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Indian at heart 💙 Global in spirit 🌍
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Morning just got better 💝 Thank you @peninsula_qatar 🙏🏼 ❤️for the lovely article. @amiee.rao you are awesome 🌹 #iamgazal #doha #qatar #peninsulaqatar

M I the only one who is waiting for the winter?? 🤔🤔
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Monday blues... 🖤💙💛
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Keeping it traditional yet stylish. For more stay with me 💛💛💛 #iamgazal #doha #qatar #saree #check9465

Its very common for some people to go through hair fall issues from the day they land in GCC ☹️ Say it a rumor or the truth but frankly, since I have landed here I have lost more than 30% of my hair. I never had such a bad hair fall before I came to Qatar. Initially, I thought it could be because of the weather changes and it should recover soon but it never recovered. It took me 2 years to understand that when iam in Qatar I get hair fall but when I move out of Qatar it feels that my hair fall has reduced by more than 60%. If you are somebody who is having bad hair fall issues and you are sure that its not because of any health condition, then I guess you should try Blu Ionic shower filter. In some places Bathing causes hair loss, because the water coming from the tap in your house contains “chloride." It is a major cause of hair loss, dandruff and the statement is said to be supported by scientific evidence. Know the price and more about this shower filter on the blog. Link in bio.
Let me know what all you are trying to keep your locks healthy and strong 🤗

Sometimes I wonder,  how loudly I have to say ‘Yes Iam an Indian and Iam doing business in Qatar’. And doing really well.
In the coming days I will be sharing some insight of the social media world. About how some people get judgmental on nationality over talent and real business. We are going to discuss many of those incidents where I had to be straight forward and blunt to the people who are still following that old tradition  to judge people by their nationalities. Though the ratio of these people with a weak mindset is not very common, but trust me they do exist. Sometimes I ignore these people and sometimes let them know that how they are polluting our society with their sick mentality.
Sharing one of the incident of meeting with a PR co. Handling luxury brands in Qatar here is the discussion. .

He- ( with smile asked me ) Would you like to have something?
Me- Yeah, a cup of coffee with sugar would do.
He- Sure! (Asked his junior for a coffee) and turned back to me. So we are here to discuss some future collaborations. Some of our clients have a big name in the market. So we just wanna know a little more about you to see how we can take our business relationship further?
Me- Sure 
He- So where are you from ? (While offering me a glass of water)
Me- Iam from India! 😊
He - (After few seconds of pause ) What? You are an Indian? Really? You look like Arabs do. He sees other people in the room for to look for an agreement and all kinda looked agreed with him)
He continue… Like, no one would say you are an Indian, your looks doesn’t resemble a person from India.
Me - (with a not so pleasing smile) thank you.
He - So does it mean most of your followers are from India? ( a clear question mark on his face)
Me- I have both Arabs and Asians followers. Indians mostly who are based in GCC.
He - Well, (with some concern on his face), You see one of our client who is in to luxury bags and watches are looking to collaborate with local bloggers to target Qatar’s local market. And honestly, We want to target Arab’s. Our Targeted customers are not from Asia.
Me- I see, (thinking, this might not end very well.
Sharing the full discussion on the blog link in bio.

Yay or nay? @charleskeithofficial

Yay or nay?? For more stay with me 🌹🌹
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Outfit by @reetu_ritz
Shot by @iamfionaa

Who loves Designer dresses? This gorgeous designer dress 👗 from @lmanedesigns boutique from Dubai is on the next Giveaway 😍 This cute dress has ultra finishing and is made of high quality fabric 💝 the pink crop top which can be separated from this dress has a beautiful face art on it. Which also looks very unique and eye catching. So if you wear a small size or anyone in your family or your friends wears small size, you can participate! All you have to do is tag 3 of your friends in the comment box. This giveaway is only for IAMGAZAL followers. Winner will be announced day after tomorrow.
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