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Chante Moore  DOWNLOAD “1of4” TODAY🌟 "THE RISE OF THE PHOENIX" 4EVER ...“2OF4” soooon... #ChanteMoore #freshlove BOOKINGS@CM7ENT.COM 🎼

@michael.mann You will be so greatly missed! Not just for your impeccable style~ but, for your abundantly gracious & beautiful heart & spirit! 💜💔💜 Photos of the 1st & last time you dressed me.... 💦

THIS IS ME. This is the ONLY thing that made me crack a smile 💔💔💔💔M.M..........💧💔

RIP @macmiller another young one gone... 💔

BE BOLD & FIESTY! Keep grindin’!! Even though summer's winding down, don't let it bum you out. There's plenty more time in 2018 to be fanTabulous & celebrate LIFE!! #labordayweekend #chantemoore #holditdown @mugopus @tigerbahmb @michael.mann @michaelcostello @ashleysjywalker & my #allstars that always #hilditdown @beats4thestars @sickpen @iamdbryant @fellythevoice @clintunez

TODAY!! Good morning THURSDAY: I am here. THROUGH all That’s happened in my life. I THRIVE & STRIVE for MORE!! Do you ever notice how those deer on the hiiiiighest peeks in the mountains & “somehow MAKE IT where they’re going?” Well, I claim THATT~ I am like those strong, beautiful, relentless deer!! #chantemoore ✔️ #hindsfeetonhighplaces How YOU FEELIN TODAY?? #freshlove #1of4 #2of4 #3of4 @beats4thestars

Date-night #freshlove #freshfood #mastechef Watching @masterchefonfox @gordongram @cookinafterdark #teamshanika “David slays Goliath!!!” 💪🏼 Yeah girl! Whew!

Who’s ready for a NEW WEEK!?!? #FRESHLOVE Keep Your Love FRESH~ try some new tricks! U like my skates...? I had them made... 🎊 @sk8fanatics @mugopus (make-up) @kingofhair (ma hurrr) @michael.mann (my fit) ~my dream🎼team~> @beats4thestars @sickpen @iamdbryant @fellythevoice @clintunez ... #chantemoore

One Love!! Thank ya fo lettinMe’ bemaHself aGain!!! #detroit #chantemoore @beats4thestars @clintunez @iamdbryant @theprinceofengineers 💞@sickpen @fellythevoice always with me always AMAZING! Love alllyaaalll!! “1of4” Available NOW~ look out for “2of4” ~ coming sooner than you think! ☝🏼💫

DETROIT HERE I COME!!!! @beats4thestars @theprinceofengineers @clintunez @iamdbryant #chantemoore Singing MY heart out for Y O Y!!!

Happy Saturday!!! Go listen to “1of4” Right Now! Get that New “While They Sleep” by Lewis Sky @sickpen Enjoy your life! #chantemoore Creating the soundtrack to your lives! @beats4thestars

#FBF This is for All the strong women who are stillll GROWING & MAKIN IT HAPPEN!🏆Every Single Man that LOVES & holds his woman UP when stuufff goes DOWN! 🥇THIS is for those who sometimes COUNT themselves OUT... ☝🏼l i s t e n 👂🏼.... stop counting everything-BUT, your blessings... JUUUST KEEEEP ON LIVING!!! It just ain’t over yet!! You GOT MOORE FIGHT IN YOU!!! I’m preaching to the choir, the praise team & the Bishop HIMSELF! Keep on living~ never give up~ never ever give in, you can speak your mind & take the high road... it’s never crowded. From MY❤️to yours! It ain’t over, till the fat lady sings... and I should know~ cuz I’M BEAULAH & #beaulahdidntsingyet So, we ‘own & poppin! Make choices for your New, Day! Happy Friday! 🌺chante’ 🎼 “1of4” is already yours... “2of4” is on its way.... fall in love again & again... it’s all for you! 🎼💫🔥🌈💋

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