be in good health till old age, we daily need a good #DoseOfSupplements like;
ZINC to boost our immunity, fight diabetes, HIV, acne, as well as depression
VITAMIN A for healthier vision, bones, metabolic function;
VITAMIN C for immunity, balanced cortisol levels, to fight radicals in the body,
VITAMIN B complex,
MAGNESIUM, a lack of which causes headaches, muscle cramps, nausea, metabolic syndrome, migraines, PMS, and heart attacks FISH OIL, a lack of which reducing inflammation, supporting brain function and even muscle growth, fish oil is also beneficial in maintaining healthy hair and skin.

We Daily NEED OMEGA H3 with the following benefits;
BOOSTS your immune system. Detoxifies your body.
Reduces tiredness and fatigue. Decreases the risk of cancer and diabetes.
Promotes healthy bones and teeth.
Increases psychomotor performance.
Improves the ability to cope with stress.
Prevents complications in Pregnancy.
Promotes healthy infant growth

With all of the above we now know that food and water alone can’t give you all these things hence the need for SUPPLEMENTS
Sound BODY, Sound MIND, Sound LIFE.

There's A Seat With Your Name Specially On It @epccentral. .

Start the month right by celebrating with God's people, & partaking of the #HolyCommunion. .

We are starting a new teaching series for everyone titled #FightForTheFamily & the first installment title is #TheGenerationalShift. It's definitely a sure word from God for families. .

Live stream will start from 9am so you can tune in from any part of the world & enjoy God's presence & power with us. .

As usual, don't come alone. This month in particular bring every one you consider "family" to @epccentral. There's Grace for healing families in this season. .

We can't wait to recieve & share fellowship with you, & remember; there's really no church without YOU! See you there. .

#Fight #For #The #Family #ILoveEPC #ILoveMyChurch #EPCRocks #Church #God #Love #Family #GenerationalShift


1. Saturday 25th of August 2018. 12 noon. @toakministry presents #TwoOfAKind Couples Conference. Focus: "It Takes Two To Tango". .

2. Friday 24th August 2018. 6pm. @rstraighttalk presents #RelationshipStraightTalk. Focus: #NoFashionWeaponedAgainstMe. Strictly for single, young working class people. .

3. Saturday 18th August. #PeakPerformanceMasterClass with Iheanyi EJIOGU. Mental immersion, & personal mastery session. Admissiob: #10k only. See details. .

4. Every Sunday in August by 9am. #FightForTheFamily teaching series. For the entire family. Live streaming @epccentral. .

5. To book Life, Business, & Relationship coaching sessions with Iheanyi EJIOGU, please send an email to coachiheanyi@gmail.com or DM me from my handle @iamiheanyi. .

Any & every one of these specially designed events will drastically improve your life, your relationships, your marriage, & ultimately your walk with God so choose & work towards being at all of them. You'll be glad you did. .

Enjoy the rest of your Friday night. Cheers. .

#KeepImproving #KeepLearning #KeepEngaging #ChaseYourGreatness #Advance

Being in a healthy relationship and enjoying all the benefits that comes with it are great ways to #BoostyourDoseofDose.

Join us tonight @9.30pm for #TheUncensoredTalk love @lagostalks913 as @iamiheanyi, Tosin Doherty and I discuss building an intimate and healthy marriage.

Numbers to call: 08092220913 or 012367913. Listen online at www.lagostalks.com/listen-live or watch on my Instagram live. Join the conversation from wherever you are!
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W E L C O M E T O A U G U S T. .

N e w t e a c h i n g s e r i e s a l e r t ! .

Series Title - "FIGHT FOR THE FAMILY". .

I don't know if anyone is paying attention, but it seems like everything in the media is trying to sell "dysfunctional families" as a normal thing. .

Broken homes, broken relationships between spouses, siblings, parents & children, etc. Human tolerance for each other has erroded so badly that divorce is at an all time high, globally, even in church. .

A broken family is a broken segment of tomorrow's society. Selah. .

Join me every Sunday in August as we begin this powerful teaching series that addresses the issues of family, love, forgiveness, & restoration. Healing is God's will for every family & this month families will be healed. .

Make it a date with us every Sunday in August by 9am (C.A.T) or time in online to our love stream @epccentral. .

Friends, it's time to "FIGHT FOR THE FAMILY". .

#NewTeachingSeries #FightForTheFamily #Victory #Love #Healing #Restoration

Friends, DEPRESSION is not a respecter of persons. (No pun intended) .

But more importantly is the fact that it can attack, infect, & destroy anyone who is not aware of it's tell tell signs, or anyone who doesn't know anything about its existence, especially in this new world of "Social Media" craze. .

From the 1st of August, all the coaches in Nigeria are coming together to create awareness, educate people, & provide solutions to this resident evil that is plaguing our society. .

Feel free to share this video with as many people as possible, & also please help tag as many coaches, thoightleaders & influences as possible. Let's help out nation, practically. .

#DOSE #WhatsYourDOSE. @Iamiheanyi
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