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This president hates us. The leaders of this country have let us down more times than we can count. We stand here as politicians try to legislate our health and create divisions amongst our populace. The suggested "transgender military ban" is Evangelical ideology controlling our government, mixed in with classic transphobia and populist rage. It's never been about the military, it's never been about bathrooms, it's never been about marriage, it's never been about bars, it's never been about medication, dresses or any one thing in particular. It has ALWAYS been about power and preservation. This makes me so angry and scared; I think it should make you angry and scared too. Protect trans youth, support trans individuals, and do everything in your power to resist this insidious hatred coming from one of the most powerful people in the world #fuckdonaldtrump

The least comfy bed

I really like this shot taken by @adam.j.wash - I think it most accurately captures me at my current state. I've just been very gloomy and low energy as of late. I've tried to just keep my head down, not get too emotional, and just keep promoting whatever I'm working on. But most of the time, I'm either sad or exhausted, and so I try to mask that with a stoic neutrality that isn't really all that helpful.

I always appreciate when someone can take that candid energy and turn it into something interesting. So thanks Adam for making me feel pretty in the midst of it all ❤️

Limited | shot by @adam.j.wash

Good people and sunburns

Romp whom? #SDpride

Hometown glory | photos by @Adam.j.wash

I’ve got a new song out now, and I’ll also be rolling out some lovely photos taken by Adam Washington (@adam.j.wash - check out his other stuff, it’s all gorgeous)! Click the link in my bio to hear “Close To You” with Wøhl 💗

I just premiered an all-new song with WØHL that's out on Soundcloud and iTunes! Thanks Selected Sounds for the help on the release <3
Check the link in my bio to hear it now!

Welcome to Hollyway

Arroyo Seco Festival! 🤓

Lady Gaga vs. Madonna night. I did "Joanne" and robert did... Robert 🐸🐸🐸

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