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DANiEL $CHMiDT πŸ‘‘  keep shining like the roof on the wraith ✨


on an ultralight beam β˜”οΈ


come walk in my shoes, do the things you'd never ever do ✨

Focus on the future, not just a now. As you grow up, things change & you change.... and you start to like it that way. Thankful for it all & can't wait for what's to come! Cheers to an amazing holiday season & a Happy Thanksgiving 🍾

Emily Huff is more fake than her spray tans but imma still leave this up cuz I look really good in it! strange how you can go so hard for someone & they turn out to be a hater from the start. whatever, I'm focused on this cash and no, not that flex money 😜 Every single thing that ever comes out of her mouth is a manipulated, well thought out lie. She is broke and her family's furniture store is on the verge of closing. The only thing keeping it alive is their repeated tax fraud. A self proclaimed "buckhead landmark" is more like an IRS landmark for tax evasion! You can look those records up btw! She's a member of the itty bitty titty committee but her pussy is stretched out more than the Yankee Standium! Bye whore! Anybody know where to get a HoeFax? BLOOP!! πŸ€‘

Really feeling snap lately cuz ya know life is LIT!! Add the kid 😈 iamdschmidt πŸ’‹

Hold on to me like a true love, I told you it was a true love *future voice*...... always gonna be here for you, always gonna go to war for you πŸ’–

I'm sick af but I took this Saturday when I did shit for the first time in like a week. Made me sicker. Great story, bye!

You probably don't remember half the shit a nigga did for you....

Had the best night ever celebrating turning 20. So blessed & thankful for the most amazing friends. I love my life πŸ‘‘

Turn Up $eason πŸ‘‘πŸ‘…

Athens last night w wifey πŸ’‹

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