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Happy Sunday guys 🌹🌹
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Dear new blogger,

Iam fine and thank you for your kind words, hope the following article makes you feel better and may give you a clear vision of blogging business in Qatar.
First of all, I totally feel you on your struggle as some of your words remind me of my initial days. I believe that if your content is admirable you should be approached by the brands, because 9k followers are as much as necessary to get paid collaborations. As you said, you are creative and have a good sense of style, then there is no way that the brands wouldn’t notice you. I would agree on some of the points that it’s not easy to get business in Qatar. But don’t get disappointed, because this is 21st century and this generation is way smarter than we ever imagined. The old regulations are already getting replaced by the new rules. And new rule asks for the talent; if you have it nobody can stop you to get it. Social media is the tool to influence for people like us who struggle to get what we deserve. Maybe it will take a little more time than of the people who got it with reference. But we will shine brighter than the thoughts of those who think that they can control our destiny by not giving us opportunities. 
Firstly, I wouldn't advice you to leave Qatar because it has an emerging industry for bloggers and you have strong chances to grow equally along. You can move to Dubai if your heart says so. But, you will have tough competition there as well.  Also, it will again take time for you to get established in new country. Doha welcomes everyone who comes to this city with dreams. It has offered so much to a person like me who had no contacts or references, Not perfect with english, can not speak Arabic, doesn't belong to a rich family and too shy to ask  for a helping hand. I believe it has much more for you too.
I agree with you that meeting with people and pleasing them wouldn’t benefit you much. As you already know it’s a circle, where outsiders are not welcomed wholeheartedly. There are people who just do not tend to give opportunities to new talents. But believe me not all who are responsible for giving business to bloggers are corrupt.. continue reading on the blog link in bio.

“She is Hindi” A very interesting article is coming up on the blog. stay with me 🤗 #iamgazal #doha #qatar

Congratulations @samina.n2526 for winning this @babylissprousa automatic hair twister. @babylissuk create effortlessly perfect twist in the hair, light weight, easy to use and automatic. You can get the same hair twister at @nazihqatar on 40% off 😍 grab your best hair styling and beauty products upto 50% off at @nazihqatar ❤️ until 12th Dec. #iamgazal #doha #qatar

#oxidisedjewellery My new love 💙 for more stay with me #Iamgazal #doha #qatar

How @sony failed to impress me with their after sales service. Why one of my favourite camera brand is not my favourite anymore. Iam coming up with 10 strong reasons why you should ignore buying Sony cameras if you live in Doha and specially if you are a beginner at it. Stay with me 🎯 #doha #qatar #iamgazal

@longinesglobalchampionstour I had an unforgettable experience with @alshaqab 🤗
Thank you @_ummsuhail_ you are awesome 🌹
Shot by @iam_zi_
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Guys iam so excited to share with you all that @nazihqatar a leading and renowned brand for selling beauty products across Doha is on upto 50% off from 22 November till 12 th December.They have got amazing deals on many beauty products which you can check at nearest store, they are located at Salwa, Nasr, Garafa, Wakra and Alkhor for more check out my Insta stories. There is one more good news since you guys loved Babyliss hair Twister. So Iam announcing a giveaway of the same product. To participate all you have to do is tag two of your friends in the comment box below winner will be announced next week. #iamgazal #doha #qatar

Nothing like a friend who is an expert and extremely proffessional makeup Artist. Thank you for your support my girl @axellemissland 🙏🙏🌹 Shot by @iam_zi_
Makeup by @axellemissland
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