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DJ | Videographer | Grapix  For Bookings Contact : @ceofresh | Every Sunday @ LeReve 54th bet Lex & Park Ave (2pm-10pm)

Tomorrow Night Catch Me At Doux | Hosted By @realberniceburgos | Music By @djfirstchoice @therealdjty @djkrue & Yours Truly #Dj Velocity | ๐ŸŽฅ by @velofilmsnyc

Each & Every Sunday Catch Me On The Set At The #1 Brunch Party In NYC @ Lereve | RSVP Now

Saturday March 16th Catch Me On The Set At Taj | RSVP Now

Saturday March 9th Catch Me son The Set At Lereve As We Do It Big For The Notorious BIG | RSVP Now

This Saturday Night Catch Me On The Set At Doux | RSVP Now

This Saturday Catch Me On The Set At Lereve For The Afro Beat Brunch | RSVP Now

Last Night Was Epic | The Black Renaissance @ Amadeus | Powered By @ceofresh @raze_handsomehoff @___bkdolla__ | Music By @djself @djsirmanny @djtrueblends & @therealdjty | Over 35 Birthday Celebrations| Everyone Respected The Dress Code | ๐ŸŽฅ By @velofilmsnyc

Recap: Dj Self Celebrity Bday Celebration At HighLine BallRoom @djself | ๐ŸŽฅ by @velofilmsnyc | Follow My Video Page Now | Powered By @nyccompton @cityelitegroup

Need A Dj For A Special Occassion | Sweet Sixteen , Weddings, Baby Showers , Birthday Celebrations, Private Events , Corporate Events | Book Dj Velocity | For More Info Contact @ceofresh | ๐ŸŽฅ @trellvisuals | #NYC #Dj #sweet16 #babyshower #wedding #Nycdj #Clubs #Nightclubs

Recap : GQ Birthday Celebration @gqevent At Amadeus | ๐ŸŽฅ by @velofilmsnyc | #NYC #NightLife #Club @djcamilo

The Secret To Getting Ahead Is Getting Started | #2019 #NYE #NYC

Iโ€™m Getting Money , I Donโ€™t Get Mad | Happy New Year To You All

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