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DONVINNIE BOYKIN  ''Understand the underlying hidden truths.' My art is an attempt to reach beyond the surface appearance. There is more to me than what meets the eye.


If I learned anything it'll probably be to listen more than I talk...

Now I know going out of this, I know leaving this, a lot of that will follow me. But it doesn't end with this, you know, like I take it and I... I live with it every day. I see the people around me and... I feel so much. I wanna put it in words and try to figure out where to go with it, but I feel so much. I know they don't even feel as much as I feel. But that's alright...

Right now, I feel like I'm more of myself than I've ever been. Which is something that you really gotta come to face with sometimes... 'cause I thought I was, you know, fully myself twenty-four, seven, but nope. Like right now is how I'm supposed to grow all the time. It's how supposed to be all the time, it's how I'm supposed to think all the time.

Boykin an endless legend....

When I see you I forget to breathe..

Date night... 💕

Fun times with friends

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