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#FanLove You guys make such dope art pieces, I thought this one needed its own post @nogar007 🤟🏽 | Caption This

Passion is the ultimate key to success because success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure ✨
What’s your passion ?
Full speech soon come...

What is Instagram ?
Listen carefully 🔊 Touché

Easy, like a Sunday morning.
Know that the little things you worry about daily will not matter a month from today.
Live life, be free, be still in the gift of the present moment. 🤙🏽 #designhomage

How many people reading this have an idea ?
He has an idea, she has an idea, they have an idea, we have an idea but an idea is worth $0 dollars, execution is the new patent. .. That was a quote from a Interview from 2012 right after we had finished working on a project for over a year and a half;
Which entailed 33 prototypes, 68+ schematics, 12 countries traveled, 122 scenes which made up one 3:20 second video that changed a 100k lives and raised over 300 thousand dollars in 30 days. ———
This quote means more now then it did then because this thing you are holding in your hands reading this from has the power to do anything! To make you laugh, make you cry, make you RICH or make you poor. ———-
But the decision is ultimately yours to use that tool the way you want;
Ideas are a catalyst to creating the reality which you see around you BUT it’s your actions that have the power to ultimately create it. ——
Its your actions that can change a life,
it’s your actions that can inspire a nation, it’s your actions that WILL make the world a beautiful place ✨————-
TAG that person that always has an idea but doesn’t do shit about it 🤦🏽‍♂️

Say less, do more,
Tesla is an example of a car that has changed the world. I remember buying this thing it was one of the first prototypes of its time and all of my friends said your crazy don’t buy that what if it ____________ you should actually buy a Lamborghini or a (put cliche car here). I bought it anyways on that cold December of 2012.
I don’t know about the what if’s of life because if ifs and buts were candies were nuts would you eat them ?
Anyways cheers to action combined with proper execution that changed the movement of the world. 🏎 @teslamotors

The only way to predict the future is to create it yourself, well this is data needed to make it a utopian one. The study of human behavior, trends, and interaction are the elements needed to create that perfect future. #Lifeisbeautiful • @that_pillow_guy @itsargin @thepauljohn
How do you use data in your life ?

Exploration is the key to growth. Since I have been back people have been calling and texting about how incredible the tour looked through my phone lens so I decided to watch the highlight myself and realized we live an era where we can share our life experiences with others by the touch of a screen. 😳
The tour might have had the most memorable experiences but it feels so good to be home. 🙏🏽#HotelCalifornia

Exploration is the key to growth.
As this tour comes to an end I stand and reminisce about the things seen, knowledge learned, and people met. 🛩
What’s the last interesting place you went ? 🏰

When you get offered your first #bollywood movie role and they ask you to do the dance scene 🕺🏽🎬
Little known fact is that bollywood makes triple the amount of movies than Hollywood bc cinema is the top form of entertainment for countries outside of America.
Growing up speaking four languages gave me the opportunity to indulge in these different cultural theatrics.
What I find the most interesting about all of these movies is that their main focus is LOVE. Which let’s me know that LoVe is that emotion that transcends all bounds and languages. With that said, I just wanted to say I love all of you; what will you do to spread love in the world today ?❤️🧡💛?

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