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Horitsuki  @Galaxytattoohk and @horipen.is owner!! Want get some ink email to wushunyung@gmail.com

New dragon painting coming up!! @horipen.is @horipen.is @horipen.is

@horipen.is @horipen.is @horipen.is Good tools are prerequisite the successful execution of a job.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are here to announce @horipen.is is hitting the store shelves of @goodguysupply . For more details, stay tuned on @horipen.is & @goodguysupply

Pay attention!!! My dragon buddy @kaosmopolium @kaosmopolium @kaosmopolium will come to guest spot @galaxytattoohk In October!!!!!🍾🎊🍾🎊🍾🎊🍾🎊🌈🌈🌈🌈 if you want some crazy stuff!! Don't miss the chances!!! Email to: info@galaxytattoohk.com get more information!!!

Angry face!! I am using @horipen.is @horipen.is @horipen.is

I am using @horipen.is @horipen.is @horipen.is friendship golden dragon on my Sweden brother @callecorson !! #scary #nexttofilipleu #bigday #legend

Yesterday is my big day!! I tattooed my hero @callecorson !! I knew him more than N years!! One of the legend in the industry!! I can't imagine I m so close with you and even tattoo you!! Thank you very much!!! Means a lot to me!! 😘😘

You already try my @horipen.is @horipen.is @horipen.is ?? Go follow @horipen.is and check our video!!!

@callecorson believe me!! The magazine still in my shop!! 😁😁😁😘😘☝🏼☝🏼P.S. Remind you how to draw the finger wave!!🌊🌊🌊🌊😜

You already try my @horipen.is @horipen.is @horipen.is ????

You already try @horipen.is @horipen.is @horipen.is ????

A little progress!! I am using @horipen.is @horipen.is @horipen.is

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