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iamchanelle  pro photo maker+music creator+whiskey partaker. i heART my @shinyuu+2 rad spawn+dog+you. 🌙🌵🥃📷⚡️@iamchanellephoto•@foxheartmusic•@spiritanimal.co⚡️


You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.
// Roman Payne

rehearsal essentials: @doscabezas #pink + my favourite @foxheartmusic fox. we are playing a gorgeous backyard wedding for a sweet friend later today, and i am grateful to have [most of my] voice back and grateful for another day of #heART ahead. #musicislove #sharethelove #ipinkthereforeiam

when you just want someone you love to see themselves through your eyes and know how fucking special they are and they turn the tables and love on you instead and you didn't even know how much you needed it until you are so deeply grateful and moved you find yourself in tears.. and that's just an everyday occurrence with this unicorn. fucking love you @ibearacharmedlife . how did i get so lucky as to have you in this universe, and so close to my heART. you are perfect. #allyouneedislove

looking up. i really do love this place i call home. 🌵☀️🦅#wheretheheARTis #aznative #desertdweller #mammanaturemagic

i got some sunshine today, and @shinyuu took this photo to prove it. 🙃☀️
it's good to feel [mostly almost kind of] human again. #bronchitisisabitch #zombiechanelle

e x p l o r e [to] c r e a t e

hashtag looking up. today's been magic, heART and love. grateful.

obsessed with mamma nature. what a babe.

there's a reason i have the word "home" tattooed forever over my heART. it's you.

i filled my heART with so much sweetness today. grateful for mamma nature, for friendship, for breakfast sandwiches, for antibiotics, for pretty dresses, for bravery and love and for this one wild and precious life. #dailygratitude #lookingup #movingforward

throwback to this moment. when i felt so very perfectly imperfect in my body and soul and nothing else but love mattered.
looking forward to returning to health and confidence and joy. #thejourneytohealth #thejourneytoself [photo by @jamieallio_ ]

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