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✌🏾️ D.E.B. ✌🏾️  This is my SPACE. I recognise only Family and Friends🖖🏽🖖🏽 || SnapChat - Debhans

I’m sorry girls, but she’s the real Bae. #omomummygang #sundayvibes

The goal is not to be successful, the goal is to be valuable. Once you’re valuable, instead of chasing success it will attract itself to you. 😎
#KuyeTookIt 📷
#firstphotoshoot #officespace #okkgrl

I’ve never for once stopped believing and won’t stop now. My future is bright. Happy birthday to me🎉. #BirthdayBoy #Happy+1
#Jan3rd #itsbeengodalltheway🙏

To be a champion, I think you have to see the big picture. It's not about winning and losing; it's about every day hard work and about thriving on a challenge. It's about embracing the pain that you'll experience at the end of a race and not being afraid.
2017 was wonderful, 2018 will be glorious.
#LetsDoThegoodAgain #NoSpacefornegativity #NoEndoftheyearSO #Optimistic

You spent years teaching me right from wrong, yet you had the wisdom to know when to step back and let me make my own mistakes. You truly knew how to walk a fine line, and look at me…I turned out fine. Happy birthday to an amazing dad. 🎂
#Dec31 #Capricorn #hbddaddy
#Wetookitinthefarm #cocoafarmlessons

It’s crazy how we can look back at the end of the year and realize how much everything has changed. The amount of people that left your life, entered and stayed. The memories you won’t forget and the moments you wish you did. Everything! It’s crazy how all that happened just in one year. #beenawhile #itsdecemberalready #gratefulheart

Now if I ever lose someone for having too much dept, for having too much soul, for having standards too high, for dreaming too big, for being passionate, for keeping my faith, for loving too hard, for making them see that the grass is greener where you water it...
Then the loss was never mine to begin with.
#SomewhereInNigeria #WorkingOT #YhIamTired 😋

That look when your cousin be annoying but you love him like that. 😋@naijaprincess25 #TB #certifiedtroublemaker😁😁

/huhs-let/ (noun) (adj): Someone who works aggressively and determinedly, especially to advance his or her career or status.
(A) Someone who hides his/her true skill to strike when the stake are at their highest. (B) Informal go-getter, live wire, A shrewd or unscrupulous person who knows how to circumvent on difficulties.
(C) To obtain (money) by methods to purse sales with aggressive energy. An intensely energetic, enthusiast person. (D) ME!

Sweet... #nocaption

I told her to forget my looks, and consider my insane work ethics, my unstoppable ambition and ridiculously dope soul... My worth is no greater than my Ambition. I'm just getting started. #NoLimits #CBNL

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Acceptance means no complaining, and happiness means no complaining about the things over which you can do nothing. We're all a little broken but the last time I checked broken crayons still colour the same. Looking at yourself in the mirror isn't exactly a study of life.
#BeYou #BeInspired #HakunaMatata

Thanks to the people that walked into my life and made it better and thanks to the ones that walked out and made it amazing. It's been Gods grace all the way. This Journey started from Kaiama, Bayelsa State and it's ending in Ogudu, Lagos. We obeyed The Clarion call under the sun and in the rain for a whole year.
A chapter just ended and new chapter of my life just started, the book is getting interesting.
#May4 #NoMoreKhaki #NoMeAllowe #NoMoreClearance #nyscisover #WelcomeToRealLife 🇳🇬

They say a good friend knows all your best stories and a best friend has been there to live them with you.
Big S/O to @tomiwa234 on this day #May3rd Your Birthday. Wish you More Life.

So here's To...
The Crap we Talk
The Girls we Stalked
The Crimes we Commit
The Games we Play
The Laughs we can't Stop
The Gossip we Spill
The Beards we Keep
We'll stay together cause we're Best friends for live. Happy Birthday Brov🍾
#Happy23 #ItIsNotALabel #ItsAPromise #bestfriendgoals

People say I act just like my Mum, look like my Dad and the complete opposite of my Brother. Well it doesn't matter as long as we're family. Photo-credit ->Dad🎥 #HappyEasterSunday #DadtookIt #beenaehileyousawme

I would have written an epistle but you already know how much I love you.
Happy Birthday to my one and ONLY brother. I couldn't ask for anyone better than you to by lil brother. @jebjosh

It's not what you don't have that limits you. It's what you have but don't know how to use that limits you. #awisemanoncesaid #lookhowfarwehavecome #TB 🌐Mopo Hall Ibadan

Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a Dad👨‍👦#BessongJnr #Carboncopy

I'm just a little piece that matters most in a big picture. #itsbeenGod #thankful🙏🏽

Optimism is the one Quality more associated with Success and Happiness than Any Other, Strive for Progress N❌T Perfection.
#BelieveInYourself #HNY #2017goals #Optimism&;AlubarikaAllTheWay

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