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Julia Gogosha  My filtered life. Eyewear slinging, pitbull loving, selfie taking menace. Intimate human. Empath. Lover of light. non-binary. Manifesting miracles


What took me so long? Who wants to be a skating buddy once a week, forget all our troubles for an hour or two? Been away so long didn't know about these little skating helpers for the kiddies. It's do or die out here kid. You fall and get back up, that's how you learn. It prepares you for life. Sometimes you're face down and the next you feel like you're flying.

Ice cream with the sweetest girls. Love them so. Thank you Jonathan and Charity for making these lovely beings and sharing the afternoon with me. 🦄🍦

Portland portrait. Stopping to smell all the flowers.


Thank you @tpprovocateur for brightening up my day.

Thanks @invision.mag for the fun feature and introducing me as an eyewear darling 🤗.

If we haven't seen each other in a while I've been here... if you love my bespectacled musing follow along at @gogoshaoptique and receive a lot of inspiration in return. We're almost a 10k "followers". Spread the love. Open your eyes to the possibilities.

Monday. No different than any other day of the week when you create your environment.

I'll always be her baby. Today she told me three remedies for my spider bites.

Mamma. 🖤 Thank you for the unconditional support, love and understanding. The love of iced tea with every meal and looking fear straight in the eye until fear flinches. Oh, and thanks for the genes 🖤. Mother country realness.

Fallen hard to spider bites and allergies. Sidekick ride or die. Love her so.

A glimpse into the future. #GogoshaEchoPark @formation_association ▫️◽️◻️⬜️▫️◽️◻️⬜️

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