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reaping the rewards of taking the bumpier route 💛
Stumbled across a family / farm (?) of piggies on our drive to Cathedral Cove from Coromandel via the “alternative route”! And it was honestly the best thing ever! The piggy ended up lying right down for me to pat, the baby ones were a little less approachable but still so much cuteness 🙈💕
Sometimes taking a path less trodden is scary and can be daunting, full of doubt and anxiety, but also plentiful full of surprises and breakthroughs. It’s always amazing to know and be grateful for those closest people around that always has your back. Sometimes all you’ve got to do is relax, and just do it 😌

good pairings 💕

A good family dinner gathering always begins with (soup and then) Peking Duck 😌 Any fans out there? 💁🏻‍♀️
Had loadsa fun snapping and sketching over it with my new iPad Pro and Apple pen! Looking forward to creating more content like this and experimenting a little 😌💓

Steamed egg custard 🥚🙋🏻‍♀️
My fave way of having it is on top of sticky rice, durian and coconut cream 🤤🤤🤤

[ 🍨 ] It was rather hard for us not to go in and try all the interesting and different flavours at @ungermannbrothers 😍 I absolutely loved following @ben_ungermann‘s @masterchefau journey last year, so I was stoked to see he opened up his own ice cream parlor 💓
Autumn tasting plate 💁🏻‍♀️ Salted caramel bacon ice cream w chopped pecans // Garlic ice cream w honeycomb, topped with honey & mint // Coffee cardoman ice cream, pistachio dust, coffee mousse topped with coffee caramel swirl ✨

‘twas an absolute ace day 💫
cc: proxy photographer

[ Banh Cuon ] another one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes 🤤
Steamed rice rolls filled with wood ear fungus and pork mince, topped with Vietnamese ham, fresh herbs, fish sauce and chilli 👌
Freshly steamed the texture is smooth and delicious, like dumplings - I can have so many 🙈

good times with 🐶

[ Banh Xeo ] surrounded by all the glorious homegrown herbs 💓 I would kinda say it’s more like a big taco than a pancake... Obsessed with my aunty’s batter, super crispy with yum coconut flavour - subtle enough to not over power 👌

I like to make lettuce cups with my Banh Xeo and filling to dip into the fish sauce, how do you eat yours? 😌

Aunty’s shredded coconut used to make Vietnamese Pancake (banh xeo) 🥥 The spikey tool was handmade by my uncle 40 odd years ago - pretty incredible I think 💓

turn on a dime 🐢

taco heaven is where this is 🌮

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