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We are constantly reminded of our “limitations” everywhere we go yet our true nature is limitless.
If I can help someone remember the infinite power they hold and infinite light that they are, I feel good…

I am always grateful and humbled to receive messages from clients such as this… “The sessions with you were instrumental in helping me clear old gunk and get unstuck from habitual patterns. I wish to acknowledge you for being there when I most needed restoration and support. You held the light for me until my own light could reignite. My gratitude is overflowing.” We are all connected, we are all related and we are all one... 📷 Photo by Annel Matthews 💗

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One of the biggest challenges for me this past year has been slowing down and living in a state of BE-ing.

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that life has to be fast and that we always have to be doing something.

We turn into human doings instead of human beings.

I see this more clearly when I go back to the states and everyone is in a hurry.
No time to stop and connect.

The magic lies in the present.

In this process of being, we can realign with the magic of our soul.

Baja is my favorite place to reconnect, realign and restore.
Where do you go to BE?

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[Evolución Baja Retreat]

So excited for this!!! Reset, Realign, Restore... Come experience the magic of Baja, reconnect with the magic of your soul and massively shift your vibration.

This fall 2018 we will be opening up our home and personal space to share with an intimate group of people.

If you’ve been looking for powerful personal transformation in your life, look no further.

We’re less than an hour south of San Diego in tranquil Baja surrounded by the beauty of nature.
Clear out all the old energy that has been weighing you down upgrade your vibration to attract and create more of what you desire in life.

We’ll even be offering our high vibe, delicious farm to table meals food as well as... 🔥 Sweat lodges Ceremonies (Temazcals)
🌿 Sacred Plant Medicine Teachers 💗 Sound Healing/Music Therapy
🌀 Group Integration Sessions
✨ Various Holistic Therapies
🏕 All accommodations
🚀 And more!
Our mission is to help as many people as possible realign with their soul, connect with their purpose and create life on their own terms.

Feel free to reach out for more info or to reserve space.

This will only be for a small group so once it’s full that’s it.
Hope to see you there!

Much love!

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Ready for some quick daily inspiration, uplifting and reminders of your infiniteness??? Join me for my 90 Day Video Challenge! Click here to get started ➡️ https://bit.ly/2IhrKeC #lightworkers #infinitepotential #dailyvideo #inspiration #videochallenge #dailydose

Watching the hummingbirds outside my window. Life is a sacred blessing. 💚👊🏼🔥🌀#sacred #life #nature #selfie

Find what you love in life and do more of that. Period. Life is too short to get caught up in bs and doing things you don't enjoy.
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As a health coach, I used to set clients up on meal plans for clean eating which for the most part were fun and successful. Except all of the shopping and hours of meal prep. That just doesn’t work well for many. I also felt like a fraud too because I didn’t even want to follow it. Solution right here. This has saved us countless hours in the kitchen and improved the health of our entire family tremendously. Our clients get the results they want without having to disrupt their entire routine. They typically end up saving money and always save time (which is money). It also supplies the nutrients that we just do not get from our food supply these days. Cheers!!! #delicious #keepitsimple #globalfreedomproject #liveyourrevolution #health #wealth #superfood #nutrition #cleaneating #lifesaver

We were designed to follow our passions. We were also taught how to fit into society. These two concepts don’t usually live on the same block. Learn to listen to your voice. The more you do, the more clear it becomes.
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Every single PROBLEM in the world has an equal or opposite SOLUTION. It's time that we as a society stopped being plagued by difficulties or told things have to be a certain way and overcome these major challenges together. Scarcity is an illusion. This is just one example... #globalfreedomproject #abundance #solution #garden #food #organic #free

Tuesday office view...There's ALWAYS time to park it up baby! So blessed to have the privilege to date my daughter everyday! A few years ago, I would not have believed it would be possible.
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