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CHASE ALLEN  Hip Hop OFFTOP Management/Tour Management Business Contact: Chase@off-Top.com BAM x OFFTOP

I’m Never going to give up. #Homesick #Bam #OffTop

Time to get back to the music. #Homesick #BAM #OFFTOP

Watch out for the fakes. #OFFTOP

When Philly x Richmond x Compton link up. @brittanybmusic and @beatbillionaire nothing but great vibes! #OFFTopStudio #BAM #executive #HipHop

Big milestones for the team @ericbellinger and @niemanjohnson Gold Plaques. Next stop platinum. Nothing less than inspirational! Hard work really does pay off! #OFFTOP #Homesick

Chain on my neck just like my ancestors/
Or my relatives in prison
Boxed in like playing checkers/
Look close and you can see
The signs
Past the hand gestures/
I sacrifice you
Make you drive in
The van separate /
Committing crimes
Get indicted
Fight the man pressured /
By poverty
Plus oppression
Through our transgressions/
The same time
Use our minds
As a damn weapon /
I don't ever think that you should
Praise yo GOD second /
I don't care if you chain got more links then
Bob Evans /
Gotta stay focus the /
Demons are lurking sir
Disguised as officers/
Under cover as judges and
Subject matter
In rhymes I'm spitting
Hip hop is my religion /
If I had the time to show ya
Why I'm different /
I Would recite the rhymes I write
In hieroglyphics/
Born with talent
But this hustle ain't come
God Given- Chase Allen #BAM #HipHop #ThisIsAmerica #FarFromHome #BackToBars #OFFTOP101

@brittanybmusic working on new music set to release 1st quarter. @jillyanais just released a new single “Milano”. @ericbellinger working on a new album. @toribrixx up next. @vicoladipo about to drop a new album and win MVP this year. Everything looking promising over here at OffTop. Trust the process. More importantly trust GOD. #OFFTOP 📴🔝 🎥 @jacklumetri

Live by the gun
Guess you die by the sword
Life is a war/
Obtaining pistols
Like it’s awards
Try and avoid/
Any altercations oh lord
Seem like my life and trouble
Moving in 1 accord/
I’m From where violence is birthed
Everyday no abort/
Public housing habitant
I Layed my head on the floor/
Get killed for tryna make a way
Now you dead in the Morg/
Uncle toms Cruising by
Minorities gone report/
To the cameras
Over top of the block/
Nobody snitched they seen it all when
Lil Jimmy got shot/
Plus it was broad day light
Believe it or not/
Nobody safe
Round here not even a cop/
Bullet coulda killed us all when
It breeze through the block/
Ended up in granny living room
She still in shock/
Hit her picture hanging up
While she seasoned the pot/
Through the window
Straight to her European Jesus/ - Scared Sometimes- Chase Allen #HipHop #Exec #Philly #Bars #OffTop #BAM #Homesick #FarFromHome #PrivateDinning #BackToBars

Seen many die in th the field
Took a bullet pass to the chest/
Soon as the plane touchdown in the hood
Police asking questions,
harass and arrest/
Acting like they refs
Tryna make rules
But we rule the game/
Balling everyday steady making plays,
4th and inches
Tryna win the game/
Think I heard a nigga
Same way I seen em
Move the cane, Move the base
Loose they faith/
On the block from 2-8
Always had moves to make/
Right there on the porch
Had the 40 stash/
Sound like a band
When the 40 blast/
Calling all the shots like a quarterback
Parked cars acted as shoulder pads/
Cuz they Aiming for ya helmet
Don’t relax/
Mess around get a concussion,
Neighborhood watch stay fussing/
Beefing with blocks
They bussing/
Tryna make us retire early doe
Jersey hung up on the corner off the block
Number 44- Hood MVP Chase Allen #HipHop #Exec #Philly #Bars #OffTop #BAM #Homesick #FarFromHome #PrivateDinning #BackToBars

Product of my environment
Crack rock Needles by the fire hydren
Trash blowing by the wind/
News papers Reak of racism
Early retirement/
Sex Scandals And ads
Of Best Buy hiring/
Pistol firing
Police responding in
Bullet proof vest Questioning nieghbors
Inquiring /
Single parent homes
Black mom/
Black daughters White dolls
At halftime/
Blues eyes blond hair
Line sniffers flatline /
Young sisters Misguided
Same thing happen last time /
Birth control Blow ya up
Like when army crash bombs /
Hazardous drinking water
Flammable like Gas lines.

P R E. S E A S O N Still Sleeping on me But it’s ok doe /
If Rap don’t work It’s Back to pitching yayo /
No more migos left
Just me quavo /
Bout a step away from passing kanye doe/
Never been the type to have shooters on the payroll /
But can make a call
Get ya done in a day though /
Not trapping off the celly
Only used the pay phone /
Spent my reup
On some bottles up at Greyson -Chase Allen #HipHop #Exec #Philly #Bars #OffTop #BAM #Homesick #FarFromHome #PrivateDinning #BackToBars

We still ain't learn from the tactics
That they practice
I still see the nation
Arguing with the Catholics
I still hear the methodist
Discredit the baptist
Jesus ain't white
Oh my we been cat-fished
Only wear black to complement
My blackness
Just to live the dream I pay some extra taxes
Out in L.A palm tree's so relaxing
Pray my kids never see the hood
They Be blackish
pray they never follow my ways
The heat packing
Hope they mother never have to explain
Why I’m absent
Pray they stay calm and poised
And keep habits of hard work
And see not everything needs a reaction
Like when they say make this country great again
U mean bring back segregation
And physical hate again
Sicking dogs on us
Lock us in chains again
I be damn to be a physical slave again
I be damn to see young kings hanged again
Its bad enough I gotta see all the blue gangs of Men
Every time
I take a drive down Crenshaw
I puff leaves of wisdom
Why u just puffing on menthol
I gotta be 21 for alcohol consumption
But Can sacrifice my life at 18 for this country
Same place that called me 1/3rd of a human
Same GOD on Sunday’s offering up communion
They asking for forgiveness
For the lives that they ruined. -Chase Allen #HipHop #Exec #Philly #Bars #OffTop #BAM #Homesick #FarFromHome #PrivateDinning #BackToBars

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