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me as a parent.

don't announce things before they happen, you never know who's lowkey hating

Ri Ri that you πŸ‘€

Check out @itsDonBenjamin wearing the @FallenAngelsClothing "Lone Archangel Hoodie" in @LianeV's new parody video. #FallenAngelsClothing.

As international travelers came up the escalator awaiting to see their family members, I was standing there with my signs behind the barricade. The beautiful Syrian woman in the picture walked up to me while her boyfriend was trying to hug her and asked if she could take a picture with my sign. Following this, she then began to tell the story of how she was detained for 4 hours and wasn't given a reason, nor the elderly man she was detained with, which he was held for 7 hours and wasn't given any medication for his health problems.
For MANY people, this cruelty, racism, hatred, inhumane treatment is a REALITY! We ALL need to come together as people and put an END to this!
Not gonna lie, it angers me how people can be so unbothered by others being treated like animals.. #nomuslimban #nofearnohate #nobannowall #lax #aclu #protest

We're ALL in this together ✊🏻✊🏾✊🏿

Educate yourself.

Be grateful, things could be worse.