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CCDA  We inspire, train, & connect Christians who seek to bear witness to the Kingdom of God by reclaiming & restoring communities. Join us for #RootedCCDA

#Advent represents four weeks of patiently waiting for the arrival of God’s only begotten Son. How do you celebrate the season?
Read this weeks Advent devotional: https://ccda.org/peace/
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Come learn more about Christian Community Development in #Knoxville on Dec. 3rd at 7pm @tbcknox with Michelle Warren at a #powerofproximity Cafe

2018 CCDA Conference Worship Team is taking the stage! #RootedCCDA

CCDA has begun!

#rootedccda volunteers are amazing!

How has immigration changed your community?
Through the years, the number of immigrants we have allowed into our country has changed, but they have always played a part in the American story.
#WhatsWhatWednesday #Immigration @iamccda

If you’re staying at @hyattchicago for #rootedccda, be sure to bring your walking shoes and fitbits! The walk is no joke...

Have you downloaded the @iamccda conference app yet? See a detailed speaker list and schedule so you can start to plan your #RootedCCDA experience! Search “2018 CCDA National Conference” in the App Store today.

#Godisgood!!! CCDA is so excited to announce that @JonMcReynolds will be doing a very special musical performance at #RootedCCDA.

You have just TWO days left to register online, so grab your tickets and check out#makeroom, Jonathan's latest release. Link in bio

The war on drugs had major effects on communities of color. Long sentencing without parole for nonviolent drug offenses tears apart families and ruins lives.
Are there any alternatives out there?
#WhatsWhatWednesday #Massincarceration @iamccda

There are magical moments where, in the face of grave threats against humanity, the universe appears to conspire for good, by means of a confluence of ‘coincidental’ connections that many call ‘synchronicity’. Through the lens of faith, we see God at the center of this divine conspiracy, weaving a web of relationships with the collective power to prophetically withstand the forces that seek to rend humanity asunder.

It is this same Spirit that brought Tom and I together around the theme of the immigration crisis. As we sat before God and a napkin with the question “Who is my Neighbor?” we opened the treasure chests of our combined friendships, across the borders of Mexico and Central America, with heroes of the faith whose very lives denounce the dehumanization that divides, and announce the reconciling justice and love of God.

As a network of practitioners of Christian community development, CCDA has lived the past decade with a growing awareness of the treacherous, risky, heroic journey north from Central America and Mexico that so many families face. As believers in a God who created ALL of us in God’s own image, we decry the rhetoric that reduces our neighbors and fellow pilgrims to ‘dangerous criminals’, ‘rapists’, ‘terrorists’ and ‘animals’. Most of us encounter these image-bearers at the border and in our midst in the country we call home. We have been called to love, walk alongside and serve them as our guests, the strangers among us that God has blessed us with—seeing in them the self-same Jesus who proclaimed, “When I was a stranger you welcomed me”. A few of us know intimately the contexts of origin of our immigrant neighbors, where suffering, oppression and exclusion force them to opt for the dangerous journey northward in pursuit of life itself. Contrary to the common misperception that Central Americans migrate to pursue the “American dream”, the fact is they are uprooting and moving to pursue a life free from extortion, exploitation, and marginalization.

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Supporting a student through high school can greatly impact their life.
How does your community provide support, encouragement and resources to students?
#WhatsWhatWednesday #Educationequity @iamccda

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